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  • nittipathak 1d


    Rejected by some, selected by none
    She was excused from all the dreams and accepted by no one
    For she did not fit in the mold, that they used to quantify her assets
    Her worth was evaualated by her looks: the pinkness of her cheeks, the size of her waist, shine of her hair, the color of nails and the softness of her skin.

    The kindness of heart, the empathy she held within, the warmth and joy she had to spread and share meant nothing in the evaluator's eyes
    She was pretty and humble with a kind soul, but still rejected for not being able to fit into the mold that looked pretty.

  • nittipathak 2d

    I, me and myself

    Hello, I am "Ego", carved in glass, fragile and lonely..
    Unpolished and with sharp horns, I am prickly..
    I was created as a mirage, for the outsiders..
    Somehow on the way forgetting it wasn't all real, sitting on the high chair.
    I have been told to hold grudges, being unforgiving and selfish..
    Hurtful, I may look but I am a mere shadow protecting the child within..
    I was chiseled in the image of my creator with self importance and conceit,
    My only two friends are ID and Superego; one is directed by urges and other is driven by morality, both are poles apart and I hang in the balance...
    Together we form the iceberg, frozen and hidden
    Scared to show my real self, I am often scared
    Don't be fooled by my fake bravado, I am a sheep within lion's skin
    I am myself, I am Ego.

  • nittipathak 5w


    You are nothing more than a liability
    With heavy cost, they bear a price that is difficult to pay; for your existence.
    They hate you, loathe you with all their hearts
    You will never be good enough for them.
    Your heart will never be full and you will never be loved, just as you are.
    You are a liability
    Some days are tough and some are worse
    But you remain nothing, always and forever.

  • nittipathak 9w

    Soul Sense

    Embodiment of a scared soul.
    A soul that is hurt and scared,
    Scared of loving and trusting again.

    The wounds may look healed from where you see it, but it is deep and infested with fears and nightmares.
    Sleep less nights and night tremors bejwell this enervated soul
    It may not bleed anymore, but it drains the poison into the lymphatic system, slowly killing the body it resides

    Frieghtful of the past and anxious about the future
    This soul is depressed and dying
    The shell may look healthy and glossy, but deep inside it is deteriorating with every breath it takes
    Since, it's all shiny from outside, no one sees the devitalizing and greiving soul that lies inside
    It greives for loss of balance in life
    Cries for missing the sense of purpose and mourns for lost love.
    The temple is as powerful as the god the occupies it, the body is just a vessel that carries the soul
    This frail soul will fail the body one day and they will criticize the body for its faults

    Blame the soul and its incapacities to understand its limitations
    Hold the soul liable for not "moving on" on time, not learning and re-learning from life's short coming.

    Don't blame the host for the parasite.
    Instead train the parasite to build a symbiotic relationship
    Soul benefits from the body and the body profits from each step the soul takes to achieve its full potential
    Synchronised soul and body:
    The true Nirvana, the real heaven on earth

  • nittipathak 14w

    How are you, right now?

    How are you feeling right now,
    She ask that question,
    Probably 30 times a day.
    "It's my own way of keeping a check on my emotions", said she

    What ever she felt, was now valid,
    Even the emptyness was recognised,
    That anxiety was now noted, not just as an over-reaction but as an overbearing.
    The morbid thoughts, were now not just her overthinking and hyper imagination.

    For the first time her emotions were accepted as it is. By that special someone.

    Who handed her an emotional journal and said,"Keep a check on, how you are feeling?".

  • nittipathak 15w

    Who Am I?

    Who am I, she asked?

    You are the people around you, the friends, the foe's,
    The mountains climbed, the rivers swam and crossed,
    The relationships that broke us, the words we speak, the food we eat, the work we do, the fights, the quarrels, and the jokes shared,
    You are the entire journey and everything that you carry along,said "the inner voice"
    Letting go of this heavy baggage, in order to fly and be truly free
    And then maybe, you can find who you truly are...
    Untethered and free

  • nittipathak 15w

    FAT Girl

    In a world of skinny people and fitness freaks,
    Lived a "Fat Girl"
    She was looked and trodden down in the past
    Names tagged to her, by people, some of who still remain nameless to her
    The world around her painted a picture of fixed unrealistic beauty standards

    Pushing her to hate the one thing that was truly only her's: HERSELF

    Her skin shining with all it's brown glory, under the summer sun, isn't enough...
    Her beautiful smile, with shinning bright eyes, wasn't pretty enough...
    Her playfulness and loyalty, goes unseen
    Her work ethics and outlook to life, means nothing
    She is a good person, but who cares, that weight is a big turnoff, she has heard a few times.

    But today she is seen, her hip dips, the damn curves, those love handles, bulging out of that bodycon she is wearing
    How can she?
    Dress according to your size, she is told

    Unruffled, by the comments today, she is for the first time ever, and a bit slowly, but surely; falling in love with HERSELF
    Not glorifying obesity, just being kind to herself
    Baby steps towards self love ❤

    Not your normal pretty, yet?

  • nittipathak 15w

    Working From Home

    As the sunlight seeps through my window, finally touching my eyes...
    I see my room in its messy glory, telling tales of the night before...
    The evidences of those late night snacks and bingeing on netflix, are hard to miss...
    I take all that with a sigh...
    The greens of my plants catches my eye, reminder of the simple things in life...
    I should thank god for another beautiful day to live and cherish, but instead I am thinking of the dream that I was hooked to last night..
    I should enjoy the first few moments of this day, as only my own; untethered from others and their ghastly expectations...
    Instead I rush for my laptop, because as always I am late...
    Clocks ticking and the day is lost, all through chasing people virtually and counts that matter...
    The day ends with good food and my family holding me like a safety net...
    The recliner is where i end up with my snacks on the lap to restart the vicious cycle again.

  • nittipathak 16w

    Empty room

    The wall's stare back at me, right into my soul.
    The voices inside, echo vividly
    As if I am talking to another person, sitting right next to me.
    The empty room is instantly filled with everything inside me bubbling to find its place in the real world.
    The walls are a mere reflection of what lies inside
    The demons I fight, the angels that protect me and even the happiness that lies beneath
    Maybe we are never alone, even in an empty room
    Our world lies inside our soul's

  • nittipathak 17w

    One Fine Day

    One fine day, said the little girl; "I will buy all the pretty things"
    One fine day, said the young girl;"I will fall in love, to the man of my dreams and see all the wonders of the world"
    One fine day, said the young woman; "I hope to find who I truly am"
    One fine day, said the old women;"Today is a fine day, just like yesterday and the day's before that".