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  • oddoneout 7w

    The right time and right way

    Conserve your energy
    At times
    When you are
    It is not your time
    May be not today
    Wait patiently
    Harness and convert it into

  • oddoneout 7w

    The flipside!

    Each time I move away from the dream
    The dream to write
    I paint myself all over
    Disguised with a mask
    I move on, but deep inside
    I bury seeds of thoughts into my heart
    Hoping it to grow into a deep-rooted tree
    Bearing fruits of my musing!

  • oddoneout 7w


    Deep inside the silent minds
    Are voids of darkness
    Haunted by the thoughts of past
    Can a secured future
    And a peaceful present
    Supress the pains of past?????

  • oddoneout 7w


    Who can understand me better than you
    Can anyone really comprehend to the way
    I lost my very desire, dream and passion
    The the degree seems more like a flicker now
    Life and future are two most uncertain words! Will the ship touch the shores without the guiding light?

  • oddoneout 8w

    Silent spectator

    As I glare at the aching eyes
    Shedding tears of pain
    In the mid of a gloomy night
    My heart aches

    Like a helpless spectator
    Buring my face deep in my hands
    I keep waiting
    Anxiously trying hard to be patient

    Every second I wait
    For the game changing moment
    I become more impatient
    Losing myself in the battle

    I stand helpless
    Extremely helpless!

  • oddoneout 8w

    The survival of fittest

    Covid19 has changed
    The perspective
    The goals
    The dreams
    The entire life

    Breaking from
    The way of life
    To mere existence
    Being the prime

  • oddoneout 9w

    My fellow being!!!!

    Into the wild, every flower
    Spreads variety of scents
    Though nurtured by the same soil
    Painted in varied colours
    They standout
    Portraying the creator's heart
    So is our life
    So is human nature
    As we cherish the differences
    We find divinity in diversity!!!!

  • oddoneout 9w

    The evening sky!!!

    Every evening,
    As the clock strikes six,
    I run up to you.
    With the open arms,
    You embrace me,
    With the cold breeze,
    Bringing back the warmth,
    I desire for.
    As I raise my head,
    To surrender myself to you
    I fall for the artist in you.
    The way you paint yourself
    Carelessly answers
    Unsolved puzzles in my heart.

  • oddoneout 10w


    The clouds are crowding up in the sky,
    Diversifying their pattern to the wind's spell.
    The birds are chirping the songs of happiness,
    To cup tie the peacocks performance.
    Thunder and lighting are running all over,
    Declaring the arrival of monsoon.
    As the first rain drops hits the ground,
    The scent of muddy earth melts me down
    Gently fusing me with the creation!!!!!

  • oddoneout 10w


    Keep the child in you alive, path to sucess would be even more clear. Remember the game of snake and ladder we used to play. Did we quit playing because we were bit by a long snake pulling us down to the start of game. We played with persistence, counting every step towards the ladder. Slowly, as we grew up we lost the joy in playing. The end seems more important than the game now.
    Every time we fail, running back to the child in us could make us more confident and inspiring.