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  • nisha30 15w

    We will build a mansion made up of bricks of trust
    And be with our deeams turning into lively colours

  • nisha30 16w

    I won't look the best in you
    But if you can love my flaws
    I will be your damn queen

  • nisha30 17w


    You kept me asking the question
    And the answer is hidden in your silence
    I'm running as fast as i can
    But your questions is there to chain me around in a rigged game

  • nisha30 18w

    Sometimes there are things which are way hard to get
    They look shiny and bright full of desire.
    But deep down they are cold and frozen inside.
    So they try to move as far as the endless horizon leads them.
    Luckily I am one among them.

  • nisha30 20w


    I was in search of lotion
    And you are the potion to heal my insecurities.

  • nisha30 20w

    Time of ours

    'Cause i have never had enough and
    I am  running out of my potential
    If you agree to move on
    I will always be ready to see what's coming for us
    And capture those times of ours.

  • nisha30 20w


    I know it's a forbidden kiss
    And I don't want to miss.
    Can we be just like a love story
    Which doesn't have any ending?

  • nisha30 20w

    Paint me with your true colours
    'Cause I am black and white
    Make me crystal clear
    'cause it's right enough to make it feel alive

  • nisha30 21w


    Some night we will be alright
    We'll be able to dance under the city lights
    Opening our hearts desire which were dying to ignite
    And whispering that you will always be mine

  • nisha30 21w

    I will paint your dreams purple
    And make all the slightest possibilities to see the smile that makes my day