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  • nitin79 57m

    Yesterday night
    I was writing a poem
    In the light of a lamp
    Suddenly moon appeared in my room
    Moon asked
    " Who is this girl you love
    My earth feel jelous
    the way you love your girl
    How can your few months of love
    can compete with my million years of love"

    I said,
    You have'nt seen my beautiful queen
    I don't know how to see anyone beside her
    I know only one thing about my love
    As soon as I see her everything else disappears for me."

  • nitin79 7h

    In the world of
    "Janu and Sona"

    He was her


    He was happy for this.

  • nitin79 12h

    Me : How can I forget her when I see her every day.

    My friend : How can you see her when she lives in some other country?

    Me : But I don't know how to remove her picture from my heart.

  • nitin79 1d

    "The rain is coming and my heart is getting more romantic with every passing day."

  • nitin79 1d

    Rain and you

    As I write
    these words
    Try to control
    my tears
    which flow
    like waterfall,
    The rain is coming
    and my heart is sad,
    When the water of rain'll
    create fire in my heart
    with whom'll I fulfill
    my desire,
    With whom'll
    I take my
    Pakodas and Tea,
    All the beauty of
    these rains
    is invain without you,
    My life is a
    a slow death without you.

  • nitin79 1d

    A sad story

    Doctor says :
    "Cancer has destroyed your heart"

    I want to ask just one question :
    "Sir, if cancer has destroyed my heart then how can her picture is intact in my heart?"

  • nitin79 1d

    I want to say
    only one thing my love
    You have a place
    in my life
    no one else
    ever could have.

  • nitin79 1d

    हम तो बार बार कह रहे हैं की हम ठीक हैं

    ये दिल है मेरा की सुनने को तैयार नहीं है

  • nitin79 1d

    Reading those poems
    I wrote for you
    I don't know why
    I am crying for you.

  • nitin79 1d

    Every night I remember the very moment when I fell in love with you.