A son; brother; husband; father; friend; maamu; dreamer. Just another one trying to write my mind out. Insta ID: Oddmanji

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  • oddmanji 13w


    Meri Akansha, meri justaju hai tu..
    Meri bandagi, meri dillagi hai tu..

    Mera aaj, mera kal hai tu..
    Mera dard, meri dawa hai tu..

    Meri dost, mera pyar hai tu..
    Meri yaar, mera dildaar hai tu..

    Mere shabd, meri kavita hai tu..
    Mera chand, mere taare hai tu..

    Meri hasi, mere aansu hai tu..
    Meri khushi, mera dukh hai tu..

    Meri dhoop, meri chaaon hai tu..
    Mere suur, meri sargam hai tu..


  • oddmanji 16w


    Hey Moonshine, they say that you get the light from me, but little do they know I get the Love from you...
    Hey Moonshine, they say I am a devastating power, but little do they know I am calmed by you...
    Hey Moonshine, they say I am red, hot, and exploding the entire day, but little do they know that's because I can't see you...
    Hey Moonshine, they say we cannot meet each other, but little do they know in the early mornings and evenings we meet and gaze at each other...
    Hey Moonshine, though I boost of all the above but deep inside I know the longing for those few moments for gazing at you...
    Hey Moonshine, I eagerly await for the Eclipse where we get a little more time for adoring each other...
    Hey Moonshine, I fear no matter the love between us I would eventually prove lethal for you...
    Hey Moonshine, I know we are better off far away but know deep inside that I would always love and adore and care for you..

    You're SUNSHINE


  • oddmanji 17w


    "I love you not because of what you can give me, but because of what you can take, I am so willing to give, I love you because... I love the me when I'm with you, sometimes you have to fight hard just to make love survive, get hurt, always badly but what's important is that you gave it a shot, real love is never regretful and even if it fails to last, real love should only make you a better person, a stronger person, and in love real strength is knowing when to give up the fight and finally let go!"

  • oddmanji 17w


    When destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relations, it corrects its mistake by making them true friends.

    Classic Quote

  • oddmanji 17w


    Khuda na kare kabhi kisi ki zindagi me ye waqt aaye,
    Doston ne jab Mohobbat ke liye dosti ko thukraya tha,
    Wahi doston ne hame gaali di,
    jab humne mohobbat ko unke liye thukraya tha.

    Direct Dilse


  • oddmanji 21w


    I wish I could make you feel loved and wanted,
    I wish to have come across you years before,
    I wish I could hold your hand and tell you how much you mean to me,
    I wish I could lay by your side and be refreshed by your fragrance,
    I wish I could see into your eyes and say How much I love you,
    I wish I could rest on your chest and feel your heartbeat,
    I wish I could pull you near me and carress and cuddle you against me,
    I wish I could tell you that I will never let you go,
    I wish I could love you the way you ever wanted,
    I wish I could make you feel wild and free with just a touch,
    I wish I could kiss those beautiful red lips for eternity,
    I wish I could Whisper in your ears that I love you and I want you,
    I wish I could give that love bite on your neck that's you've been craving for,
    I wish I could make love to you day and night alike,
    I wish I could give you the comfort that you deserve for sure,
    I wish I could give you so much love and care for a lifetime,
    I wish I could grab your hand and go for a walk by a beach,
    I wish I could wake up every morning to find you in my arms,
    I wish I could pull on your cheeks and kiss those lovely eyes,
    I wish I could grab you and pull near me and never let go,
    I wish I could snatch away the sorrows and pains away from you,
    I wish I could admire and adore you being around me,
    I wish you could be carefree and blunt around me,
    I wish I could find you in the next lifetime as my soulmate.


  • oddmanji 21w


    Kadar aur waqt bhi kamaal ke hote hai...
    Jiski kadar karo,
    Woh waqt nahi deta...
    Jisko waqt do,
    Woh kadar nahi karta...


  • oddmanji 22w

    If only I could have

    If only I could have seen,
    behind those ever joyous eyes of yours.

    If only I could have seen,
    what you held behind those hearty smiles of yours.

    If only I could have noticed,
    those brain drains behind your big laughs.

    If only I could have seen,
    the loneliness inside while you made us all smile.

    If only I could have seen,
    the tears underneath those glittery sparkling eyes.

    I tried my best, but If only I could have...
    You would have been here with me...


  • oddmanji 22w


    My first best friend,
    My first enemy too.
    My first teacher,
    My first prankster too.
    My first soulmate,
    My first reckless rider too.
    My first lover,
    My first hater too.
    My first laugh riot,
    My first cry and fall.
    My first admirer,
    My first critic too.
    My first partner in crime,
    My first exposer of my crime.

    You shouldn't have been the first one to go this time Didi... Missing you every day... every moment...

    Seen all your laughs and cries,
    Seen all your worries and vows.

    A girl so full of Life,
    A girl so full of Hope.



  • oddmanji 24w


    Everybody applauds the winners,
    What about the defeated.
    Everybody goes gaga for the lovers,
    What about the cheated.
    Everybody waits for the morning sunshine,
    What about the dark moon lit sky.
    Everybody praises the strong,
    What about the weak.
    Everybody praises the rich,
    What about the poor.