im just a weird girl who doesn't even know herself ��

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  • opema78 8w


    The times we spent together
    They're gone
    The memories we had
    They're fading

    I miss those times
    When we gossipped together
    I miss those times
    When we read together

    The times of laughter
    The times of fight
    The times of anger
    The times of happiness

    Friends forever
    That was my thought
    But things changed
    The forever changed

  • opema78 9w

    A New Year


    The start of a new year
    A new decade
    Not necessarily a new you
    But maybe a better you
    Depending on you

    The previous year
    Spent it well?
    Or not
    Well it's in the past now

    This is a new year
    Make a change
    But be yourself
    Make plans
    But put God first

    They say- be a new person
    I'll tell you - it's not easy
    Just try to be a better person
    Point out your weaknesses
    And try to overcome them

    It's not going to be all rosy
    There'll be happy times
    There'll be sad times
    Times of tears
    Times of smile
    But in the end
    We'll overcome


  • opema78 12w

    Shyness is the root of social destruction

  • opema78 16w

    Raise your voice
    Let the words of praise and worship flow
    Give him the glory
    He deserves it

  • opema78 16w

    New friends

    So it goes this way :

    Intresting chats, fast replies

    A little bit of boring, the replies starts becoming somehow late

    Totally boring, extremely late or never replies

    Then back to being strangers like you never talked before

    That's just life

  • opema78 16w

    When you feel cramped up, take a break

  • opema78 17w

    Live in the present, not in your past but consider the past when taking your decisions.

  • opema78 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Melody

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    The music notes fill my inside, creating a momentary joy

  • opema78 17w

    Different thoughts come to our mind and they end up distracting us from our main goal.

  • opema78 17w

    The bright sun
    The smile on everyone's face
    The sign of a wonderful day