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  • njokimuni_ 12w

    Unending longing

    The beauty of your soul
    The purity of your heart
    The charms of your smile that erased the darkness of my wretched self
    The smooth melodies that flowed from your lips, shuddering every bit of my high built walls
    The sparkle of special uniqueness ,ever present in your beautiful eyes

    All these just but memories,leave me with an unending longing for you each second of my life

    But what is life if u can't be mine

  • njokimuni_ 15w

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  • njokimuni_ 15w

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  • njokimuni_ 27w

    Poetry is the only way I can tell myself the truths I've always denied.
    The only confidant I have,for the many untold things I wished to let u know.

  • njokimuni_ 27w

    The smile hides the deepest of hurt,,the strongest of pains ,the realest of all love

  • njokimuni_ 51w

    My three wishes

    I'd wish for our love to last forever,so I'd wake up to you every morning and kiss you goodnight with dusk

    I'd wish that you see yourself through my eyes ,through my soul,right into my heart and let u see that special place you reside in me

    My final wish is that you find yourself the best there is ,the best of every good thing you desire,the best of happiness ,the best of peace,the best of the best....because that's exactly what I have ...coz that best is you

  • njokimuni_ 53w

    Love of my life

    Never did I imagine having someone like you in my life
    Never did I think I deserved an inch of you
    Then you walked into my heart, not even a knock on the door.for you knew you belonged right there
    No doubt about it
    You shone your light ✨upon my dark️,crooked path
    You picked my broken pieces up, one by one
    Putting me back together,slowly, tenderly , sweetly.☺️.in a way no one else could
    And every time I look at the skies,I can only thank the heavens for you...
    The love of my life❤️❤️

  • njokimuni_ 59w


  • njokimuni_ 61w

    Good bye, love

    It's time I run away
    So far away from my power, my strength, my joy and my pain
    Cause every time I think about you, I feel giddy and my cheeks flush
    Each memory of you makes my mind wander away
    So far away from the reality
    The reality that
    You will never be mine
    I'll never be yours
    I keep forgetting, it can't work but I keep forcing it to work...
    I'm done with my fantasies
    Good bye , love

  • njokimuni_ 62w

    I tried not to shed tears
    When I realized it was all in vain
    Turning and tossing in bed, every night
    Asking myself, 'What didn't I do right?'
    And it's gonna take me years
    To get over the pain