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  • osa_joyce 3d

    So my friend forced me to do a love thing and I decided to try it out with her name ����.
    #love #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #chi_different

    My hands keep dancing in excitement...
    Scribbling words with no pattern
    But how do I match the puzzle?
    What words do I begin with?

    How do I tell you that love is like a roller coaster?
    How do I write that the butterflies I felt were indeed of different colours and sizes?
    How do I explain that it was more than an aura between me and him?

    The pleasant aroma of Cappuccino
    Forces those moments of every morning
    You wondered why I run to the coffee shop so early
    Yeah,it was our routine
    But how do I fill these words so you understand?

    Remember, that bar down the road…
    I bet it still gat memories of our first kiss
    It was a karaoke night
    We were drunk in liquor,Drunk in love
    But Mimi,how do I pour out my sober thoughts?

    It's a difficult puzzle I guess
    Cos I haven't been able to match any perfectly.
    Or maybe it's not a puzzle afterall
    Maybe you can help me fix this
    Maybe you will and understand Love.



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    How do I write that the butterflies I felt were indeed of different colours and sizes?


  • osa_joyce 1w

    Hey Pal,
    Take me back to the beach where we can build sand castles and plan to live in them someday
    And our only worry is the ocean stealing our sketched smiley faces
    Take me back to my childhood where we planned to have two kids together
    Take me back to the garden where you give me a ROSE every single time I laughed

    Take me back to the park where we can run around, play hide and seek with no fear of loosing each other
    And our only worry is tripping and getting hurt
    Take me back to the museum where we planned to have our portraits there someday
    Oh ,Take me back to when we keep our secrets in a box and hope to hide them forever.

    Hey boy,
    Can you take me back to those days when I had my friend?


  • osa_joyce 2w

    Something for the evening....

    Its past sundown.
    And I can't seem to settle my mind
    Even with the loud headphones over my head
    Here I am,Once again
    Adding more to the treasury
    Hoping that one day you will read all of these
    That soon you will know my pain

    Eventually, you will understand why I left
    I need to live
    I can't keep surviving
    The struggle for us needed to be over
    I didn't know the mender needs to be mended
    Now its time to match my pieces together

    And I have to do this alone
    Cos Its a battle within
    Fighting to shut the inner voices up
    Reminding my heart I need to live
    Not allowing your memories to cloud my head

    A struggle of not going with the wind of pain
    An urge to stand aright on solid foundations
    So I won't slip to defeat
    I have no idea on how many noons
    Or maybe months or even years or decades it will take
    Cos I'm already gone

    You damaged me beyond repair unconsciously
    I will never be alright
    I will forever be struggling
    Forever be matching my pieces correctly
    Nonetheless,I refuse to accept those echoes in my head
    Cos those are all lies...

    I am at the threshold of finding myself.
    I am okay
    I no longer see the dark space
    I'm at the verge of breaking out from that grey spot
    And I believe I will be fine.


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  • osa_joyce 2w

    Yesterday was one of the sweetest days in my lifetime.
    Not because you told me "I love you"
    Reason is not that I said YES to you
    Neither is it because I found you in the weirdest place
    Nor because your smile lights my heart
    It's not because I saw you in my dream.
    But because you didn't only drag from the shadows,
    You illuminate me
    And with you I found a will to live.


  • osa_joyce 2w

    How do they even try?
    Like how do humans do it?
    How to y'all tend to place your standards so low...
    And not even care about errs?
    What about flaws?
    What ever happened to atychiphobia?
    I will never be able to try
    Knowing it won't be perfect
    Cos PERFECTIONISM and I are forever buddies
    Maybe one day I will let her go.


  • osa_joyce 3w


    Hello Sweet one,

    Maybe when I get your roses, I want to tell you red tulips are my favourites.

    Maybe when I hold you,I want you to grip my wrist and never think of leaving again.

    Maybe when I hug you,I want you to hug me tight till I become filled with your scent so I can perceive you in me.

    Maybe when I watch how your lips curves while talking, I just want to taste it and know how savory it is.

    Oh Sweet one,
    Maybe when our eyes meet,I want you to stare at me unflinchingly till my face clouds your thoughts in my absence.

    Maybe when I touch your dark skin, I feel I have touched a precious black pearl from an oyster and not wanting to loose hold.

    Maybe when I listen to the blues,I would rather dance to the rhythm of your heart.

    Dear Sweet love,

    Maybe when I tell you I LOVE YOU,I want to add not as a friend.

    But Maybe one day our paths will align.

    Maybe, Maybe not.


    #sweetone #love #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #toni_oche #chi_different #thefabulousoke_

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    Dear Love


  • osa_joyce 4w

    It's okay to start again but never give up.


  • osa_joyce 5w

    Where do I find you when the sun goes down?
    Where will you be when the nights fades out?
    When all is gone, what would we become?
    If I ever loose my path,will your love locate me?
    Remind me once again just what we are.


  • osa_joyce 5w

    Well, I guess there is a story behind every poem and every poem needs to tell a story ��.

    #terrors #nightevils #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #toni_oche #chi_different

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    I could feel the grip of fear
    The evils of the night are at it again
    Consuming me
    They dragged me
    Clipped my wings that I couldn't escape

    Hallow! hullo!!
    My lungs were choked
    My voices couldn't go out
    Aura began to lower
    The evils of the night called me again

    Hello! o grave!!
    If this is your calling
    Am gonna answer
    Cos the evils of the night will come to an halt.
    Alas,there will be a last deep breath.


  • osa_joyce 8w

    So it's been a while I posted here and it's so sad to know that something not nice brought me here.

    A letter to Ma'am Katherine

    I really donno what to say and this may probably not get to you but am sending my deepest sympathy and love from here����

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #empathy

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    Dear Lyon,

    The clouds may seem too dark now
    Everything has become gloomy
    But there's a shimmer of hope
    And it's just right here.