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  • no_more_naive 1h


    #urdu me likhne ki khata ki Hei
    Zyaada nhi hansna meri baqwaas p
    Please (Urdu legends forgive me)

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    Aao chale aao

    Kyun door he rehna
    muhabbat agar baaqi he
    Ankhon mein intezaar he
    Laboon p mera he naam

    Aao chale aao Na

    karwatoon me badlti gar teri har raat
    Chod dou anna ki baatein
    Ye tanhaie ki raatein
    Kyun sisakna

    Aao chale aao Na

    Dil Ko yun tadpaana
    Jab chain mein hi
    Aur qaraar be hoon tera
    Kesi majboorian

    Aao chale aao Na

    Haan,,Kyun tarasna
    Meri tasweer p yun poora din haath pheirna
    Maazi ki yaadon mei apna har lamha jeena
    Qatl e na haq ye theek nhi umangoo ka

    Aao chale aao Na

    Ye Dil aaj b beqaraar he
    Tere haat Ko bas thaame rakhna he
    Yunhi saat saat har soo' chalna he
    Adhoori baatein poori karni hein
    Mukammal har khwaab jo karna he
    Ki Zindagi Ko firse jeena he

    Aao chale aao Na

    Ye dhadkan kuch kehti he
    Haan aankhein b behti Hein
    Musalsal voh rasta taakti Hein
    Jahaan se tera guzr tha
    aur aakhri Baar jahaan chod k Gaye
    Mud k ik nzr b na dekha tha

    Aao chale aao Na

    Abhi kuch saansein baaqi Hein
    Abhi b jazba Zinda he
    Tumhein ghoorne ka vahi mann baaqi he
    Chaandni raatoon mein jab khote the
    Bina kuch kahe har ehsaas samjhte the

    Aao chale aao Na

    Vo raatein tabse akeli Hein
    Aur baatein b ra'igaan Hein
    Chaand agar nikalta zaroor he
    Gumsum tumhein he poochta hei

    Aur mere lub tou tabse siye Hein
    Akele rehna sharamsaar sa he
    Vo chaandni tumhein dhoondhti hei
    Mere chehre p jo nikharti thi

    Log jisse Hansi kehte Hain
    Haan mein hansta ab b hoon
    Magar ye toh ab pheeki pyeeki he
    Koi marei iss p nazr mein nhi vo
    doob jaaye isse doondhle jo

    Aao chale aao Na

    Mere laboon Ko muskuraana sikhaao na
    Buhat hua intezaar,chehra dikhaao na
    Kahin meri rooh na dagaa kar jaaye
    Tu aaye toh akela he reh jaaye

    Aao chale aao Na

    Ik pal ki khata ka yu'n saza do na
    Muhabbat ibaadat he,,,mehboob khuda na
    Mita do faasle ki ab laut aao Na
    Nhi Hoti rukhsat tumhe dekhe Bina zindagi
    Kafan mein lipta pada tumhein sochta hoon

    Aao chale aao Na
    Aao chale aao Na.......

  • no_more_naive 10h

    Imagining falling in love
    I get goosebumps
    For I would lose sleep
    Oh no,,,how can I let that happen
    I can't ,,,I can't
    Shaking head in dismay
    I prick my silly heart
    Idiot! beware of such fall
    That shall make you rise
    from the bed of sugary dreams
    Roaming with fairies
    To those distant lands afar
    I won't neither afford
    Waking like an owl
    Talking non-sense and non-stop

  • no_more_naive 12h

    Darling,I wished you to be the one who:

    Wipes my moist cheeks
    Ends my eerie nights
    Accompany my solitary days
    Proves an umbrella when miseries shower
    Saves me from sloth and infirmity
    Infuses life in my dead beats
    Teaches me all the goodness
    Never lets me down or drown in despair
    Reads my silence
    And doesn't react on my violence
    From nowhere turns up to lift my mood

    Alas! You proved to be
    The storm blowing away my bliss
    The flood drowning my smile
    The noise disrupting my peace
    The mirage of hopes
    The sieve to my pleasures
    The hindrance to my breaths
    The scars of my soul

    But you are irreplaceable for the gifts so pristine:

    You taught me so much about life
    In joys not to fly high
    In pain how to defeat the rain
    When empty feed on curse
    In solitude talk to your verse
    Not to rely on people
    Talking always sweet
    Do look into the mirror of fate
    See how you learn only late
    Keep yourself aloof
    For loyalty is forlorn
    Halt your passion
    Wear a mask to hide
    What weakens your beats
    Let not your self-esteem extinct
    The world is so cunning
    Exercising the glib
    Fake promises sell
    At the cost of life
    Avoid such a knife
    Often called as love
    Oh it's just a trap
    To lure the innocence
    Beware of the demons
    Surrounding all around
    Let you be your muse
    No one really cares
    Bear this in mind
    And live regret free
    Moments of Glee
    Do forget what you forgive
    For life is so single
    Overcome idiocy of chasing the people
    Just Be true to yourself....

