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  • orphicsoul 5w

    तुम वाकिफ़ नहीं थे मेरी चाहत से, इसका दोष मैं तुम्हें नहीं देती
    कसूरवार तो मैं हूं, आखिर ग़लत सपनों को मैंने ही संजोया था

  • orphicsoul 16w

    The people will appreciate me when I say "flawless beauty doesn't exists" but the same mass is gonna criticise me when I say "putting makeup is beautiful".
    Everyone & everything in this world has their own imperfections as no one's perfect. When a girl passes by, 'the refree' puts out its verdict "Oh Jesus, look at many scars & pimples she has"..... "She looks horrible, why doesn't she covers all of that !"... "OMG, she's so dusky & black"..."Ughh she's a bowl of fats". These nasty comments compel the girl to be ashamed of herself.
    Now I ask, are 'the refrees' superlative? Absolutely not!.. Don't they like wearing black dresses? Ofcource they do!...Do they like having fat burgers? Undoubtedly yes!
    Makeup is not a 'disguise'!
    Putting onn an eyeliner defines her boldness, putting onn a concealer reveals her self-assurance, putting onn a lipstick enhances her strength! Her charm is irresistible as always & not changed.
    Its the girl's call whether she wants to be simple or with makeup for the reason that she wants herself in that way.

    Then why an illusion of magnificence? why do the people go for fault-finding & bodyshaming? Do they have the same opinion for their sisters, mothers & daughters? Is it necessary to pass on a judgement on each?
    For god sake, stop doing that! You cannot spill the flowers? fine..atleast don't spill the dirt! Start being courteous to everyone around you 'cause god has made each individual different from another & gorgeous in own.

    And for all the graceful ladies out there,
    Darling, you're lovely in your own way! You don't need anyone's compliment to feel that..feel it within yourself..and accept your flaws rather being upset about me they're beautiful ! Stay strong !
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Love your own defects 'cause that crowns your dazzling effect.

  • orphicsoul 17w

    Faith : It's something more than everything.

  • orphicsoul 19w

    मेरी राह

    तक़दीर का लिखा कोई बदल नहीं सकता,
    कम से कम मैं खुद की राह तो बना लूं ....

  • orphicsoul 19w


    Mera nahi yeh dil mera na jaane kahan yeh kho gaya
    Mujhe pata na kuch chala yeh tujhse kab jaa mila

  • orphicsoul 19w


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    At times some distances become mandatory to be made.

  • orphicsoul 21w

    Expound of interstellar space

    Aurora is flamboyant but mystical
    The celestial space is fascinating yet Inconceivable
    It's endless;
    It holds darkest of the secrets and countless obscuring truths.
    Even the scintillating stars are the fierce boulders
    The luminous sun also burns in the searing heat
    Amidst the beautiful cosmic world, there lies the horrendous deep black hole too.
    Its all the perspective of human vision
    To admit the enchanting mirage over the caliginous actuality.
    The universe explicates the feeling of faith & forgiveness in us to restore back the humanity
    And to set free our beloved Earth from this evil period of penumbra.

  • orphicsoul 22w

    First crush

    Ya he's dashing, he's cute, he's smart and seems the best and perfect man in this world. Hey and there I made a blunder!
    It was my eye's fault that it caught him
    It was my heart's fault that it liked him
    It was my brain's fault that it cooked up a wrong story more likely a fantasy
    It was my soul's fault that it craved for him
    It was 'my' fault that I couldn't let him go off me
    Being known to the truth, I still hoped for some miracle to happen,
    I wished for he liked me back
    Ohh, it was the first mistake which was worth committing, atleast once in a life!
    And guess what?
    I was already inn.

  • orphicsoul 24w


    उसका आना एक इत्तेफ़ाक था और मुझे लगा ऊपर वाले का इशारा
    चला गया सारे ख्वाब तोड़कर और टूट गया ये दिल बेचारा