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  • once_upon_my_poetry 1d

    Contemplations 🤷‍♀️

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    Light and Prayers

    I am just like you.
    I grow a herb garden in my kitchen’s windowsill,
    My delightful aromatic greens,
    cilantros, sage and rosemary
    grow in black mulch in miniature terra-cotta pots.
    Every morning I fling open
    the drapes, let the sun rays seep through.
    I think my garden needs a little light and a lot of prayers and love to flourish.
    In the evenings I water my dandelions
    that grow in floral beds in my patio.
    I watch my fragmented dreams
    that are mounted on seedlings dangling from tiny
    feathered parachutes, take flight.
    I hope that one day
    they might take root and populate.
    My nights are the hardest,
    sometimes I sleep because I’m too
    Sometimes I don’t because I’m too weary.
    We are all the same, you see.
    Tell me about your day, dreams and weariness,
    and I’ll tell you about mine.
    We’ll touch and commune
    come to the realization
    that we’re all made of
    little light, prayers and fragments.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2d

    My very humble participation #ceesearthode

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    Earth Day

    What are we,
    without the babbling limpid
    rushing brook
    meandering beneath endless firmaments
    with stars hanging from their hooks?
    What are we,
    without the bashful wildflowers
    of the prairies,
    their petals unfurl to earnest swarms of bumblebees?
    What are we,
    without the tender greens that breathe
    life for us
    and the giving trees
    forever yielding without a fuss?
    And you, a boundless
    wilderness lies in your heart
    let love and respect spring
    unto nature’s art.
    For we’re sons and daughters
    of Mother Earth,
    her loyal cavalries since our birth.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 3d

    Amber Heart

    Sweet memories;
    gleaming sunbeams
    and golden tears of poplar trees.
    You’re lost in your
    pursuit of happiness
    while it’s all locked inside
    your amber heart
    Behold your gemstone in wonderment
    where beautiful moments
    have crystallized in time
    and the rapture that seeps
    from love’s impulse
    have left a permanent fossilized imprint.
    You’re drifting away
    searching for secrets of bliss
    and it’s all in the spontaneous
    moments captured
    between your heartbeats
    and the tender hope that
    flutters with every pulse of life.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 5d

    Rag Doll

    I am a rag doll
    A patchwork of scraps,
    yarn and tattered fabric.
    Years of needlework
    an assortment of my own creation.
    My insides are several layers,
    Stuffed with battings
    of suffering and amassed sensations.
    My heart; a craft of supple canvas
    with wounds, sutures and indentations.
    Yet I’ve hemmed my frayed edges
    managed to hide my jagged seams
    sewed my notches with lace
    and decorative sparkling ornamentations.
    Though some days I feel helpless
    limp with frustration,
    I can still carry myself,
    cover my scars with embroidery.
    Cross-stitching floss of persistence and dedication.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1w

    Coffee and Poetry

    Sitting by your side
    sipping from the same cup of coffee
    the same side of the rim.
    My eyes, wandering and observant
    watching you
    draw little hearts and sketches
    at the margins of your notebook.
    Watching you write
    reveal yourself in lyrics
    Oh, how I love you!
    Let me read beneath the words
    that distill from your raw emotions
    floating buoyant and sublime
    like rose petals
    on a crystal clear stream of pages.
    A flowing melodic rhythm saturated
    with passion
    tickles my fluttering senses.
    Let me read you
    see what’s beneath your heart
    touch the threshold of your
    taste the love embedded
    in your words
    while I sip from our favorite
    cup of coffee
    the same side of the rim
    that kissed your lips

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w


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    They are the most gentle souls.
    Their hearts are endowed
    with benevolence and selflessness.
    Words of solace
    drip like therapeutic balm
    on painful wounds.
    Gracious is their affinity for humanity
    they’re readily willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.
    Their humble countenances don’t glow with a heavenly transfiguration.
    They’re not cloaked in spectacular
    white robes that emanate brilliant light,
    and there isn’t a hazy golden halo
    floating on top of their heads,
    yet they’re celestial beings
    angels who live among us and we encounter everyday.
    They are the kind people
    their gentle touch
    lifts our weary hearts when they’re weighed down by burdens.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w

    Inspired by a recent vacation and mornings spent conversing with the sea 🌊😳🤔😊

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    Lessons from the Sea

    There’s something about that
    morning breeze that drifts from the sea.
    It blows with an invigorating breath of renewal; clears the fears that clog my thoughts and satisfies my spiritual thirst.
    The sea speaks a language only the heart understands.
    I listen intently in my solitude to its heartbeat. It fills me with a sense of tranquility and awakens my mental awareness.
    My meditative perception flows into the present,
    and my feelings harmonize with my surroundings.
    Overwhelmed by the vastness
    of the sparkling emerald and the spectacular azure sky,
    I enter a deeper level of understanding;
    life is a cycle of giving and receiving.
    To have a purpose in life is to find meaning and balance,
    rather than look for means to
    reach a state of euphoria. A feeling that may be transient and unfulfilling altogether.
    The sea is as ancient as life itself. Are we ready to embrace its valuable lessons when the overlapping waves reach for us? once_upon_my_poetry

  • once_upon_my_poetry 3w

    “throw caution to the wind”

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    Come, take my hand.
    Love me wild, love me reckless.
    I am your thrilling escapade.
    A gratifying tonic for your senses.
    Savour me like you would sip
    coconut in a swaying hammock
    under the exotic tropical sun
    Indulge me with warmth.
    Spoil me
    until my heart flutters and overflows
    with mischievousness
    until you hear a song in my laughter.
    Let us throw caution to the wind.
    and treasure the cheerfulness of our closeness.
    Let us live and fall in love,
    before life is smothered by regrets
    and throttled by the guilt
    of missed out chances.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 3w

    When do you usually get your inspiration?
    For me it’s the early hours of the morn.😊👍🏻💖

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    I am one to savor the companionship
    of my solitude.
    In her presence, she doesn’t flaunt
    a saturnine temperament, or provoke
    thoughts of angst and disquietude.
    Rather, in the early hours of the morn,
    before the sun rays come peeping
    through the window,
    she summons my musings
    and artistic whims to a banquet.
    We all have a feast together
    Raise a toast as we drink
    from the flask of creativity.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 3w


    When life unfolds before you like
    a roll of parchment, flat and bland
    and each day seems to be a
    blank sheet of paper,
    just then fate seizes you
    acts like an origami practitioner
    begins the excruciating process of sculpting;
    adding folds, squashing creases
    and layering pleats.
    Amidst the shock and hurt that is
    detrimental to your sense of well-being,
    you’ll understand in the grand scheme of things, that you’re being transformed into decorative artwork
    more rigid and sturdy;
    a royal crane with wings to fly,
    or a sailboat set to embark on great expeditions.
    This finished sculpture
    is the best version of you,
    the person you’re meant to be.