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  • noel_chacko 5w

    As the doorbell rang,
    smiles lit up.

    Now, as family members
    came back home.
    Happiness was much more
    than before.

    These times, divided us.
    But let's, multiply love.


  • noel_chacko 7w

    Glorious the night,
    nostalgic the feel.

    Going back to memories,
    nothing could beat the emotions
    as they met their alma mater.


  • noel_chacko 8w

    Saturday night, you just came back from work.
    But yes, tonight you were spoilt for options.
    Your phone pinged? Want to go out for that movie?
    But, but, you remembered today is when your favorite IPL team has its match, or maybe, that feeling of your couch and match, Wow.

    We all had days like these, some dull but some, extremely active and options a plenty. Also, for that vibe of, a hard day at work, school and coming back to relax and do something happy with people you love.

    It's been more than 4 months, since all this took a halt, life suddenly turned up to be monotonous, for some it wasn't a drastic change but for the rest, a huge one.
    Some have people to text up every night, telling how eager you are to meet them.
    While some, rest back, loving their own independent self much more.

    We all, went through alot of issues, some huge, some small, news flooded with endless political drama, rapid surge of cases everyday and many losing their life due to this pandemic & floods combined.

    But yes, you held up your own all this while, fighting the demons in your head, holding your loved ones a bit more close by heart, wishing this all would end up so soon and there you go, back to your life with dreams to conquer.
    And believe me, you so will because you are a fighter, one of a different kind.

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    4 months down!

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  • noel_chacko 11w


    You are beautiful, worth every ounce
    of beauty, the world could fathom.
    When you entwine your hair, finally tucking
    it behind your ear, my eyes relinquish in delight.
    When we hold hands quite randomnly,
    You don't know, how much, my soul longs to spend more time with you.

    I know you are afraid to fall in love,
    I know how much commitments you already are in.
    And in all that, making a space for me?

    I know we differ in how we see life,
    I know we have different traits & expectations.
    But, how about giving it one chance?

    I would throw open a tiny wonderland,
    one filled with words and poetries,
    And love you the way, you always deserved to.

    Ever wondered why?
    Because you are my perfect chaos, my perfect fairytale.

    © Noel

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    You aren't just a friend anymore.

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  • noel_chacko 11w

    Above she
    Kept an eye on us
    Praying for good things to God.
    Seeing us fall recover
    Her presence lived on
    She is Love,


  • noel_chacko 11w

    Learned moving on
    Picking up those broken parts
    These moments, are a part of life
    they say, I failed to understand it.
    But slowly as times change.
    I call myself


  • noel_chacko 11w

    Dark Days, Darker Nights! :)

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    The inspector carried his
    handcuffs to home.

    Today it wasn't to trap a culprit
    but to get caged
    in his wife's hidden desires.

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  • noel_chacko 12w

    I was left alone in the dark,
    desolate, completely unaware of the path I had to take.

    And then I saw a glimmer of light, one which embraced me tight,
    my shadows finally got arms to hide; my thoughts finally found a place to confide.

    I would treasure you in places, where the world would stand in awe.
    I would capture you in moments, where even the best photography wouldn't suffice.

    Just ignore my tiny flaws, because behind those hides a heart which jumps in delight with every glimpse of you, with every passive moment you smile.

    Darling, in this chaos,
    It's only you who matter, only you.

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    It's Only You, Who Matter.

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  • noel_chacko 14w

    We would sit there as she would have her favourite coffee from that expensive outlet, talking about love and life, an hour or more or maybe, order my favourite red velvet cake and feed me 1,2 spoons and somedays whole.
    But yes, among all this there were days when she will prefer never stepping out.
    Crib about the weather, say 'What's better than home' and end it with a surprise text like this:
    'How about staying home, watching that movie you suggested and having coffee?'

    And not just us, we ended up finding friends who shared the same interests with time.
    Guess what those were?
    1) Coffee
    2) Movies
    3) Outings.
    While some stayed long and still are, some just waved hi and disappeared. So now we were that close few who battled many fights, ego tussles but still came back with stronger hugs and wider smiles.

    Today was yet another day, where we were confined to a video call, making fun, having fun, going silent and thinking how different our conversations have become as slowly everyone moved on with their life.

    But yes, someday on a brighter morning when things go back to normal.

    Dear friend,
    No matter how far we go, I'll always long for a day where you & me would sit around holding a coffee mug and recollect all the memories that we have been a part of.

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    Coffee and Bonds this

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  • noel_chacko 18w

    'Do these heels go well with the gown?' You meticulously planned every part of the dress and rightfully so, you wanted to look the best.
    All excited and finally meeting your friends, all dressed so beautiful and Different? Yes.
    From those casual tees and joggers to this version of all suited up and grace.
    Today was something special.

    And in this array of people, in coats and gowns you too smiled, keeping up, and giving the best pose, with the thought of 'Is the sun falling too much on my face?' Or 'Is that location a better place to click pics'

    Your snaps will be full of people close and the vibe of friendship & love
    And completely too, these are the few who stayed among many who left or you ignored.
    Coming back home, you will swipe those pictures, selecting the one's you feel the best, maybe edit few too, and there it goes Online Uploaded.
    While few, stay right there in your gallery, starred and something which would leave a smile years later or maybe not.

    Right now, with an outbreak, all this doesn't seem a possibility while you are passing out.
    But yes, close your eyes and think back over how many things these years thought you, it wasn't as planned right? But still you held on, and there you are, a better, a truly better version of yourself.

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    Final Year?

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