I must fight, for I'm not defeated when I lose, I'm defeated when I give up.

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  • noehcra 5w

    What do you do when the broken pieces of the glass cut through your skin?
    What do you do when you don't have any strength to endure the pain?
    What do you do when you don't have the energy to even try to salvage bits and pieces of what once used to be?

    You walk away...


  • noehcra 12w

    "Why do you always call out for me? You know our love is a path with no destination, right?."

    "Do you really think that reason alone is enough for me to give up?"

    The moonlight blushed as the Wolf's howls echoed under the velvet of the starry night.


  • noehcra 14w

    "The only way I could escape my own mind was to leave behind my own identity.
    Whenever Yug feels overwhelmed, I escape by being Archeon"

    "That's not a good coping mechanism, you know"

    "But it helps me survive"

    "And what if you finally give in one day? What if Archeon falls?"

    "Archeon will never fall. The part of my being that's capable of falling is the human one, Yug is that part, he can fall, he can lose. But Archeon is a symbol, I created that identity and I can dictate what it stands for."

    "I'm not really sure if I understand."

    "Look at what you're seeing, it's a flaming eagle. First and foremost, it signifies freedom. Archeon IS my freedom. Secondly, it resembles a phoenix if you think about it. And what does a phoenix stand for? Rebirth. Rising back up in a brilliant flare from within the ashes. And all that's possible because he exists in a make believe world"

    "You do know how crazy that sounds, right?"

    "I know, so I guess you could say that Archeon is someone I always looked up to and wanted to be... And at the same time, I AM Archeon."

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    I am Archeon.

  • noehcra 16w

    It all began on the white canvas.

    The first color to flourish was red.
    With the passion of love and ferocity of rage,
    Two polar opposites in the same being.
    Always conflicting, yet co-existing.

    The one to follow was green.
    It calmly described the serenity it carried along.
    But the feeling of powerlessness hitched a ride.

    Then came along blue.
    Signifying calmness and wisdom.
    Yet also carried a little bit of sadness along with it.

    Encapsulating every emotion, every feeling.
    The painting was almost done.

    But the strongest color was left out.
    One that'd overpower every other emotion.
    Emptiness, solitude, abyss.


  • noehcra 18w

    Not everyone wants to wage a war to "defend" their religion, some people just want to live their lives peacefully. And we, as humans, have no right to force someone else to comply with our beliefs and ideologies, no matter how much we disagree with theirs. Stop waging meaningless wars, whether it be on social media or in real life. Just imagine how weak your faith would be if you need a stone monument to define it's strength. God might be real for those who choose to believe in them, but religions are man-made. And at the end of the day, the hard fact remains that we, before being Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs or Christians or anything else, we're humans. And there's no bigger religion than humanity itself.

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    Religion at the cost of peace.

    The war for 'defending' their religion raged on,
    Bloodshed on both sides,
    And among those cries of despair, pain and grief.
    There he stood,
    A little boy, 8 years of age.
    Born to a Muslim mother and a Hindu father.
    Trying to make sense of the events,
    That unfolded right in front of those innocent eyes.
    He watched in horror as the family he loved
    Was burnt to ashes in the fire of hate.
    His silent, blank gaze accurately described
    How the fear was seeping within.
    For little did the child know,
    The only thing that could quench those flames,
    Was the eloquent rain of humanity.


  • noehcra 18w

    And it was at that moment,
    That the illusion broke.

    The silhouette dissolved into thin air,
    Eyes welled up from the overflowing tears of denial.

    All that it was, all that it's ever been
    was a ripple in time, stuck out of its place.
    Haunting those caught by it, for years.

    All that it was, all that it's ever been,
    Was just a mirage.

    And all she was, all that she's ever been,
    Was a ghost from my past.


  • noehcra 18w

    But I love him, I love him.
    You had your shot and you blew it.

    Silence eclipsed the room,
    As the lover died, and the writer was born.