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  • nujazi_farooq 13m

    Mai maktr nhi saath terai aek, doa manzilu mai
    Mjai basna terai saath khaylu ki imart mai

    Mai bikhr chuka hun rayza tayray mairai iss vasil mai
    Aa simat lay mj ko phir sai yai mila k tinka tinka

    Meri jaan mj sai ruthi yai bahaar mj sai shooti
    Mera klb murda halat yai khazan mj mai fuuti

    Yai jsm ko murda krlo yai libasai ruuh parakhlo
    Ho zahoor meri mohabbat aisa noor dil mai brlo

  • nujazi_farooq 1w

    Good-looking isnt any beauty
    Beauty percolate in good morals
    Beauty doesn't overshadow the visage
    Beauty germinates through the essence of heart
    Beauty would only reflect with the eyes
    Beauty when manifested by the soul
    Beauty is not cognized by everyone
    Beauty made numb, glancing the elegant Yusuf(A.H)
    Beauty dries up in withered leaves of autumn
    Beauty blossoms in fresh flowers of spring
    Beauty shines with the light of Allah
    Beauty fainted Moses, crumbled mountain "Tuur"
    Beauty lies in the Quran, in the Allah and to be in the Muslim Ummah
    Beauty lies in the colours of Allah, in each and in every thing

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    Khubsurti (beauty)

    Khush-roi koi khubsurti nhi hoti
    Khubsurti toa khush ikhlaqyat mai maktr hoti
    Khubsurti chahrai pai chayi nhi hoti
    Khubsurti toa ahsas-i-kalib sai ubrti hai
    Khubsurti aanku sai ronuma tabhi hoti
    Khubsurti jb ruuh sai numaya hoti
    Khubsurti hr koi pahchan na payai
    Khubsurti, husun-i-Yusuf(A.H) daikh k bai-hais karayai
    Khunsurti murjayai huai patu mai sukhti khazan mai
    Khubsurti tazai gul sai he khil aati bahaar mai
    Khubsurti Allah k nuur sai chamak uthti
    Khubsurti Musa(A.H) ko gush,Kohi tuur ko surma kr daiti
    Khubsurti Quraan mai,rahman mai,ummat-i-mislima honai mai hai
    Khubsurti Sibgut'Allah , hr cheez mai hr shai mai hai


  • nujazi_farooq 2w


    Those craggy walls moulded in mud and straw
    Strengthen of endearment, intense and intimate
    Of colesence elements of analogous souls
    Mutually reflect the fragrance entice at miles
    My blood and induce uneasiness in heart
    The Craveness impound my presence at yards
    And waiting with an impatient state of mind
    For a shelter where mind found the calmness
    Despite impoverishment forget all the sorrows and weaknesses
    And survive away from fears and insecurities
    Where miseries are accepted cheerfully with gratefulness
    Such a place where self is incarcerated with heart and soul
    Indicate my home with homies,loving and securing as forever hope


  • nujazi_farooq 2w


    Istamal-i-mgz pai aisa ik khayal aayai
    Chalo kagaz ko hrf-i-sayaa sai noosh krayai
    Phir ik dum jo barish hue khayalat ki
    Raftar b taiz hue mairai kalm sai alfaz ki
    Likh diya zameen ko bay-chat na payaa kbi
    Uss pai daikha toa parda-i-falak ka ik sayaa vaesi
    Chaltai huai khayal aaya suraj k neechai
    Yai konsi dundli tasveer mutsil hai peechai
    Poahncha jb nadi k kinarai toa kya daikha
    Aksi dundli tasveer pai, mai he pani mai bahta
    Aisai mai jo ik yateemi numaya hua
    G toa raha tha pr bin sayaa ka hua
    Ja poahchi nzr aek bacha bin khoaf hai baitha
    Baikhoafzadi ussai ik sayaa baap ka he daita
    Hum b batkai hai iss veranai mai kahan
    Kaash sayaa ho Quran-i-pak ka he hum pai yahan
    Bhot sai sawaal adhurai he aakhir rahtai
    Sayaai b un pai lajawabi k he bahtai


  • nujazi_farooq 2w



    Let's aggregate today to make a promise
    Peep in self to examine ourselves
    Turn the narrow-mindedness into generosity
    Uproot the impurity with the roots of purity
    With open eyes we identify the perfidy
    Examine the falsehood with the insight of veracity
    Free ourselves from insolence, alcoholism and hypocrisy
    Involve self in goodness, compassion and purity
    Let's happiness be called a good morality
    Then slander evil with the good joviality
    Yet we became the Muslims with an "Adhan"
    Let's make ourselves believers with a "Namaz"

