incurably lazy devil that has ever stood in shoe leather.

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  • olive_pendergast 1d

    "Then, I asked myself, "Why?" She's 21. I'm 21 but why did I remain mediocre and she turned grand? At first, I blame the conditions. We were born under different circumstances, I got the short end of the stick. But time passed by to the point I was getting to the lowest of low and my friend is now standing on a pedestal I could only look up on. I asked myself again.

    Was it really because of the conditions? She's 21, I'm 21. We started in the same duration... but of different depth. I was ashamed to admit I have been wasting my years."

  • olive_pendergast 1d

    "There are two types of people. The ones drinking their bottle of water as if they're filming a commercial, and the ones drinking from their water bottle as if they're drinking from a water bottle. You get my point? No? Exactly. There's no point there. At the end of the day they're all humans trying to quench their thirst. There's really no reason to divide them into two types. You just have to look at them as humans. Simple as that."

  • olive_pendergast 1d

    Your endpoint is someone else's start line. It's a disrespect to say you have it worst.


  • olive_pendergast 1d


    You're a breeze
    bringing relief
    for a fleeting while.
    I tried to close my eyes
    to feel more of you,
    but the calm was gone
    you are gone
    What's left is me
    and the searing sun.

  • olive_pendergast 1w

    Sun Spell

    You came in like the Sun
    Warm and bright
    A little overbearing at times...

    I just found myself
    Under the heat of your summer.


  • olive_pendergast 1w


    You came in like a drizzle.
    Droplets of you fell,
    lightly, upon my shoulders

    It was too late when I realized,
    I was soaking.

  • olive_pendergast 5w

    CAN I?

    Your lips are wispy wings of a butterfly softly
    caressing mine. I am afraid moving further would break your magic.

  • olive_pendergast 5w


    I realized,
    your lashes has always been long.
    your nose pointed.
    your lips on eternal pout.

    I noticed,
    the skies should've been plain white cast.
    the grass, a dull green.

    I learned,
    the lackadaisical world
    could be filtered through
    with your existence.

  • olive_pendergast 5w

    Rowing... Rowing...
    Across the river of darkness
    "How have you fared, young soul?"
    "In the lands of the sun,
    have you basked enough?"

    Rowing... Rowing...
    One coin for a ride...
    "I have never been out once, you see."
    "Hey, move to the side!"
    "Must be nice to experience the above."

    Rowing... Rowing...
    Judgment at the end of the shore
    "My lord awaits for your arrival."
    "Afraid, no?"

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    The Ferryman

  • olive_pendergast 5w


    I didn't love you for you, I love you for myself. I need the happiness you bring, and the things I feel and felt, I need them like I need the air I breathe, and inhale it as greedily as one could. So don't feel any responsibility towards this feeling, if you've hurt me you can always say this was on me and I'll surrender guilty of my crime.