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  • nishathkausar 12w

    Take a step
    Refresh restart your self
    Coz nothing is permanent
    Time passes by
    Years change
    People leave
    Little by little , day by day
    What is meant for you will definitely find its way


  • nishathkausar 18w

    The sun is bright
    But I'm cold
    soul awake
    But mind asleep
    Sounds I hear
    But not cheerful though
    Crying, weeping I hear so...
    Thought it was a dream
    Tried my best to rise
    But then I realized
    I wass really on a long sleep
    Sleep Forever I know

  • nishathkausar 24w

    No matter what happened
    No matter how he became
    No matter how we ended up
    Nothing really doesn't matters coz
    The oli thing matters is the way he loved
    Real or not but the besttt....

  • nishathkausar 24w

    We got the best quality of people in our lives
    Then why do we still cry for the low class one

  • nishathkausar 26w

    When Its Rain
    Some dance in the rain
    Some hide there tears

    Some just get wet
    Some feel the drops

    While some feels heart warming n
    Some feels heart rending

    Crowd of darkness in sky for few seem melodious
    For few inharmonious...

  • nishathkausar 29w

    Miss understandings,
    He miss understood my silence as ego,
    I miss understood his silence as innocence

  • nishathkausar 29w

    Vo hamari khamoshi ko gurur khete hai
    Voo hamari khamoshi ko gurur khete hai...
    Khud gunah karte hai aur khud ko bekasoor kehte hai.......

  • nishathkausar 29w

    Samaj nai ata,
    Ab kyu tanhai pasand karne lage hai ,
    Samaj nai ata
    mehfil mai khud ko kyu akele mehsoos karne
    Samaj nai ata ab
    kyu itna bechan rehne lage hai..?
    Samaj nai ata
    Kaise samjhaye dil ko ki ab sach mai akele hone lage hai
    Kaise samjhaye dil ko ki ye bechani nahi tumari yaade hai
    Kaise samjhaye dil ko jo tumari ek baat par samajh jata tha ki tum ab saaatt nahiiii.......

  • nishathkausar 30w

    We all do have a number,
    That we can neither call nor delete....

  • nishathkausar 30w

    Phone on silent, brightness dim
    Chatting under the blanket late night ,
    First love is special someone said.....

    Lots of memories in mind, heart filled with secrets,
    Crying under the blanket trying to sleep
    Yeah it was really special I replied.....