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    Chalo hum sb aj mil kr ik ahad kr lain
    Khud mai jank kr hum khud ko pad lain
    Tng mizaji ko farakh dili mai badal dain
    Paki ki jd sai Na'paki ko ukhaad dain
    Ankhai khoal kr doakhai ki shinakht kr lain
    Batil ko Haq ki basirat sai nayaab kr lain
    Gustakhi, sharabkhori aur riyakari sai khud ko aazad kr lain
    Dardmandi, pakiizgee, aur achayi mai khud ko shamil kr lain
    Chalo masarat ko ik achai iklakyat ka naam dain
    Phir burayi ko masarat sai he badnaam kr dain
    Huai hum musalman ik azaan sai he huai
    Chalo ab momin khud ko ik namaz sai kar dain

  • nujazi_farooq 3w


    Being in stoicism without quibble
    Accept the volition without giggle
    Oblige to God in severe privation
    Be valorous in risk of inundation
    Smoothly influx in life's fluctuation
    Slumber in wait of awake lying anticipation
    Dwell cheerfully in autumnal desiccation
    Shrivel rest for the springy rehydration
    Gazing the sunset in the lap of darkness
    Open eyes expecting the crack of lightness
    Inhale air for ventilating body to proffer
    Unknown to exhale for once breath more or never
    Trudge through an arduous journey with determination
    Fight valorously in battle to gain emancipation
    Expressing gratitude in life empty of opulence
    Vocalising only God when encompassed by immorlance
    Profundity of the verses enlighten its entwine
    "Hope" is the concoction emphasize the theme

  • nujazi_farooq 4w


    I was chosen to be in heavenly kingdoms but slipped into the reign of world
    At last I remain desirous yet thirsty for a sip of wine/honey

    Tasted when pleasures of world became I oblivious the thought of heaven
    Became I messenger of devil's commands hence oblivious the command of God

    I sat sleep the existance of self and get lost in narcissistic worship
    Whilst I slept the conscience of self so got overwhelmed with wordly desires

    Gone through ages,back has been bent,no more courage only sorrows remained
    Pride shattered, enthusiasm subsided ,prolonged now prostrates of love

    In the struggle of self-determination now became the slave of every second
    The competition of mine was with time but I decease before terminus...

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    Chuna hua tha mai bazm-i-jannat fisal k kuda yai doar-i-dunya
    Hasb-i-dilkha raha mai aakhir tishnagii ik jamai mah ki

    Chakha diya jb lutuf-i-dunya hua mai gafil khayal-i-jannat
    Hua mai kasid hukum-i-shaitaan raha sow gafil hukum-i-rahman

    Vajuuud khud ka sula k baitha Nafs parasti hua mai madham
    Sula diya jb zameer ko apnai toa khahishu ka mai mara baitha

    Umar sai guzra kamar hua kham rahi na himmat aur lagai gum
    Garuur tuta tapish hue tham taweel huai ab sajda-i-mohhabat

    Nafas kashi ki jid-u-jahad mai gulam nikla ab hr gadi ka
    Makabila tha vaqt sai maira garoob tha mai makam sai pahlai

  • nujazi_farooq 4w

    Sensitive people bear sensitive contents within,
    leaving them nothing but to be sapped centrally

  • nujazi_farooq 5w

    What are you searching for?

    Oh man! what are you searching for?
    You are a slave revealed to this mortal world,
    The slave of God, the slave of humanity
    Entwined best by nature among all his creations

    Oh man! what are you searching for?
    The life you possess is the soul blown on,
    In the skeleton encased in meat wraps,
    Adjunctive your life with the mighty death

    Oh man! what are you searching for?
    The ability to speak you own among all creations
    Is a gift of God to your being self
    To state the truth and greatness of his sanctive divinity

    Oh man! what are you searching for?
    The movement infused in your limbs ,
    Is to persevere your mobility the right way ,
    So your every step will raise on his pious path

  • nujazi_farooq 5w

    An untold story of The Kashmir

    Twinkling heart bearing adsorbed emotions
    wraped as a lump of flesh throbing in the meticulous chest

    Waves stuck every wall vibrating only moaness
    Bloodletting submerged every blooming bud to sepia soakness

    Vacuous gazes searching their holes in broad daylights
    Tyranny unleashed on every dweller of the locale sapien

    Groaning mothers stare gazes for their juveniles
    While every blossom dwindle as the target of oppressor's dart

    Oppressor depopulated the masculine natality
    Showered state of corporeality with bullets and pellets

    An untold, unsolicited and unsettled narrative of valley
    Narrated non verbally by concealed kashmiri ," The Gazelle"