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  • numbness 2w

    I wish I could blame others for making me feel things that I don't want to. But, the truth is, since the day I learned how to feel, I've just been feeling too much. Too much of life, too much of death. Too much of everything. If only I could find equilibrium amongst the mess that I am, maybe I'd be what others call 'normal'.

  • numbness 5w

    Been thinking about my last conversations a lil too much.

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    If you knew I were to die tomorrow, would you still talk to me the way you did?

  • numbness 10w

    If you saw how many dust particles air constitutes of, would you stop breathing?

  • numbness 12w

    I was lying wide awake.
    Tried to sleep.
    The window was open.
    Wind was blowing.
    It was cold.
    Really cold.
    I wanted to shut the window.
    Couldn't get up.
    So, I just kept staring at the window.
    Hoping someone would come in and shut it.
    But, the door was locked.
    The night passed away.
    I couldn't shut the window.
    And the cold didn't go away.

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  • numbness 17w

    Makes sense? No.
    Do I care? No.

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    Sadness doesn’t always come at 3 AM when you’re lying awake overthinking everything that made you like this. Sometimes, it’s on a Monday afternoon while you’re having coffee with your friends and it automatically makes you wanna shut out everyone and just stop everything for a moment.

  • numbness 19w

    Some people get valued while they're alive, some when they're dead. As for me, I don't think I'll ever get valued.

  • numbness 20w

    But, it's okay.

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    I just wish you loved me too.

  • numbness 21w

    And I cried.

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    "I see the way you smile. You've got sad eyes, child."
    ~ someone who doesn't even know me

  • numbness 22w

    Is it the reason why you exhaust yourself to sleep so you don't have to be alone with the voice inside your head?

  • numbness 22w

    They say it's better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all
    That could be a load of shit
    But I just need to tell you all

    Some mistakes get made
    That's alright, that's okay
    You can think that you're in love
    When you're really just engaged
    Some mistakes get made
    That's alright, that's okay
    In the end it's better for me
    That's the moral of the story

    - Moral of the story
    by Ashe