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  • odetosilentroses 2w

    The first time he calls you holy, you laugh so hard that your sides hurt
    The second time, you moan gospel around his fingers in your mouth.

  • odetosilentroses 3w

    Got a little haunted house in my brain,
    memories that linger like small jinxes
    Catching me off guard
    While i do mundane tasks through
    the day.

  • odetosilentroses 10w

    You're not a measurement of how people react to you.
    Do it for yourself
    Sing, dance, write.
    Roller skate on
    The footpath by the
    Under the rays of the
    Rising sun
    For you
    Only for you.

  • odetosilentroses 15w

    Sunflowers and roses
    Coffee beans and its brew
    I and my daydreams about you
    Only you

  • odetosilentroses 15w

    These freckles on your face
    That you're so conscious about,
    I ll join each beautiful dot
    To make constellations
    Teach you how to

  • odetosilentroses 16w

    Fragments of your soul
    You leave behind
    So naturally
    Sometimes with pain
    Carrying them in a baggage
    "Not knowingly of course"
    Your guardian angel whispers.
    Not letting go of the load
    That weighs your shoulders
    The pain that hides under your eyes
    As dark circles
    The anguish in your voice
    Tells everything.
    So blunt on the edges,
    Virulent in the core that
    Only you can save yourself.
    This is your calling.
    But i am here, i will
    Always be here.

  • odetosilentroses 16w

    Maybe i ll find you
    In a castle far and beyond in
    The clouds
    Where luscious grass grows
    And birds sing
    Where you are happy
    This castle exists,
    all thanks to my imagination
    Which usually does
    more harm than good
    Maybe i ll find you
    In her eyes
    You looking down
    Lovingly at her
    The kind of adoration
    Which i never received
    You're happy here too
    You're happiness is
    What matters to me
    Even if my being
    Is not the reason behind it.
    So the spectators now
    Know why i chose my
    Imagination over the
    Bitter reality.

  • odetosilentroses 18w

    If i let you into my bubble
    That i call my world
    Made of simple memories
    Some dark and some light
    You're bound to me
    In ways more than you can ever
    Infinitely, lovingly.

  • odetosilentroses 19w

    I am drawn towards you
    Like a bee is drawn towards nectar

  • odetosilentroses 19w

    And in the end
    even if all I ever did accomplish
    was bearing witness to your wonder
    I will still consider it
    a life well lived