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  • pa_luck 2d

    To and Fro

    It wasn't easy ever
    And it will never be,
    You can see what you want
    But can't have it for free.
    Or even invest all you have
    To find a zero in return
    And then wait for it to stand behind
    The tall shadow of some one.
    A risk for the new struggle
    Or doubts of repeating the same mistake,
    Which holds more power between
    Past or future, putting present on stake.
    Like tearing the half written tales
    Satisfies sometimes more than
    The efforts required to complete them.
    While reading the old poems
    Brings back a smile, lost in the time
    Which changes you, like now and then.
    You keep staring at the same corners
    Caged in this finite dimensions,
    But amongst these infinite fears
    Is submission the only solution.


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    To and Fro

    It wasn't easy ever
    And it will never be !!

  • pa_luck 1w


    I gift you scotch and solace today
    Oh! You have this in stores already
    Since it's just another calendar day
    Let me begin by raising a toast baby.

    I gift you my words today
    If you care to keep them secure,
    For they hold more than meanings
    They carry a forever, they'll endure.

    I gift you, your freedom today
    To be just you, and a you it is
    Not in mere words to say
    As I know, you are the wiz.

    I gift you all the seasons today
    So you don't find reasons to hide,
    Blaming the rains, cold and sunburns
    As love in autumn and spring coincides.

    I gift you a world within the world today
    Where you cultivate a weedless crop,
    Everything only you wish to have
    Beyond the boundaries of start and stop.

    I gift you my lips today
    As I lay them on yours
    When it's heavy to speak a word
    I'll read them, untill it outpours.

    I gift you my love today
    An emotion which you believe exist not,
    But then you don't even have beliefs
    So let it happen, beyond your thoughts.

    I gift you the key today
    You presumed to be lost or never possessed
    Which unlocks your molten passion
    For feelings you fail to address.

    I gift you nothing today
    But everything you never had
    Of which your ever wished
    A mirror, a home to wandering nomad.

  • pa_luck 1w

    Now I Know

    I have read people write

    How it feels, being strangers again

    How revision of past, is the only present

    How distance between stars seems so close

    How sometimes, time seems to pass as fraction of seconds

    How its futile to try too hard to understand

    How weeping about smiles, never bring them back

    How you sound so empty amongst the echos of facts

    How choking emotions, leave you drowned yet thirsty

    How coldness of unheard desiers burn to numbness

    How heart aches really and asphyxia sets in

    How an innocence of selflessness, blends into an adulthood maturity

    How ignorance insults more than words and you lose your worth like old newspapers

    How helplessness sows seeds of hopelessness, when floods of salty waters, water your wilted roots

    How falling for feelings defies gravity, as there's no home to rest in

    How finding solace in souls leads to loneliness

    Now I know this all
    And probably what hasn't been written yet
    I won't tell you how it feels
    As it's not these words, which can reveal.

  • pa_luck 2w

    Home Visit

    If ever I come at your doorsteps
    I'll bring some meat for your baby cat,
    So she eats and sleeps tight
    On her favorite furry doormat.

    I'll hide behind the purple curtains
    To peep at you, making your tea and bread
    While the sun rays kiss your sensual skin
    And you sing along the butter you spread.

    I'll watch you wash your dishes
    As it's your consuming chore,
    While wishing to see no stranger
    Who might have just knocked your door.

    I'll sit behind that chair near tub
    To see you puff while you get bare,
    In the shower we once talked about
    Holding back hard to just keep the stare.

    I'll cover myself in your closet
    To spy you hold the pen in your fingers,
    Which I craved to entangle with
    As a thought in your head lingers.

    I'll settle in a corner under your sheet as a cloak
    Glancing the coffee mug on your bed side,
    Yearning for a sip from your balmed lips
    Turning cold as you always stay occupied.

    I'll shadow myself in the balcony
    To spot you fall asleep in your socks,
    And hanging loose over the piled up pillows
    As you wake up in a dreamless land with locks.

    And I'll come to witness this all
    As all this is what, I love about you
    For I don't find any reasons to say
    That you are special in these tiny ways.

