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  • officiallypoor 12w

    Everyone needs their person, you know the one who has been there through it all. The one who has been there through the laughs, cries and everything in between. The one that takes bad days nd turns them into better nights. The one that helps put back the pieces. The one that always reminds us who we are nd the love we deserve. Some people come into our lives to make it better, to make the music louder, the happiness longer. Thank them to stood by your side through thick and thin. Friends for life.

  • officiallypoor 13w

    The people you loved will be the ones you wanna run away from. There will be times when it won't rain as much from the clouds, as from your heart.
    Those rains in your heart will drown you, but that's where you will start learning to swim. Letting those loved ones go will make you realise, "you can love them, and you can still let them go".

  • officiallypoor 19w

    just want to get away from this noise, keeping my thoughts safe, with the flow of music. search for that one thing that would set my soul free. search for that one you can go through a storm with. life is hard and its even harder, when mask falls off in the end. while living in thoughts, a noise knocked saying, what are you thinking? I smiled and said, Nothing. After all these years, still they won't understand, what you are thinking.


  • officiallypoor 19w

    Okay, I get it, and I know you hear me say this bit,
    That you was never there then tell me why'd you make me believe in it.
    you know that I hate it when it's inevitable
    and have to live with it.
    Say that you omnipresent, then why'd you make me wanna go through this ?
    Why? Isn't your entire existence a lie?
    Fun fact, I know the truth behind the lies.
    Not so fun fact, I see the tears behind her smile.
    I swear I hate you for the fact,
    that you got this bond built up a notch.
    I see the clock ticking and all I can do is just watch.
    Even the little sap's grown into a tree from a stalk.
    But what's the point of it all,
    If I don't share the same breathe as her in the park.
    But, I guess we both knew that this was headed nowhere and where we're going too.
    So I guess it's about time that I focus on what really matters,
    And not be sad that it's done but be happy that it happened.

  • officiallypoor 20w

    she is the very projection of the thought behind my talk,
    she saw it all. All i wanna say is
    she is the life to words, my light to worse, define my world,
    what I'm trying to say is
    possibilities to life could be a 100 or more.
    The probability, 50-50, this pillar won't fall,
    Have you ever thought what would happen if the earth won't revolve !
    She's the sun but what if i lose my orbit and demolish it all,
    There's no reason but fall,
    Man I swear to you I see the heaven's gate if she gone.
    I mean I don't even want to imagine a world in which I'm there and she's not.
    But if it's her that I got, I see the problems leave like that sprout in the pot.
    You know the gift that I got?
    I mean the one I told you about? Its budding leaves and a stalk.
    So if you tell me there isn't hope, just ask me to stop,
    Coz if it grows any further, all I'd be doing is just bark.

  • officiallypoor 21w

    Lord, you hear me?
    we haven't spoken in a while though,
    i know I haven't been spiritually aligned though,
    my goals often take over my life,
    So just once i thought i would let you know that I'm,
    Doing fine, I'll be taking my time,
    Oh and i met this girl, she could be the wind of my chimes,
    i mean, what I'm trying to say,
    Is this beautiful music, when she speaks, so I'm just trying to wait,
    The fact that we've been talking a lot,
    what's coming next got me sort of bothered a lot,
    but believe it or not, I'll be taking a shot,
    Although it's just a seed in the mud,
    But all that barely counts is a thought,
    Oh and also that reminds me,
    She even gave me sap to just see what will this life be,
    I mean I'm not trying to pick no side,
    But just to watch her glow I'd even give up my life.

  • officiallypoor 26w

    In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.


  • officiallypoor 26w

    Life is so beautiful,
    even in the times of failure,
    If you have right shoulder lean on.

  • officiallypoor 26w

    I realized that, I have lost touch with all my college friends, while looking for flatmates.

    The transition from college to a job is the toughest. But eventually it gets better.

    You meet new people in office, And they end up becoming the best part about your day.

  • officiallypoor 29w


    People are just taking mental health as a serious problem now and they should be, but in which manner. just in a week thousand of new health pages, depression, motivation for anxiety like are created. some teenagers are opening new social accounts saying, you can call us, we're here to help, we'll listen to you. just asking, will you? how will you get a person out, who's living in a body that fight to survive with a mind that tries to die. it's not something that few motivation quotes can pull them up from that den, or not a thing that can be solved in a snap of finger. it really takes time. Time to heal. Heal from a pain that you could imagined of. Pain you don't know until you are staring at yourself in the mirror with tears streaming down your face and you're begging yourself to just hold on and be strong.