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  • nisha30 2w

    Love me like I am the only one your eyes can recognise

  • nisha30 2w

    Love like I am only one your eyes can recognise

  • nisha30 4w

    Barefoot on the broken glass
    I am happy to dance
    As long as you will watch my steps

  • nisha30 4w

    Come and fill these empty spaces with memories!

  • nisha30 5w

    In the dim kitchen light
    On the dinner table
    We know how to find each other
    And then you whisper slowly
    " Darling you will be there all my eternity "

  • nisha30 6w

    Black lives matter

    There is nothing called as complexion
    Balck or white, all lives matter
    Let's not build narrow walls
    Of the way we are born
    We all are humans
    That's what counts first

  • nisha30 8w

    We will build a mansion made up of bricks of trust
    And be with our deeams turning into lively colours

  • nisha30 9w

    I won't look the best in you
    But if you can love my flaws
    I will be your damn queen

  • nisha30 11w


    You kept me asking the question
    And the answer is hidden in your silence
    I'm running as fast as i can
    But your questions is there to chain me around in a rigged game

  • nisha30 12w

    Sometimes there are things which are way hard to get
    They look shiny and bright full of desire.
    But deep down they are cold and frozen inside.
    So they try to move as far as the endless horizon leads them.
    Luckily I am one among them.