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  • overenthu_ashes 1w

    Just felt angry that no matter whether you keep your last name or your husband's your trapped in a make's last name
    And this very essence of tradition all over the world is the reason why gender equality is far from being achieved

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    They say we are equal in marriage
    Then they stamp our kin
    Force us into the shackles of a man's name
    and we are signed over and dismissed
    Like a newly purchased belonging
    Packaged with a neat and permanent tag
    And women have to fight
    Fight for individuality
    Fight to show that love is not submission
    Fight for a last name that they think is their own
    But they struggle and cry
    Just to keep a name that was never theirs
    A name of males before them
    But not a name of theirs
    We beg to escape being encompassed
    In the name of a man we just agreed to love
    To keep the name of a man we were birthed to love
    So we are branded in the mother's womb
    Already cursed to submit and love
    And no matter what they say
    My brand will never cease to burn

  • overenthu_ashes 1w


    We cut down the trees
    To build huge slabs of concrete
    And call them works of art
    And I can't wait for the day
    Where God obliterates our buildings
    And leaves the sky and ground
    Bare and raw
    The way they should be

  • overenthu_ashes 1w


    I feel imprisoned
    In the slabs of stone
    We built to hold ourselves in
    I feel stuck
    Running a race
    For a prize I don't want
    I feel trapped
    Left on the ground broken
    Watching birds fly far away
    And all I can do is run
    To find more places to lose my heart

  • overenthu_ashes 5w

    I am

    I am not the size of my clothes
    Not the curl of my hair
    I am not the lies I've said
    Nor the things I pretend to care
    I am every song that has offered me solace
    And every word I've devoured from every story
    I am the silly thoughts I blurt out
    And all the times I've felt sorry
    They say my circumstances defined me
    And that's could be true
    But in the end you'll only be free
    If you let you choose for you

  • overenthu_ashes 5w

    What do I do

    What do I do
    When I can't even cry aloud
    Because I'm used to forcing back tears
    What do I do
    When I'm
    In pain
    And what do I do
    When my insides have melted from the hot tears
    That weren't allowed out

  • overenthu_ashes 6w


    It's amazing how the thud
    Of every page you flip
    Is in sync with the same sound
    On the other side of this earth
    Just like that two strangers
    Are plunged into a world
    Both tried to escape to
    United in a mission
    To forget a little
    To leave behind their burdens
    Just like that both voices
    Join in a plea
    To collapse into a book
    And for everything else to let them be

  • overenthu_ashes 6w

    The photo is taken by me
    So don't steal thanks ❤️❤️

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    Chosen battle scars

    Now I know
    I'm truly alone
    And that nobody puts me first
    No one has my back
    And that's okay
    Just because I know
    People weren't made to be trusted
    Doesn't mean i won't give my heart away
    And just because I know I'll be scarred
    doesn't mean I won't choose to fall
    And just because I know I'll come out broken
    Doesn't mean I won't enjoy every second
    Of the battle we call life

  • overenthu_ashes 6w

    #i don't even know what my thoughts on my hair are anymore if you read the poem u can see that it switches from being all about confidence to insecurity and self-love to self hate so ya that's my main message
    This is inspired from my hair that us naturally curly and Frizzy which is strange because I come from a family of only Chinese with straight smooth hair
    And ps the four letters are u g l y

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    Braiding wires

    I braid the wires
    I have to call my hair
    Quickly and deftly
    With the hands and air
    Of one scared to pause
    And in every criss
    And under every cross
    I weave my insecurities
    And every bit of shame
    I store the memories
    The echo of the four letters
    That changed my perception
    Of curls buzzing with life
    Longing to be free
    To a nuisance
    I have to hide
    My braid is my declaration
    That I was made strange
    And perfectly normal

  • overenthu_ashes 6w

    Plug for a moment

    I plug my ears
    To block out the world
    So for a moment the onslaught
    Of reasons for me to break
    Is trapped out from my being
    So for a moment I'm at peace
    And my heart beats in time
    To something other than my sobs
    I plug my ears for
    The music to cave in
    Though temporarily
    To help me forget
    That my world caved in
    If only for a moment

  • overenthu_ashes 7w


    These little figures
    We call alphabets
    Line up in an order
    To form little packages we call words
    And these words
    Weave themselves together
    And make a peephole
    To a soul
    Otherwise inaccessible
    The beauty of this medicine we call language
    Is incredibly incomprehensible