My demons are married to my angels.

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  • over_the_horizon 1d

    I guess you never grow up in life, do you?

  • over_the_horizon 6w

    'Hey, what is this feeling...?
    It feels like embracing a cloud.'

  • over_the_horizon 7w

    The night heals.

  • over_the_horizon 8w

    The jungle never forgives.

    The world doesn't too.

  • over_the_horizon 13w


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    "I don't judge anyone"
    "I judge almost everyone, I just know when to keep shut",
    we all grew up.

  • over_the_horizon 18w

    My decisions are my pets.

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    I guess right decisions demand the right time. They demand the freedom to come at their own pace, and claim their position. Rush them, and they might turn rogue. Push them, and they might just refuse to come by at all. I didn't realise this before, but my decisions are just as independent as I am. Interestingly enough, they have their own lives, and their own goals, and their own journeys. Just like me. And I know for a fact, that if I let them have their freedom, they would never disappoint me, or make me regret their existence.

  • over_the_horizon 21w

    I want some darkness, a light breeze to keep me company and an empty terrace, particularly deviod of people.

  • over_the_horizon 21w

    Every time I went into a relationship, I fancily called myself 'taken', and tried to objectify that statement. What has exactly been 'taken'? Exactly which part of me belongs to someone else now? Apparently, it was supposed to be my heart, as they said.

    But I knew there was a problem. My heart can never be taken away from me. It belongs to me, and me alone. Others just get to stay there.That's all.

  • over_the_horizon 22w


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    You aren't entitled to your feelings, but you are, to your folly.


  • over_the_horizon 22w

    She had a talent for talking nicely to people who had done her the most wrong.