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  • only1dione 18w


    Why do we chose dead end

  • only1dione 18w


    Never have to take another dose of medicine
    Insanity cured
    Trust and Loyalty is implemented by
    Friend request accepted
    Code execution above the rest
    No app crash bandicoot

  • only1dione 18w


    One constant in life remains
    God is good

  • only1dione 18w


    Sometimes we get what we want
    Sometimes we don't
    Life goes on

  • only1dione 18w


    When words fail to convey the message
    Silence speak volumes

  • only1dione 18w


    Without words we would cease to Exist

  • only1dione 18w


    I'm thankful for everything because it
    All added to the blessings and lesson
    Life is unpredictable things unimaginable
    Heart Stopping discovery unreal reality
    Omarion icebox reaction
    No feeling no distractions
    Perfect recipe determined to rise
    Above failed society inhumane
    Humanity by example model reflecting
    The way I like to be treated therefore
    Defeating false claims to fame
    By any other name than Christ Jesus
    Its seems the mob of churches changed the
    Guest of Honor to material things
    So sad hypocrisy blindsided the shepherd
    Woe unto the Ministry minus kindness
    Null Void
    Purpose denied

  • only1dione 18w

    My Wish

    Greatest gift one can give or receive is
    HONESTY it saves entertaining nonsense

  • only1dione 18w

    The Devil

    Is he really evil cause I only see people carrying
    Out his deeds
    The problem
    Well I'm the solution
    I'm the Devil
    My head is level
    I think clearly on a higher playing ground
    End of time
    When did it all begin? When does it ever end?
    Will it?
    In past present future participle disciple
    Life cycle mind bending questions
    Condescending transpiring never ending
    Time consuming ever present nevertheless
    Less Evident not the President
    Stop the press
    Let's undress better yet
    I undress thee with thine eyes
    Ever present those thighs
    Mind blowing hips riding like fancy whips
    You wanna strip? Comic strip
    Paper Moon
    Moon beam trips outer space
    Outta sight end of time My time
    Time divine heavenly for me
    Democracy spirituality SEE IM HIM
    HE IS ME time is on my side
    Is the Devil in your eye?
    I SPY
    past present future tense represent
    Your Presence
    I'm HIM

  • only1dione 18w


    Leave the dead to bury their Own
    Their own who walk amongst the living...
    Reality is the living become lifeless upon birth
    Living life never knowing its worth except in
    Hindsight which is 50/50
    Rendered oppressed by demons
    Upright going through this channel
    Deceiving casting down
    Perceiving that mans flesh is prone to sin
    Knowing upon creation we lose constantly daily
    Possessed much less
    Giving in to worldly woes
    More or less sinking can't swim
    life it becomes like jelly in my hands
    Blessed Union of Souls once said
    Setting goals with no end
    Losing sight no dividends
    Only up and downs
    Like stock market clowns
    Will you bet your life on stock broker waivers
    Or be set in like the Federal Treasury
    I would rather have Jesus than any money honey