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  • one_worldian_girl 7w


    A fragile piece ,
    Trying to be bold ,
    A fragile piece
    Which cannot be hold; With hardness and roughness,
    A fragile piece
    Whom everyone tells to be strong
    But a fragile piece as tender as a new born baby , needed to be handled properly
    That's noone has been told

  • one_worldian_girl 8w

    Self note

    BIRTH PLACE - INDIA (part of the world )

  • one_worldian_girl 18w


    Fall came and took away all the gay moments ,
    Giving tears that seemed to last for eternity .
    Hatred and love mixed together ,
    Making the heart bruise again and again.
    But now when fall is over along with winter ;
    Spring came with happy hands ,
    Providing hugs and loves and good moments
    Erasing the hurtful plans .
    But spring will go away , following the summer and the fall again ,
    I wish not to lose the happy hands then !!!


    #spring ✨

  • one_worldian_girl 27w

    I am me

    I am me
    Short, tall, fat, thin
    I am me
    Virgin,non-virgin, divorcee , in a relationship
    I am me
    Let me live
    Let me laugh
    Let me enjoy
    I am me
    Walking on my own road
    I am me , not hurting you
    I am me , not smashing you
    I am me , not judging you
    So don't judge me too ❤️

  • one_worldian_girl 28w

    The burning coal

    You were like the burning coal, who asked for some water ,
    But when I tried pouring , you burned me too !!

  • one_worldian_girl 29w


    Undressed , your visible bare body totally seen,
    Your epidermis touching mine.
    Absorbing the warmth in this winter nights.
    A blissful moment, cherished.
    Body United , souls undressed.
    Than the mask was undressed too.

  • one_worldian_girl 31w


    You are like my cigarette ,
    I will burn you and only the ash will remain.

  • one_worldian_girl 31w

    Breaking the already broken

    Breaking the broken heart will lead to never joining pieces !!!

  • one_worldian_girl 31w

    The colour black

    I am black yet so bold,
    I can hide you with just a hold.
    I can take all the colours,
    And make them dissolve.
    People think I am bad for a luck,
    Call me names and a curse.
    But they will see I am the strongest,
    Noone can stain me with all of their best !

  • one_worldian_girl 32w


    Be just like the dim lights , not bright enough to catch the eyes .
    But enough to see through the dark night .