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  • oyindasola 3w


    “I hurt you.”
    I said to the mirror.

    I hurt you.
    I hurt you with all my high expectations
    Always asking for too much.

    I hurt you.
    I hurt you by setting the bar so high
    You fell down each time.

    I hurt you.
    I hurt you by turning a blind eye
    Whenever someone threw daggers like cold ice.

    I hurt you.
    I hurt you will all the promises I made
    All the resolutions I could never ascertain.

    I hurt you.
    I hurt you with everything I had
    I broke you, while trying to create me.

    I hurt us.
    While yearning for a perfection
    That was never ours.

  • oyindasola 3w

    There were so many fishes,
    each trying to make selfish wishes.

    Too many lost minds
    Hiding beneath the moon's oblivious eye.

    Fake smiles. Worn out minds
    Reality spoke. Fantasy shrieked.

    Welcome to my world,
    It's nothing like what you dreamed.

  • oyindasola 4w


    PLEASE READ!!!!!

    So, I started a healing challenge for those dealing with depression, anxiety, insecurity and fear.

    Day one will be posted here , and Day two will be my next post in the afternoon stay tuned

    This would be the second day!❤


    Day 1


    Six words a whole strained struggle.

    You've probably seen posts like these, saying "you can do it!" "Move on"

    In this one, I want to tell you how, from today till the end of December I will drop a daily dose of ways to move on! And help your mental health

    If it doesn't help sue me!��

    Step one; Decide to heal

    This might seem absurd, and you might be asking yourself, does this person think I'm a fool? Why would i be reading this post if i didn't want to heal and get better.

    But truth is, You have to decide to heal.

    The year is coming to an end.

    Make that decision, write down all your pains and all your fears, write down all those painful memories, and decide.

    Decide they will no longer control you, take away the power you once gave them.

    Do you want to know how?

    Love yourself.

    Self love and appreciation will take you places

    Love yourself and know that what ever happened was not your fault, let go of those memories and embrace wonderful possibility, We aren't getting younger.

    Let go of that weight that's holding you back, that pain that's keeping you up at night, i know it's hard.

    I've been there.

    But it takes persistence.

    Now breathe, and make that decision.

    You will continue to strive

    You will continue to improve your self

    And you will work towards moving on!

    My dm is open if you even need me!!!❤❤

    Follow my page ; TheAfricangirl

    Updates on IG ; theafricangirl16

    Repost!!!!! Lets reach out to people in need!!!

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  • oyindasola 4w

    To all the temporary people that taught me permanent lessons

    To my supporters and Followers

    To those who stood by me, Through thick and thin

    thank you,
    Merry Christmas

  • oyindasola 4w

    I'm unapologetically me.
    Sue me.

  • oyindasola 4w

    Keep pushing ,keep moving forward #mirakee #oyindasola

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    If you keep waiting for people to appreciate your efforts
    You'll never move forward.

  • oyindasola 12w

    Tears rolled down my eyes, as i slid down the wall, thoughts echo through my frail mind.

    “do i really deserve this?”

    “why did it have to be me?”

    “why can't i do things right?”

    More tears fell, i felt incompetent and useless, Maybe i did deserve this. Maybe...just maybe

    I took my blade,that had been safely tucked into my Jean pocket, i rolled off my white sleeve, and made a deep long cut.

    Seeing blood had never been so appeasing, so relaxing, maybe it was the fact, that loosing it. Would finally rid me of the pain of this world.

    A tear slipped my eyes.

    For people who don't know, or who haven't guessed, i suffer from severe depression.

    In my world, being depressed is seen as you looking for attention or watching too many movies.

    In my world, it's easier for parents to notice your shortcomings and mistakes, than your dire need to leave this world.

    In my world, you being odd equals you being an outcast, you being a square equals you being the wrong one,in my world, distinction and uniqueness happens to be a flaw.

