The best part of life is that nothing is easy, why? because it shows us how far we can go no matter the struggles -nulan658

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  • nulan658 1w

    And once i try to do better i do it worse.
    Why do i always do everything wrong
    Why do i have to be a failure and how dont i get ashamed of being the worst?

  • nulan658 1w

    Dangerous road

    The heart can sometimes be just like the snow
    Cold and dangerous
    But not because it wants to be like this
    Instead, because its how people demostrated them how they want to be treated
    it is,hard and cold like the snowy road
    To protect itself, from pain that destroys it inside once again, from the pain it used to hide behind silence and darkness.

  • nulan658 1w

    Why am i always a failure at everything?

  • nulan658 3w

    "Si va a arriesgarse, arriésguese con todo,
    No vaya a medias, no vaya con miedo,
    Si va a arriegarse deje atrás la duda
    Y la incertidumbre de lo que pudiera pasar.
    Usted arriésguese, inténtelo, pero no
    Se quede con las ganas, quédese con todo, menos con las ganas."
    ~Edisson Cajilima Márquez

  • nulan658 3w

    Poetry is...

    Poetry is you
    If you don't like your verses
    Look for a rubber and erase all those lines
    That you don't want being heard
    Because just like verses in our poem
    Sometimes we must change the lines
    In order to find our rhythm
    And nobody else can erase them
    Because nobody knows our story
    So if anybody try to change your verses
    Don't let them
    Because we are a walking poetry
    Holding deep emotions without saying anything
    And The story of our life,
    They would never understand
    Therefor, they could never change

  • nulan658 3w

    By unknown writer #poetry

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    "Our struggles in life develop our strenghts. Without struggles, we never grow and never get stronger, so it's important for us to tackle challenges on our own, and not be relying on help from others"

  • nulan658 3w

    "I used to think that
    The worst thing in life
    Was to end up alone.
    It's not. The worst thing in life
    Is to end up with people
    Who make you feel alone"
    ~Robin Williams

  • nulan658 4w

    Struggles leads to success

    Every writter struggles with their work
    Struggles is what everybody crosses so they can see success, and just like that,
    by not giving up, art is being shown, now that, upon all, the art, is what people admires.

  • nulan658 5w


    And right there, layed down, was another broken soul hidden behind smile and fake happiness.

  • nulan658 6w


    Maybe trust can be earned with time
    But just maybe sometimes won't work out fine
    Giving another shot to trust
    Only scared that once again the person by madness use it as target...