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  • onetruerose 3d

    My thoughts are in a knot, tangled up.
    I can't seem to untangle them because I don't know where it starts or where it ends...

  • onetruerose 3d

    My heart is being bothered by something.
    A feeling of uncertainty, seems like my emotions don't want to admit to what it already knows.
    This is a problem...

  • onetruerose 4d

    Nothing last forever, some things aren't meant to be and you'll never fine the answers.
    Till you set your own heart free...

  • onetruerose 1w

    Once upon a time I was lost, walking alone on an empty road I began to feel cold.
    My body and soul becoming numb and my heart in pain feeling dumb...

  • onetruerose 1w

    You can't make a promise that you can't keep.
    "Promises are made to be broken"
    That's the sad part, cuz you lied...

  • onetruerose 1w

    I desire Love, but why?
    Why do I crave the feeling of falling in love knowing once I hit the ground all you will hear is a broken sound.
    Maybe I should walk into Love than rather fall then I'll know the answer...

  • onetruerose 1w

    Dear Journal, Why am I still sad and depressed?

  • onetruerose 1w

    It seems like when I kiss you and put my love on the line, it cuts and hurts, but yet I still say I'm fine.
    What a waste of time...

  • onetruerose 1w

    How can you tell someone you love them, even when you know they don't feel the same...

  • onetruerose 2w

    I can say a list of things that's from my heart, but you will simply leave it on delivered...