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  • oladunniess 2d

    Love doesn’t complete you or makes you happy, read again.

  • oladunniess 16w


    The only one who knows my thoughts before i think
    The master and controller of my being
    He's my Messiah, my saviour
    The one who loves me even to fault
    He's my peace, my father, my world
    My rest, my comfort, my all in all
    No words can describe your mightiness
    Abba Father

  • oladunniess 17w


    The shit that scares me the most is "DEATH"
    Not knowing the possibility of surviving the night

  • oladunniess 17w

    Bad lover

    I'm sorry if loving you is bad
    I'm sorry i want to be around you
    I'm sorry i want you all over me
    I'm sorry I lick you in the face
    I'm sorry if you only matter to me
    I'm sorry if I'm too selfish by wanting you all to myself
    I'm sorry you give me goosebumps
    I'm sorry you brighten my world
    I'm sorry you make me happy in moody days
    I'm sorry i can't stop loving you
    I'm sorry cuz I'm keeping you forever

  • oladunniess 17w

    Life lesson

    Let your impact in people's lives be your most expensive ASSETS

  • oladunniess 17w

    Word of mind

    How mighty is your might?????

  • oladunniess 17w

    Broken heart

    I gave you everything I had
    Made you my world
    Gave you my strength and peace
    I called you my potential partner
    I placed you as the sun that brightens my world
    The wind that clears my weary heart
    The sky that makes my world beautiful
    The moon that shines light on my emotions
    I made you the day and light that kisses my face
    I molded you to be the master key who opens and shut my heart
    I made you the love of my life
    In you i saw all i wanted until the hurricane
    And it felt like everything was an imagination

  • oladunniess 17w


    Ohh what a nightmare I thought
    My head's heavy thinking of how i slept
    I set up the day full of energy
    Bathe and dress, ready to start the day
    I begin to walk, taking few steps away
    My bones begin to crack
    Feeling like bolts are being loosed
    I was tired forcing my legs to walk
    I didn't want to give up because I haven't gotten to my destination and don't want to look like a wanderer
    Strength I crave, help I needed
    Overcoming not an option but a choice
    Gradually i see my destination afar
    My soul felt the happiness
    My brain sends the overwhelming signals
    Slowly i forgot the pains and focused on the journey
    Alas i got there
    I grabbed a bottle of chilled water
    Sat on the chair, resting my head looking up to the sky
    The sun making me comfortable by making my skin glow
    What a journey!!!!!!

  • oladunniess 17w


    What a cold night
    I lay on my bed, cuddle in my thoughts
    The wind blowing against my broken soul
    The drops of the rain makes my heart shiver
    Oh how i want to be in the rain
    Oh how i want to scream it out
    Oh how I want to be happy
    What a lonely night