There's no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you....All it needs is just one pure thought ❤

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  • nomadthoughts 2d

    Fantasy may make you see yourself as an outstanding fanatic
    But authenticity may reveal the truth and make you feel like a lunatic

    Cause there's a thin line between fantasy and reality
    And if you got the vision to see that line you can probably rule over reality to feel the actuality of that fantasy.

  • nomadthoughts 9w

    Sometimes dreams gives wings to reality
    And sometimes reality gives road to dreams

    But above all between truth and lies there is an empty stretch beneath existence which alone is enough to justify the creation of proclivity of love

  • nomadthoughts 10w

    Your fucking capstone creates hindrance
    But guess what, my walls are compact too
    Beyond anyone's tolerance

  • nomadthoughts 12w

    We keep suppressing our pragmatic thoughts beyond apparitions but it takes just a second to turn the wheel of devastating demolition among our dreams.

    Sometimes we ourselves create a disgusting reality which we haven't ever imagined by turning our zeal into deprecation.

  • nomadthoughts 14w

    Its usual that contemplations awakening beyond serenity can act as melancholy
    This life is evergreen and plorific like a field of dandelions
    Sometimes the soothing breeze of uncertainty makes the florets flew away
    But its certitude that pragmatic evocations are hidden inside the developing seeds waiting to be discovered

  • nomadthoughts 15w

    Sometimes its better to tackle the thoughts among your cosmos with simplicity cause in your wildest dreams complications won't trigger the fondness through which you want to see astounding visions among your nightmares

  • nomadthoughts 17w

    The ship was sailing broken apart
    Through my bloods beyond my heart

    Tears replaced the words of my mind
    Nostalgia was the thing I have to find

    Leaving behind a blissful voyage
    Choosing civility over my savage

    I asked the demon his true identity
    As he spoked my heart throbbed leaving serenity

    "I am you, just a different version
    Fallen angel you created for self incursion"

  • nomadthoughts 18w

    I gathered courage and my heart was filled with pursuit of contentment
    It was an irony among beautiful chaos that I stood up strong and provoked myself that I was shattered but I survived.
    And today when I have gathered the courage to look into your sparkled oceanic eyes and tell you that I stand with you in your reality as well as in your dreams, its already too late.

    Cause the day I felt the charisma of your smile was already a graving doomsday.

  • nomadthoughts 19w

    Sitting on his throne among clouds in heaven the visionary angel said
    "More attractive and beautiful the soul is,
    Deeper was the pain at the time of its death"

    And then suddenly everyone watched towards the barrels from where a girl more beautiful than eternity entered.Her eyes shined like pearl.Her face glowed like the rising sun dawn and her smile was like oceanic beauty.

    The angel asked was it any deadly accident or sucide or something.

    She answered in her melodious voice
    No it was just 4 of them, they just
    Plucked out my eyeballs
    Tore a piece of flesh from my cheeks
    And they buried my screams with the shovels of RAPE.
    At that very moment everyone went silent as always.

  • nomadthoughts 19w

    Whether the memory is paranoid or nostalgia
    Both are equally seductive
    One crucifies your feelings with immense pain
    And other makes it contended
    But actually the truth of the reality is that both are temporary ashes of evocation