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  • nonplayer8 96w

    Bullying is ruining lives, stop before you steal their sanity, stop before the throat sliced is yours. #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #murder #death #sanity #mind #attack #anxiety #insane #sane #insanity #numb

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    Murder in Retrospect

    Perhaps, I was a little late,
    Perhaps, the silence thickened,
    And I ask myself this, everyday,
    Was it I, who never listened?
    I had reason for what I did,
    "He was innocent" they told me,
    "A life here lost in vain",
    Not a mark upon my body,
    His throat was painted red,
    And numbness was the echo,
    Of his screams inside my head,
    His hands were bare and empty,
    I held the sharpened knife,
    But he held the chaos in my mind,
    The reason he lost his own life,
    The wounds I gave him were shallow,
    The needles in my brain were tall,
    Not a mark upon my body,
    As my mind had bore it all,
    SHHHH, I hear somebody,
    I feel the fingers on my neck,
    He's alive, I know he'll come for me,
    Or perhaps, another anxiety attack,
    I know, he stole my sanity from me,
    What more can he take back?
    No, not a mark upon my body,
    But my eyes are painted black.

  • nonplayer8 104w

    Your metal on my skin...

    The feel of your metal against my skin,
    And my mettle somehow stronger,
    Than the depth of my sin,
    Hey, yes, I'm speaking to you,
    And every breath I take,
    Is turning me more blue,

    The touch of your metal against my skin,
    Your sword on my throat,
    Or my marital diamond ring,
    Tell me, can you feel my heart?,
    Or does an empty void exist,
    In what kept you alive in myself,

    The graze of your metal against my skin,
    Ever so softly, I wonder how,
    Untouched yet I'm slit from within,
    And every part of me runs away,
    I can obliterate all that I see,
    But the first victim would always be me.


  • nonplayer8 105w

    Everytime I think you'd understand,
    I let you down, for how can I ask something,
    Like this of you, if I cannot understand it myself,
    Something that always hides beneath me,
    Yet my mind cannot breach my own skin.

  • nonplayer8 106w

    Your wounds will flow,
    Let the blood be mine,
    A deathless death,
    You die, so do I,
    Take the breath from my body,
    Pull the trigger, let me be,
    But I swear if you leave me,
    Like you tried to before,
    You'll give me something,
    I've never had before,
    It's worse than death,
    Believe me it is,
    Regret is poisonous,
    And I'll die soon,
    I'll die inside,
    So give me a bullet,
    I'll be happier,
    Than to die knowing,
    That it was I,
    Who failed at saving you.

  • nonplayer8 106w


    I'm hoping that one day I'll feel fine,
    Till then my mind's a mess,
    And my heart a warzone,
    I can't tell what's up or down,
    I'm spinning around,
    And I'm afraid to judge,
    The right from wrong,
    I'll go alone, but I'm not so strong,
    And I'm shivering,
    In this thunderstorm,
    That has flames leaping underneath,
    I don't know what my future holds,
    I can't recall my past,
    But my soul will travel far away lands,
    While at home I'll leave my heart,
    But I know that it's in good hands,
    And fearless, I shall play my part.

  • nonplayer8 106w

    The sun once shone down on me,
    Now all my days are grey,
    And your words no longer comfort me,
    As they did that fateful day,
    We laughed together,
    I died alone,
    And your touch can soon revive me,
    If only you were close enough,
    Oh love, please come and find me,
    For I really don't wanna give up.

  • nonplayer8 106w

    Who gives a fuck?

    I don't give a fuck, cliché indeed,
    What I fail to understand,
    Is that why is it bad to care?
    And if we do care,
    What's wrong in admitting it?
    Why is it the caption,
    Of every picture that you take,
    While you spend the very next hour,
    Worrying about the likes you get?
    I won't say I'm above this,
    This superficial need consumes me,
    But I admit it, I admit it with all my heart,
    I give a fuck about everything,
    Every little speed bump in my road,
    Scares me to death,
    And if I've ever say I love you,
    I mean it, and I'll be by your side,
    Till the very end, no matter what,
    So yes, I give a fuck,
    Several fucks, to be precise,
    And everyone that I care about?
    I'll give out fucks till I die.

  • nonplayer8 106w

    Strange letters

    The world trusts you,
    I don't, it's funny, really,
    We're supposed to be together,
    Through everything life throws at us,
    We've been with each other forever,
    I should know you more than anyone else,
    But recently, it seems something has changed,
    And I don't know you anymore,
    What are you? What were you?
    Even now, it seems we're strangers,
    I've loved you more than myself,
    But who are you? Who were you?
    And tomorrow, when you fuck up again,
    I'll be there, no matter what,
    But never call me your friend,
    We're strangers, you and I,
    Strangers in some wicked game,
    All we have in common is this house,
    I've lost hope in you,
    All I hope now, is that,
    The vishesh I knew is alive and well,
    Somewhere deep inside of you,
    Sincerely, a letter to myself.

  • nonplayer8 106w

    Hey, you.

    I'm you, yet not you,
    You haven't embraced me yet,
    But I sit here with open arms,
    You can be me,
    And I can be you,
    Yet you don't know me,
    Someday, you might,
    I hope that day comes soon,
    For you need me, your confidence,
    Don't listen to what you are now,
    Listen to what you can be,
    I can be you, and you can be me,
    And together, we'll conquer all that we see.

  • nonplayer8 106w


    In a new dawn, this moment awaits you,
    It embraces the wonderful legacy,
    It caresses your cheeks,
    With a feathery heart,
    And gently washes your skin,
    But this new dawn, is yet to come,
    Tomorrow will be your day,
    Tonight, however, the dusk awaits,
    With its weapons by its side,
    Be victorious, and take your stride,
    For no one knows the knight's heart,
    And those muffled cries as he sleeps.