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  • nivu_13 1w

    I could feel
    The azure
    Into the darkest
    Ocean of tears
    Knocking out
    It's last breath
    Under the voidness
    Of silence


  • nivu_13 1w

    When I have to
    Describe you
    I paint words
    Of your beautiful heart
    On my canvas
    I scribble meaningless
    Feelings in my dream
    Just to wake my soul
    To remind myself
    I am still alive
    In your arms



  • nivu_13 2w

    There is spring
    On my step
    I realize the petals
    Have become
    The creativety of muse
    On the strings
    Of my guitar


  • nivu_13 2w

    The blood I spill
    On paper
    Is the life
    I give to my words,
    As no rain can wash it off
    Can you hear the wail
    In each drop
    Untill it becomes


  • nivu_13 4w

    I expected
    The hues
    Of my world
    To change
    Into brighter shades
    But now,
    I see only
    Muted colours
    The feathers
    That I hold
    On papers

  • nivu_13 7w

    Hidden beneath
    The Layers of flesh
    Lays a feather
    Becoming the quill,
    Saving every drop
    Of blood on paper
    With a kiss
    Of forever


  • nivu_13 10w

    My lesson itself
    Was a chaos
    As I am still
    Hanging on loose thread
    To survive


  • nivu_13 11w

    I am screaming
    So loud
    You think is a tumlut
    Of wind bellowing
    But darling
    Listen to the breeze
    It has a message
    Smeared across the kite,
    That you are holding on
    To let go

    -The answer lays in front of your eyes

  • nivu_13 11w

    Tell me what do I do

    You are right
    It's easy
    But how?

    Belief enchants
    And I feel like
    I am stuck between
    Reality and dream

    I know, I am wrong
    Thats not the end

    I am designed to fall
    Not to be perfect
    Even my tears
    Are afraid
    If they fall
    It is being judged

    Tell me what do I do?

    My lips are not for counseling
    It's for communication
    My heart quiver
    And suffer of unexpected words
    That's not what my ears
    Are meant to be blessed with
    I see what my eyes
    Believe to see
    Trust me

    You say
    And I do

    One day
    I will stroll through my residue
    When I encounter each broken piece
    Of my soul
    I will roar like the leo
    That you've never witnessed before

    Your patience
    Is my perseverance


  • nivu_13 11w

    I cry a little harder
    This time
    Without my voice;
    It seems like yesterday
    When you wrapped me
    With your warm heart;
    Little did I know
    The sky became grey
    And poured rain
    Where the fragile
    Dandelions danced
    In my tears