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  • p_a_c_324 8h


    The stars you see today,
    Must have been crumbled,
    and added to the sky.
    But all you see is the beauty
    Not the pain it went through.
    -P. A.C

  • p_a_c_324 1d


    I am a cloud,
    Flying over you.
    While you hide under me,
    I keep the love in me intact,
    Even if I know,
    A mortal will love a mortal alone.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 2d

    While I do not sleep

    The world is asleep,
    While I am awake,
    People are in dreams,
    While I am dreaming wide-awake.
    I ask my heart,
    are you not tired,
    It replies no for I have you to beat for.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 4d

    Nothing is forever,
    Because I already knew the word never.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 5d


    Dear diary,
    Today my heart is not between my ribs but in the hands of the boy I recently met. He is like that pretty colour of the sky which always makes me smile. I am lost in the conversation we had for those minutes of my entire life were magical. He observed the minute details which no one can see. When it comes to the way he looks it like watching the leaves rustle to the wind. His breath is the music on which I wish to infuse my deepest thoughts as lyrics. I don't have the courage to tell him how he makes me feel for I am sure he doesn't feel the same way. So I am writing to you for someone needs to know.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 1w

    I don't need you

    I searched for you,
    In the chocolate jar
    You left in my house.
    But I didn't find you there.
    I started to wander,
    On all the streets I knew,
    Sometimes found myself in a whole new place.
    But never found you.
    On a fine Friday evening,
    I found you dancing with a girl,
    Who looked prettier than the sunset sky we saw on our first date.
    I wanted to shout your name,
    Take you home
    Call you mine.
    Yet I didn't.
    I am proud for doing so,
    For this one heart that beats for me and loves me.
    Is more than enough than a boy,
    Who finds a different girl for every season.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 1w

    You and me

    Smell of love from the edges,
    Lights coming through curves.
    As you and me walk,
    Together on the land of India.
    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 1w


    Caring not of the world,
    but about each other.
    I see doves from afar,
    loving so divinely,
    That my eyes were blinded,
    by that scene.
    P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 2w


    I don't have the address of your soul,
    I don't have the words your heart wants to hear.
    I don't have the surprises you except from an ideal lover.
    I don't have the face your eyes wish to see.
    But I will be a great lover,
    If today you give me a chance.
    So will you be my Valentine?

    -P. A. C

  • p_a_c_324 2w


    My love for you,
    Won't be in a red heart.
    It will be,
    In the purple heart,
    You forget to adore.
    -P. A. C