    In my world, when you say you are depressed people reply you with " others have it worse"

    How was that supposed to help me?

    That's why i'm here,
    i'm fed up, of constantly explaining myself,
    to people who humour rumours,
    i am fed up, of constantly running miles for people who would never take steps for me
    I am fed up, of pleasing people, who never appreciate me..

    I am fed up of being misunderstood, shadowed and continually critisized.

    I made the second cut, and entered the bath tub, with my hand of each side, my mind got swallowed in my heap of thoughts.

    Blood dropped, they say when you are about to die, your life flashes before your eyes, but i didn't see a thing maybe, because i spent my life trying to please the wrong people, i wasted my time trying to fit the wrong group, i killed my innocence while trying to save the wrong souls

    But deep down, deep down, i wanted someone to burst through that door, to tell me i was good enough, to tell me that i did not deserve the life i lived, to tell me it was okay to be a square in the midst of circles, to remind me that life would never be the same without me.

    But no. No one came

    Slowly but surely, it dawned on me, i would die here, the same way i lived, in the company of the thoughts that haunted me. I closed my eyes, fear and pain on very side

    “Mom!” i heard a voice yell. For some reason i couldn't feel pain.

    I looked at it was my sister, she was distraught, and she held my- my body?

    Oh yes, i was dead.

    She cried and wailed, she begged for me to wake up, she told me she loved me, she told me not to leave her.

    The irony, while i was alive, i wanted to hear these things, to feel loved., and now when i'm dead, they sing odes?

    My parents ran in, they cried and wailed...

    If only i knew, if only.

    But i couldn't read their minds.

    Just like they could never mine

    So, please.
    Tell mother, i love her, tell that i'm sorry wasn't strong enough
    Tell my sister i tried my best i tried to fit in, but i guess that just wasn't me
    Tell my father i admire him, but i'm not his strong princess, tell him i'm sorry.

    For i let depression beat me at my own game.

    Now, listen carefully

    3 in 5 children or teenagers suffer from depression, 50 percent from abuse, 25 percent bullying and 25 percent from inferiority complexes.

    Watch what you say to whom ever you see.

    Your one word enough to kill someone.

    Never tell a depressed person " others have it worse"

    It cause self hate. It doesn't solve a thing

    Never tell a depressed person

    "move on”

    Those two words are harder than finding a needle in a hay bag..

    And to any depressed person out there.

    Your life is too precious, for you to sell it to depression

    Your future is too bright, for you to turn it off on impulse.

    If you feel no one loves you I DO.

    I CARE.
    My dm will always be open.

    Your skin is not paper, darling please don't cut it.

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  • oyindasola 13w

    What is your pain relief #mirakeenetwork #mirakee #poetry

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  • oyindasola 13w


    They didn't have guns.
    They had no ammunitions
    Just placards and their voices
    Literally begging for their right to life
    They were expressing their desperation.

    They were gunned down and murdered like cattle.
    For what exactly?
    For demanding justice they deserved?
    For simply asking to be allowed to live in peace?
    For wanting a better Nigeria?

    They were gunned down
    Blood soaked the grounds
    As souls abandoned their bodies
    It the shadows of the night
    Bodies hidden from sight.

    Mark this day 20 October 2020
    It's not just the day our government
    Killed our people opening
    It's the day Nigeria Murdered her children
    Their blood has stained the flag they designed for their honour
    Their bodies have littered the floors on which they demanded justice
    They souls are restless
    Demanding to know why they have been deprived of life

    Oh so young ������

    Mark this day 20th October 2020
    It's not only the day They slaughtered unarmed peaceful protesters
    It's the day they stole the lives of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces

    It's the day they gave us a war
    We never asked for
    ****I am literally in tears writing this, the videos are horrific ����

    We deserved better then this,

    We came for peace they gave us war
    We asked for them to stop killing us, their answer was a massacre������������

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  • oyindasola 14w

    The prettiest smiles hide the saddest memories