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  • once_upon_my_poetry 1d

    A Dancing Flame

    The gleam in her eyes
    is but an inkling of the fiery temperament
    that burns with enthusiasm in her heart.
    Her spirit, a totem of wit, charm and willpower,
    stands erect to confront the torrent
    of challenges that flood her life.
    Earthly elements of modesty and resilience
    encompass her, guide her steps
    to contribute to a never-ending cycle
    of giving and receiving.
    When her vivacity is extinguished
    by disruptions,
    her inner exuberant flame is enough
    to rekindle the dying embers.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1d

    A female writer on Instagram who happens to be a feminist and women’s rights activist, shared a post about rape and sexual harassment. Staggering figures state that 1 out of 5 women in the world will be raped at one point in their lives. Appalled at this horrifying fact, I’m sharing this piece as to raise awareness.

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    Broken Wings

    Every girl is born with a set of wings.
    Gilded plumage that stretch
    and catch the drift of wind.
    They carry her to the meadow of her
    A marvelous kaleidoscopic array of possibilities.
    She dreams of love.
    Believes in love.
    She’s lifted by the thrill of romance.
    Perches on its enticing enchantment
    and suckles the honey of sweet promises.
    She nestles in the warmth of trust and protectiveness.
    She feels safe. Flies and takes the skies.
    Until the day she gets caught in a mesh.
    Tensile threads woven by a predator’s
    Vicious eyes that are cold with apathy.
    Hungry sharp fangs drip the venom of carnal desires.
    She’s trampled on by the weight of harassment.
    Exploitation gnaws at her skin.
    Abuse tears her flesh.
    Her deep lacerations bleed profusely.
    She’s drenched in a pool of shame, pain and disappointment.
    She weeps the trust that failed to protect her.
    Laments her fractured wings and broken dreams.
    This is the day she forgets how to fly.
    This is also the day the quarry becomes the huntress.
    She dons a gilded armor
    and prepares herself for fighting.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1w


    The thing about beauty is that
    it always sprouts deep within the soul,
    creeps to the surface
    burgeons on the skin
    flowering strikingly
    like soft blushing cherry blossoms.
    Attractiveness always stems
    from the inside
    before it flourishes on the
    visible exterior.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1w

    The Lighthouse

    The light of solace beaming
    from a friend’s reposeful words,
    The reassuring radiant splay of
    wisdom emanating from authentic advice,
    is my pillar of hope.
    A stout lighthouse rising aloft.
    A beacon shining steadfast.
    Guiding me when I’m
    sailing on a treacherous sea.
    Steering me when tremors of doubt
    and uncertainty engulf my vessel.
    Restorative words that illuminate my path
    I’ll drift safely to the harbor of healing.
    To be in the company of a good friend,
    whose pure heart beats with clairvoyance,
    whose lips are fluent
    in the language of love, is truly a blessing.
    A much needed comradeship to
    make our journey through this life
    more tolerable.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1w


    Ignorance is what makes us
    pass quick judgments about others.
    Hurling stones of opinions
    at the first perceived misconceptions.
    Some people’s pages of the past
    have been inked with memories
    of loss and suffering.
    Have we not all,
    at one point in our lives,
    been shackled
    in dungeons of loneliness?
    Have we not walked
    through the horrendous
    catacombs of despair?
    Let us not pour more misery
    into an already bleeding heart
    We have not read the complete
    narrative authored by the destiny
    of their lives.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 1w

    The Magic of Moments

    I’ll gather all the pretty moments and
    endearing feelings that make this life more beautiful.
    Capture the honey-dewed sweetness that
    spills from my children’s adorable smiles.
    The gleam of hope that sparkles at
    the corners of miserable eyes
    that have been touched by the warmth of charity.
    The enchanting happiness cascading from the passion of pursuing our dreams.
    The opulent charm of divine blessings and miracles.
    The shimmering glow of rapture
    emanating from love’s earnest embrace.
    I’ll keep them all safe in my heart.
    A deluge of undulating magic
    will sweep over me.
    Magic that is only found in the
    hidden treasure trove of these moments.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w

    Roses and Sunflowers

    When the cold season settles
    and your heart crystallizes with angst,
    find me cloaked in a garment of affection,
    festooned with velvety petals,
    corals of promises,
    reds of love,
    and every pristine bud I gathered
    from rose bushes that don’t bloom
    in wintry Februaries.
    I’ll be your rare sanguine winter rose
    every Valentine.
    Unfurl into a spectacular sunflower
    when the bright sun
    filters through your golden summer days.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w

    A Masterpiece

    Be very mindful of that inner voice
    that echoes within the parameters
    of your conscience.
    Aware of the words you choose
    to define yourself.
    A surge of emotions outpours
    from the aura of their meaning
    and the rhythm of their intonation,
    like a spectrum of waves that
    paint your sense of self-worth.
    Don’t paint your self-portrait with
    pigments dripping with negative connotations,
    then lay it out for the whole world to see.
    You are who you believe yourself to be.
    Let your internal monologue create
    the most exquisite artwork.
    A masterpiece that is you!

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w

    Just felt like writing something soothing😊

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    Sea Foam

    Catching the last rays of the evening
    seeping from the calming lavender sky,
    I soak the tropical breeze, overflowing with scents of coconut and passion fruit, as I lie on the edge of the shore,
    awaiting the waters to pull towards me, listen to the susurrations of the sea.
    I relish in lukewarm waves as my body is being immersed and rinsed with pleasing sea salts and minerals.
    A delightful bubble bath.
    The sea foam effervesces soapy bubbles and suds, delicate round films painted with swirls of colorful refractions.
    Lathered with nature’s healing remedy,
    I release all the concerns that have been building in my mind,
    allow the stress to wash away.
    The ebbing waves carry my troubles far towards the sinking sun.
    A feeling of gratification fills
    the void in my heart.
    I’m ready to embrace whatever comes my way.

  • once_upon_my_poetry 2w

    Written for “fallspoetry” prompt “ Olive and Oleander”” posted on Instagram.

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    Olives and Oleanders

    Many times we have suffered
    the disheartening consequences
    of our choices.
    The toxic bonds we built conceal
    extracts of deviousness.
    We nurture them in the gardens of our minds like shrubs of oleander with pretty pink petals
    that exude poisonous milk when ingested.
    Let us rather invest in affable
    and caring relationships.
    Grow them like cultivars of olives.
    Their gnarled twisted stems rise
    to narrate the glory of long lasting friendships.
    Clusters of fleshy fruit and silvery green leaves dangling from branches. Ripe and abundant.
    A healthy nutrition for the soul.