there are many things about nights that I love, like accepting everything that comes yet not holding anything

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  • nocturnal_muse_ 12w

    A smile comes more naturally
    Or we have grafted it so well in us
    That we can imitate it spontaneously
    And this raises the stakes high
    If one needs to cry
    As this, is a volcano of so many pressed emotions
    That once released result into a salty fountain

    "He saw me waiting
    For him to utter
    Looking into his eyes
    I saw his eyelids begin to stutter
    His eyes were moist
    And he was trying hard to keep himself strong and poised
    Because he has been raised
    Crying doesn't suit Man's grace"

    "It must be difficult to find a voice when you have been a master mime
    While saying the words he never had in his lifetime
    The meaning of which he was familiar
    ( Like the warmth of his mother
    Like the safety with his father
    Or the comfort with his brother and sister )
    But in words, he had never uttered
    Not to them, not to himself
    But he said it to me
    That he "loves me" "

    "I saw him being so fragile
    Even being adamant I knew tears don't lie
    I just starred at him hard
    I had never witnessed a man cry
    I wanted to hold him tight
    But I have been raised like a son
    Told to be stiff from outside
    All I could do was clasp his hands
    And wait until he stops his cry"

    "And for the first time, I heard another heart's voice
    All his nuclei spoke to ends of my nerves
    A language I was oblivious but was competent
    I held his hands and he went silent
    We touched heads
    Bow downed at what had surfaced
    The emotions we both had disguised
    (He in his jokes, laughter and muscles
    Me in my books, smile and manners )
    Found a place for themselves
    In that awkward moment of being together, ourselves"

    "I couldn't utter a "yes"
    But he read my eyes as I rubbed his tears"

    That day I made a promise
    My son would not fear
    Of being himself, of his own tears
    My daughter will not learn "to be a son"
    She will be what she has chosen
    My children might be different as seasons
    They might not be raised on any specific equality equation
    But they will be treated as a person
    Both will be treated as a person
    They are human
    They will remain human

    She will hug her man
    He will cry under the shelter of her hands
    Both will accept their emotions
    Both will stay human

    //inspired from @elusive_me �� your post i told you touched me! //
    And from true incidences

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  • nocturnal_muse_ 12w


    Your lips curve a smile
    Laughter follows your storyline
    Till the corner of your lane
    Until it reaches your drawer full of pain
    Where the ignorance is gathered
    The hopes that are tattered
    The feelings that are shred
    The voices that are trapped

    Your wall is so graced
    With pictures and quotes that are all over the place
    Till it vanishes behind your couch' legs
    In the angle where your walls curl up
    Where your stare often stucks
    The heap of damaged clothes piles up
    The wrappers once lost shows a heads up
    The unused guitar bring a suffocating lump

    Over the couch that felt million ouch
    Quarrels and laughter from so many mouths
    The cushion after each party knows only sweet memories
    But the pillowcase holds a darker history
    The twist and turns while the clock remained frozen
    The sobs that it softened
    The heart that got hardened
    The cry of silence again left unspoken

    I look beyond your house
    Away from those words decorating your wall
    Passing a hand over the creases of your couch
    Onto the pillowcase that's soiled, in a day twice
    Between the eyes, where your smile, breaths its demise
    And see you again
    Just for a while

    You come out at night
    When the lights forget to shine
    You look up at the sky
    And for the first time
    You smile a real smile
    from two parts of your one heart
    To feel home
    You seek for constellations
    That are million light-years apart.


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    And to feel home
    You seek for constellations
    That are million light-years apart


  • nocturnal_muse_ 12w

    Aaj ka gyan

    Live an ironic life
    Treasure all
    But let them free

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    There are good moments
    and bad moments.
    They leave as soon
    as they happen.
    But we creatively
    weave craft around them,
    trapping them for a whole day!

    Live in the moments
    but don't let
    the moment live forever.


  • nocturnal_muse_ 12w

    Some beautiful people
    Are so damaged
    That their healing
    Is like vaccination
    to the plagued

    Image: Pinterest

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    She vents out
    Oh! so beautifully,
    That it healed
    The wounds of those
    The world had killed


  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w

    Some new walls
    to hear our stories
    New rooms to lock
    old memories
    Different windows
    and a wish of different sky

    Remember how you dreamt of getting married as a child?