    So thankyou for both your entry as well as exit

  • no_more_naive 13h

    "Love" is like the birdie
    That shelters on the boughs of "care"
    "Trust" is its mother
    And "understanding" nestle

  • no_more_naive 1d

    Enshrouded in the garbs of melancholia
    Destined to drown in the abyssal of gloom
    Every time I dart my eyes o'er the rooftops
    And sink in silent prayer,
    connecting with my Lord
    Tranquility seeps into my soul
    Lumps of trauma ooze out my eyes
    A serene stillness in the air with
    Peaceful hues transcend my beats
    Ah,how soothing it proves!
    To be in communion with the Heavens
    That supreme power,
    who reigns Giants and the dwarf
    Addressing my wails
    Does show His care,
    irrespective of my sinful lot
    Evidently I feel soothed,healed and relaxed
    The agitating nerves are quietened
    Omniscient and omnipotent
    He knows all trades
    Creating the blizzard out of dead waves
    Or muffling up the turbulent flows
    I turn to Him,to seek solutions
    And the return of bliss
    The ultimate source,high above
    brings to life this ashen clump...
    For I have the faith in Him
    Of resurrection and rebirth
    I have this faith...

  • no_more_naive 1d

    She lived as words of my poem
    I was thrown as rhyme of blank verse....

  • no_more_naive 1d


    I love pain
    Because it has never betrayed me
    The only loyal friend I pride on
    because it has impelled me to write....


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    She was caught in the web of miseries
    Trauma had encapsulated her soul
    Wails filled the air around
    Dampness could be seen on her cheeks
    Burdened by the strife
    She was numb of pain
    Silently watching herself fading away
    The one she expected to ease her nerves
    And drape her life with the cloak of love
    Only deepened her cuts
    The pain instead of winding up
    reached the zenith for he was so selfish
    In his instincts,
    Toxicating her beats
    Suffocation filled her lungs
    Retiral seemed evident
    For everything was gone
    Patience,charm and the hope
    She was a living corpse
    Waiting for the mighty onslaught
    From the heavens
    For her loved ones were in discomfort
    And her lone support,her other half
    Was narrowing down the noose
    life ,a hell ,she cursed a lot
    Death she died every moment
    For being not longed,
    Loved or understood,
    Finally,she decided
    She had had enough
    Swallowing some pills
    She bid the final adieu to this fake world
    And every worry ended then
    She was set free
    From the cage of age old ail
    Ailing soul and wailing heart
    Finally rested in peace
    She was a dove
    Worth love
    Yet tortured till death...

  • no_more_naive 1d

    Dear MIRAKEE You,

    Made abode
    In my heart
    Releasing pain
    And bringing solace to my parched nerves
    Kindled love in my loveless life
    Expunging the bouts of solitude,hence
    Every beat is indebted to you...


  • no_more_naive 1d

    No more chance
    Never expect me forgiving you
    Not an iota of love my heart holds for you
    So much we lie after the heartbreak
    Faking anger and indifference
    When in reality we crave for the reunion
    And expect turning up of love from nowhere
    Rehearsing how to embrace again
    The shabby love wearing the lens of forgiveness
    Oh how insanely we act
    Clumsily we talk to our shattered self
    The poor self
    Yearning for the lost love
    Knowing how it got rejected
    And despite facing dejection
    And the volcanic emotions
    Waiting for the tremor of their mention
    To engulf the universe of pleasure
    Yet, how naive
    How innocent
    It keeps weaving hopes
    Knowing every time
    It is snapped
    Callously it is delayed
    The longed moments no more arrive in
    For the fakeness
    Embed in their souls
    Hardly lets them realise the essence of bliss
    We seek in them
    Revering so much
    They turn us the dwarfs
    And burden our hearts
    With the long-lasting pain
    Not gifting us the reciprocation
    Promise to relive jubilant
    Together through ages
    Remains but a dream
    An unfulfilled dream
    Never allowing peace
    For heart and mind
    Always in the fray
    The former sinking in pain
    The later tauting the fate...

    #dedicated to the broken souls��������

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    No more chance
    Never expect me forgiving you
    Not an iota of love my heart holds for you
    So much we lie after the heartbreak
    Faking anger and indifference
    When in reality we crave for the reunion
    And expect turning up of love from nowhere
    Rehearsing how to embrace again
    The shabby love wearing the lens of forgiveness
    Oh how insanely we act
    Clumsily we talk to our shattered self

  • no_more_naive 2d


    And the beats
    once again halted
    When the wind of your negligence
    battered the walls of my soul,
    driving a blizzard in my mind
    With a tremor of cessation
    colouring my life

    Now the eyes no more
    endorse my heart
    Flooded with the pain
    dancing in every lobe
    With puckered emotions,
    it despises every beat,
    causing the shallow gasps...
    Somehow easing the ways
    to retreat,the only respite
    to the parched nerves ,

    And I am left to indulge
    in sipping the buckets of remorse
    seeking response to my lone query
    why from mute
    my heart had appeared labrish
    revealing all what led it to the doom.
    Nursing the hope of sincerity
    how it got stabbed
    with no chance of retaliation
    for the one at the helm
    had reigned my in and out

    But the clomp of your hatred
    just reverberates in my ears
    setting my heart and mind
    at an unfazing war.

    And astoundingly
    I am not hurt
    for reasons so unknown
    because I had gifted you
    my all
    but yeah you have helped
    me to freeze in this cold
    where love is all an icy pool
    so the glacial shroud of mine
    waits just for the final abode
    and my eyes wish to
    wink at you one last time
    And then sleep till the sky
    comes down to kiss the earth's

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    the boat of love capsized
    witnessing the cruel
    waves of betrayal, drowning the hopes of a blissful future