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  • nitesh_agarwal2 6w

    Ever happened you are watching a dream of a person you always wished to be with you and after that u feel ki yeh dream khtm hi na ho...And the worst part is when you wake up and crave for that person , khojte ho kaha gaya and you sleep again in hope that ki sayad woh Sapna dobara aa sake...

  • nitesh_agarwal2 8w

    *Bache ki pehli rone ki awaz ke sang "mera beta Engineer/Doctor bamgega" yeh dusri awaz hospital ke har ek diwar me gunjti he*
    In India on an average every hour one student commits sucide. The statistics shows that maximum suicidal cases lies between 15-18 years and the time of release of matriculation and Entrance Examinations. And the most astonishing and sedative part is that the students who attempt suicide are not only the academically unfit Fellas but also the good scorers.
    And the reason is quite obvious *comparison and competition*
    And u know where this all begins ??
    - school
    Bachpan se hi kam marks aane pe bura bhala sunana. Ek 8-9 saal ke baache ko first aane ke liye force karna. Teachers ka students ko compare karna
    Jinko achhe marks aye woh bangaye pure school staff room ke favourite aur jo kam marks laye woh ban gaye sare parents teachers meeting ke topic of discussion.
    Teachers ke Baad aye apne parents .
    The one who should support every moment whenever the child faces a hurdle
    Lekin humare parents ko toh sharmaji ke bete ke marks se compare karna rehta he *dekho woh Sharma ji ka beta mein Kitna hunur hai aur tumhe kuch ni aata* Har jagah har samay Apne baccho ko hi sunana.

    Woh ek baccha hai, uska haath pakdo aur jindagi mein aage badhna sikhao na ki anjane mein use andhere mein chor aao...use jindagi jeene ka tarika sikhao na ki jindagi kaatne ka..use ladna sikhao Darna nai.."use dusro ke tarah baane ko mat kaho use apni Pehchan banana sikhao* .use sapne dekhna aur use pura karna sikhao...usse ek acha Insaan banao...

    Life is not only about scoring marks and becoming topper in the examinations or being like others ... Its all about finding yourself, chasing your own dreams , failing at different points but at the end what matters is you stand and try again....
    Because these experiences built up a colourful sky which helps us to soar higher and higher.

  • nitesh_agarwal2 9w

    Let's cast light on some staid and thoughtful situation of our society with a small but informative scenario.
    Well once there were a poor mother and a daughter straving since long.To make this situation more substantial there came the most vigilant *The media people* just to capture the story. Seeing this apathetic situation some people nearby who did nothing but only showing sympathy to the mother and daughter started capturing the video of the media guys and making it viral saying , "How come people just make fuss of situation instead of giving helping hands. Its because media only wants story it never wants to help."
    This melodramatic and playful situation between the media and the public continued for times. They were having their own discussions without thinking of what actually the situation craved for.
    After a day the next news which was covered was nothing but the death of the poor mother and daughter.

  • nitesh_agarwal2 10w

    Sainiko ki deshbhakti se lekar logo ke deshdroh tak,

    Insaan ki Insaaniyat se lekar unki haiwaniyat tak,

    Gareebo ke jindadilli se lekar ameero ki khudgarzi tak,

    Maine Apne Desh ko aage badhte dekha hai.

    Maine yaha insaano ko mitti ki izzat karte dekha hai,

    Maine Desh ko Chand se mangal pe pahuchte dekha hai,

    Muslimo ko diwali pe subhkamnaye dete dekha hai toh Wahi hinduyo ko Eid Mubarak kehte Suna hai,

    Maine yaha insaan ko Insaan ke liye jeete huye dekha hai,

    Khet mein fasal se lekar tirrange ka lehrane tak,

    Sarhad pe khaki wardi se lekar Kisan ke nange badan tak,

    Maine logo ko Desh ke liye Jaan dete dekha hai,

    Maine Apne Desh ko aage badhte dekha hai.

    Maine yaha apno ko paraya aur paraye ko Apne bante dekha hai

    Chand rupyo ke liye Insaan ko bikte v dekha hai,

    Jinhone azadi dilayi logo ko unke Daman pe kichad ucchalte dekha hai,

    Maine naye yug ke naye Bharat ko dekha hai.

    Maine Apne Desh ko aage badhte dekha hai,

    Kai bhasaye aur dharm hote hue bhi saath tyohaar manate dekha h,

    Insaan ko Insaan ke liye marte aur jeete dekha hai,

    Maine Apne desh se Mohabbat karke dekha hai..

    Haan Maine Apne Desh ko aage badhte dekha hai