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  • noreenrborooah 1d

    The wishes I behold
    The desires that unfold
    The dreams that conquer
    The life that I prefer
    The lones that sparkled
    The eyes that startled
    The imaginations that built up
    The senerios that showup
    The thoughts that structure
    But the blushes that result
    The butterflies that dance along
    Just keeps my happy
    But also guilty as a part of it goes.

  • noreenrborooah 2w

    The day you're in actual love with you is the day when all your insecurities, questions, confusions will have an answer.

  • noreenrborooah 2w

    In the world I see
    As far as my eyes can go
    To the isolate me
    I found a really absolute you
    To the ever longing desire
    Felt the drenches of faith
    To the packed up thoughts
    Saw the freshness that unknot
    To the suppressed words
    Spoke all the time about
    To the extent of fear
    Leant the desire to live
    To the lovliest of all
    Recieved the best untold

  • noreenrborooah 2w

    We might by now hate this number for some reason
    But know that numbers change, days change and time flies.
    Hoping to fill the lives of all of us with only POSITIVITY and GRATITUDE , that we learn to lead our lives and not stop by to wait for dates to change. I wish all of you a very enlightening new year.
    May this year we change than the dates.

  • noreenrborooah 3w

    You still give me butterflies❤

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    Let's be the old us
    Let's live the love that was
    Let's be the innocent us
    Let's love the same we must
    Let's fight and cry for the right
    Let's laugh and be breathless again once
    Let's unite again just for the next time
    Let's be the old us
    Let's hold the hands again once
    Let's be free of all eyes
    Let's be under the stars that lies
    Let's be the old us
    Let's live the love just the same...once
    Because what lies ahead did disguise
    Itself into the old us
    Let's live the love again twice.
    Cause you still give me butterflies.

  • noreenrborooah 4w

    Too many stars to graze for
    But you're still left to be explored.

  • noreenrborooah 6w

    Giving away or giving up is not seen worthy always unless its your love.

  • noreenrborooah 7w

    Tried by chances
    Recieved nothing in return
    Thought like obsession
    Treated very unpleasant
    Dreamed of love
    Gained just hate inspite
    Aimed of life
    But struggles to be alive
    How sudden a turn it took
    Then nothing
    Now offered everything
    But unfortunately way far I stood
    Completely out of your view
    All the chances are moved
    The obsession no more
    The dreams all awoke
    The aims all achieved alone
    Since time has long gone
    When getting a chance
    Felt like everything won
    But the NOW is my treasury
    Where no one can break in for a robbery
    So maybe its
    Your time of misery...

  • noreenrborooah 7w

    What's the use of being lost in the dreams of some, when they don't even see you in real.


  • noreenrborooah 8w

    What's right then?

    Is it right to let it be
    Is it right to hide the pain
    Is it right to stop the needs
    Is it right to keep quiet
    Is it right to give up on fights
    Is it right to hear the bad
    Is it right to say its fine
    Is it right to let things be
    Is it right to keep mum
    Is it right to wipe the tears
    Is it right live with fears
    Is it right to say its ok
    Is it right to keep it up
    Is it right to take it all
    Is it right to let it Go?