    Strange how since childhood, you were so craving to get rid of your home, a so-called paradise

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    Maybe it's our lust
    for a new home

    That makes us go so far
    as to fall in love
    with a stranger

    Even if, it may break us apart


  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w

    Good day ��
    Pic credit: my cousin ��

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    It's a new day
    A bit less warm
    The sunlight has a shade
    That blend so well
    with greys in your head

    And still, you dare to look
    Up at the sun
    And whisper

    "I am not done"

    //the sky is yet to get painted in your storm//


  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w

    No, you are not alone
    Said a voice in my head while singing a rune

  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w

    *Trigger alert*
    Am sorry to pen this down
    And even more sorry to feel everything that I am feeling
    This is not for praise
    Not for anything

    The death penalty can never rectify the mistakes
    But such heinous criminals should not even be left unchained
    They must be punished for all the brutal things they made someone else face

    No mercy to non-humans

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    My fingers are trembling
    There are a million emotions flowing
    But my mind is numb, it ain't screaming
    This has happened all over again
    And it feels scary to even blink for a moment

    "She was dragged into bushes
    She tried escaping through kicks, blows and pushes
    But then she looked into one of those eyes
    That moment, something in her died"

    The newspapers, blogs, reports and twitter
    The noise of "crime" revoked all rebels
    Only if one of them heard her scream in that daylight
    When the hidden curves on her body were followed by so many eyes
    Then maybe her soul might not have to suffer that dreadful night

    "She got ripped, off words, off clothes, off chaste
    With nothing left to hide her burnt body that laid aghast"

    "Her mom could not hold herself up
    Her dad fell on the ground numb
    Her sister shrieked and scratched everyone
    Her brother red-eyed was chanting vengeance"

    "They have left nothing for us
    Not even her body for kriyakakaram
    The princess we bought up, thought and helped to run
    Was unsaved from the clasp of those demons
    She didn't even have the chance to return to her mansion
    One last second"

    The questions are strumming in my head
    All the whys? How's? , will they ever end?
    How does any system justify this as not enough of an offence?
    How do they believe that crimes as such can be argued in protest?

    It's true you have failed
    The nation, it's leaders, the mankind and you as human
    There is nothing left to believe
    If an underaged have the impudence
    To wrench and burn alive a person
    Hear her scream
    and instead of helping to just flee

    Everything else is a forgery
    If human begins scrutinising misery
    Naming one as more other with "clauses" as mandatory

    I too have failed
    I have failed
    The moment she died
    While being alive

    Every moment
    That I kept quiet

  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w

    No cloud is a clone of another
    Its shape can only be fixed in your eye's ether
    Once puffed, forever smudged

    Yet you may try...

    Keep finding it in others ��

    Collom lune

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    She ran through
    Hearts as clouds through sky
    Imprinting sweet goodbyes

  • nocturnal_muse_ 13w


    1) She giggled at her reflection
    The one being stared by his vision
    He coloured her hair's partition
    A signature of vermilion
    And her cheeks blushed a competitive shade of crimson

    He held her hand and streaked away her bangs
    Bent to kiss her lips tickling her sense
    Just an inch away she stopped
    Taking "mummy's" name she made him drop
    Laughing loudly at his guilt face
    She ran away from that pink place

    2) She stared back at her bare face
    The reflection still brought back all the lost days
    There weren't any tears and no more wails
    The vermilion has chosen now the lockers space
    The lips were chapped in a noiseless frame
    The obsolete giggle echoes in the room an abhorrent hymn
    She stared hard till her eyes began to pain
    The red colour was now locked in those eyes so ashen

    3) The day arose when there came a dark horse
    He said he would ride her back into the land of prose
    Her own family was now in his support
    She laid terrified by what he proposed
    "How will he reboot my dead soul?''
    "How he fancied filling my voids with his verbose?"

    And she looked into father's eyes
    He pleaded her to think twice
    "You are young and deserves to be loved as a wife"
    "Reopen your gates let the flood flourish your desolate life"
    She stared again into fathers eyes
    Just to seek her husband's dad inside
    Took the car keys and she rushed outside
    The man followed her, promising her father to make her his bride
    She screamed hard when he reached her side
    "My husband is dead but not his wife"
    "My soul is married and this truth will always reside"

    He screamed back 'but he is dead why don't you accept"

    She said in a calm voice

    "He is dead, my vermilion is swabbed
    But our love will always remain intact
    And I will hate him forever for leaving my hand
    Packing my smile away into cryptic land
    Forcing my broken ribs alone to mend
    In a land where none can read my unsaid
    In a land where I have to survive with me instead
    In a land where they try to pair me with another man

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    Time never brings back what it takes away
    Neither does it ever takes back the gifts of the yesterday

    Things stay
    Time doesn't

    "Here's to the ones that we got
    Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
    'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
    And the memories bring back, memories bring back you"