struggles,trials,tribulations of life's broken soul in her journey to find the purpose of her life some day it will all make sense

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  • noshitsherlock 3w

    Good bye

    Done hurting going inside my shattered heart and fixing and evaluate what no longer helps me heal . Ripped out the stitches out the pain is very much so there I can’t deny. So feeling is the key to endure and over come my actions that the only choices was

  • noshitsherlock 6w


    One broken heart closer to a Happy for ever after kind of true love

  • noshitsherlock 7w

    The truth of self

    As she learning to heal

  • noshitsherlock 10w

    Spoken facts #1 the end of the beginning

    Sit the fuck down and learn how to be your dam self . Not like the followers Be a leader. So lead by example.

    “Just saying thou”

    Sherlock mother FkN. Sandy Holmes
    Has spoken

    Stay tuned for the next chapter in this open and close case . 🕵🏻‍♀️

  • noshitsherlock 14w

    Pain goes away

    At the end I’ve learned that the more times goes by days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months. I begin to see that it’s not so bad I’m getting use to being alone and it’s where I found my self. I’ve learned to let go erase pictures and memories I no longer have and it’s being at peace within

  • noshitsherlock 14w

    Life lesson relationship

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    Lessons learned

    I’ve learned that nothing last forever and people come and go like seasons each person has a purpose to serve in our life and it’s up to us to figure out what that reason that lesson was.the love I gave wasn’t given back. That’s because They wasn’t ready I later learned. And the loyalty in another one wasn’t because of them it’s was me who was afraid of love and loyalty at the same time. After previous relationships I’ve became scared of living life and being actually hurt. I pushed people away because I felt I wasn’t capable of meeting their expectations. The things I’ve learned to let go in order to heal my heart my self and leave the past behind.each time someone came in my life I easily got so attached that the moment they were gone I fell apart trying to pick my heart and self up. I’ve learned that I can’t be quick to get emotionally attached. So this time around I’m living life I’ve faced my fears and learned to always be true to my self and quietly observe and silence is the key word. I’m grateful for the lesson I’ve learned even though they hurt but you know that saying that truth hurts. I’d admit it that for sure . Now being at peace with my self and focus on me. To everyone in my life thank you for the lessons you gave to me. Even if those people didn’t have good intentions I forgive them and let go. I’ll never stop learning about life because life is a big lesson it’s up to us if we choose to live it well or not.

  • noshitsherlock 16w

    Just her self

    She always has this spark in her eyes that light up any room and She been the type to take her shirt off for the next person in need. She very humble and very well mannered Always a please and thank you and can’t forget those cute “ I’m sorry’s that sound so cute .The smallest things brightens up her day. Not to mentioned the sound of her voice each time she see animals she can’t help but to stop and pet them. she so full of life and love. Creative ways and endless smiles and long conversations that never get old. She a fighter a Lover the most beautiful woman even her flaws and imperfections the way she is genuinely caring and yet she’ll drops the world to run to help even when she can’t help her self . The past has made me tough and the scars tell it all but she never stop being her self and time after time She never stops praying that some day the Right man can step up and hold her and love her and show her what true love and happiness and for ever after really means xoxoxo

  • noshitsherlock 26w


    I know who I am
    I know what I can be
    I know I'm not perfect nor pretend to be
    I know I'm worthy of something real and true
    Just wanted to be seen for me my heart my emotions my personality
    Stand by me
    Don't play with my mind,my heart because you'll make it harder for the one who is willing to give me what you won't.

  • noshitsherlock 30w

    One day too late

    Some one will fill in the void the spot that empty place you carelessly left unfilled and my finger will soon have a beautiful jewel a ring of love a beautiful diamond that makes a mark that someone saw the priceless love and joy and life of happiness I can bring I'm a hidden treasure discovered at last

  • noshitsherlock 30w


    You come and moment we're good the next I'm hating you for misleading me and then next I'm blaming my self for allowing you.each time seems like just when I'm strong enough to let you go I cant because that's my weakest moment.and you so heartless yet so carelessly you make your way 2 my heart n take over.