Lover of God, the pen and nature.

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  • oluwa_dunsin 3d

    I have no new message for you.
    This week, I hope you found a reason to hope.
    Time will not permit me, but
    I dare to remind you that:
    Life will go on whether you're here or not.
    Why choose to drift away—
    when you can live every moment?
    Please stay with me.
    I haven't forgotten that you said,
    " We get hit differently, mine is different".
    True, but haven't we all got a hit?
    I survived and so can you.
    I long to see you smile again, and
    hear you write your tales—
    In the sand of time.



  • oluwa_dunsin 3d

    Shadows in the dark

    Peace and serenity I enjoyed
    At my last visit to the seas.
    The sounds the streams made
    was melody to the ears.
    Who will forget the gentle breeze
    That greets me and caresses my face
    And how the moon smiles at me
    When it becomes lonely and dark.


  • oluwa_dunsin 30w


    Dreams change...
    He had his life mapped out
    On the plain sheet he had picked,
    Painted with different shades of dreams
    and colorful aspirations.
    I want to be a speaker: A human right activist,
    He told me, at a time.
    Well, life had another plan for him.
    A different journey, an unknown path.
    Now to find himself heading another destination,
    He always had turn away from.
    It was hate at first sight,
    but alas, he is growing to love his new call-
    what he is doing for what it is.
    Yes! Life pushed in the wrong direction,
    but negativity he embraced with positivity.
    His new words to me,
    "When life pushes you down a wrong turn,
    change it into your road map and
    find your desired destination."


  • oluwa_dunsin 40w

    To Him

    I fell for you,
    Thinking I'll get a hand to lift me.

    You watched me fall,
    Thankfully I didn't hit so hard.

    You helped me stand,
    Gracefully my eyes followed.

    Now I'm clean, but
    Thinking I should fall again.


  • oluwa_dunsin 66w

    A billion times, he has gotten tired
    the burdens and pains are overwhelming.
    I learnt a million days, had he prayed out of a miserable life, soaked in tears and fears.
    A thousand moments, he fought for what he thought was right,
    Hundreds has he blamed for his wrongdoings, of course there's always someone to blame.
    Here he is, in his tenth hoping there's a little more time and embracing the truth, he has been the worst he could and for the best there's more to do.
    Yes! This once, he is getting that right.


  • oluwa_dunsin 75w

    ...and then, we may find strength
    for the things that do matter.


  • oluwa_dunsin 79w

    The lone nights;
    reminds of the terror that could be.
    The long walk;
    a prologue into the freedom tale.


  • oluwa_dunsin 85w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear Tom,

    The birds are glad they have the sky,
    Flowers, a friend they made with the sun
    Butterflies, a company with petals is sweet
    The gift of men, you, God's gift to me.

    Living is loving,
    The rules sometimes hard to live by
    The moon wouldn't stop to give it's lights,
    As the stars wouldn't remain in hideout forever

    The gift of men; you, God's gift to me
    Showing the worth of utmost importance
    This goes out to you, for the palms have whispered:

    Trees, don't grow all at once
    Forests, become thick in bits
    The comfort of both assumes with time
    And for that period, a gift still you are.

  • oluwa_dunsin 86w

    Few times, love has a language thought to be too complex
    Giving things up feels like it is being understood
    Loving becomes one of the easiest things to do
    The awkward part remains: when it is always for the wrong reason
    Simplicity defines it's beauty...
    Giving explains it's nature...
    Knowledge graces it's art...


  • oluwa_dunsin 86w

    Few times, love had a language found to be too complex
    Giving things up,feels like it is being understood
    Loving was one of the easiest things to do
    But the awkward part was: it was always for the wrong reason
    Simplicity defines it's beauty
    Giving explains it's nature
    Knowledge graces it's art...