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  • none_but_ayush 11w


    Monotonous is what life is
    Engaging myself! But where?
    Glistening smile I see but....
    Hallucination is what it actually is.
    Numerous thought travelling around
    Alas! It’s nothing but you.


  • none_but_ayush 12w

    Let your deeds satisfy your heart and relax your brain.


  • none_but_ayush 14w

    You were so young that you failed to distinguish between love and infatuation.


  • none_but_ayush 15w

    Weather changes that’s natural.
    People change that’s normal:)


  • none_but_ayush 18w

    Your life is like a motorcycle.
    You gear up when life gives you a highway but you gotta gear down when it’s filled with twists and turns.