    I won't meet you, as you don't want
    I'll depart before you know, I did come
    With my desires being minimally gratified
    And leave at your doorsteps, my heart in a poem.

  • pa_luck 3w


    I'm quick at goodbyes
    for most of the norms
    and people I consider as crowd.

    But then there are very few
    elements that make my core
    and I stitch them with my soul.

    I have lame laments people say
    Either I'm read too much
    Or they know not a word I may.

    I'm trying to talk different now
    But am I making any sense?
    These words are no more their worth
    And I stand so helpless in defence.

    There are rotten days and nights
    which still smell fresh for me.
    Like a song on repeat, into my spine
    I rarely add a new on my list of affinity.

    I'm lost in finding the right address
    As they ask to first find myself
    What if I found myself in you
    And your denial is my distress.

    This is how morbidity modulates me
    Was it better to never love and lose?
    If I had a chance of redoing things
    I would walk out my existential excuse.

    Beginnings are so worrisome
    They fear me like endings do
    So I stand still, thinking
    Time won't walk too.

  • pa_luck 3w

    An Apology

    And I'm with words again
    But to help it heal, and not hurt.
    It's all I have to offer, may be the least
    Or the only asset you have, rather had.

    I'm sorry
    Yes I truly am

    For the meanings I read
    Which you never meant to say,
    And building the house of cards
    In a gamble of being your prey.

    For pinning you down in every verse
    Even though you asked me to not,
    While wishing it to unlock your mesh
    Which I fell for and stick as an afterthought.

    For draining you through my filters
    And sipping your soul through skin,
    Badly stuck on the essence of it's aura
    To be reminded always, it's nothing.

    For mistaking your habit as my habitat
    As it wasn't from heart, but just a routine
    And time tables do change with time
    With some homeworks left in between.

    For trying so hard, to find my love
    From where it had walked long ago
    I'm sorry as you won't try to tally
    But I always will, even if you won't inflow.

  • pa_luck 4w

    Left overs

    I walk through those lonely lanes, alone this time. I walk, in bare hopes of you watching me wander, from those closed glass window panes.

    Hopes is not the word you like much, so I keep them deep buried.
    I keep talking to myslef, what you kept speaking to me, while strolling these lanes of love. Or maybe it was just an illusion. I do recall the times, you also asked me to be tough, but that you'll be always there. I'm learning to be, but without you.

    Is it so simple to say it's life and move without looking back. Shifting all the blame on a thing which never answers you and you are off without a grudge. How can you strangulate me in an air tight box and dump in your backyard, as a yesterday's left over. Did you think, the stale air would be enough for survival and I won't need your breaths on my skin to love, rather live?

    I loved you throughout, in pains and pleasure both. But now it seems, you don't even care to torture me. And this hurts more, to be not on your mind or even in the subconscious self. I feel selfless, which I shouldn't, as you say.
    Probably I was at fault, as someone has to be and you can never.

    You love yourself just too much to even care to look how being loved feels like. Even I don't know how does it feels. I love you too much.

    Sorry, even this disturbs you.

  • pa_luck 4w

    Jise lakeeron me naa likh paya khuda
    Use me panktiyon me piroti rehti hoon
    Gar kabhi ye falsafa padh le, khuda ya wo khud
    To samjhe kya mahfuum-e-zindagi me sehti hoon!!

  • pa_luck 4w

    Pretty Preserved

    Those cracked frozen lips
    Which have turned charred brown,
    By the only burning thing on you
    From fumes of the cigarette's crown.

    The tried and tested tongue
    Now running out of its taste,
    Once known for the spices it licked
    Has changed into an ice cold slate.

    The wheatish shade of your skin
    Blending into a bloodless white,
    Where I can write my name upon
    A land of love bites, now left benight.

    A soul cemented with clutched locutions
    And a throat choked with thoughts,
    Just crawling enough, to be in no race
    Drunk down in the solace shots.

    Your beauty lies, in my eyes
    Who wish to gaze your every part,
    A rusted iron covering it's metal
    Not to blind, if I get to see your heart.

    And I'm here, watching you vegetate
    Holding your cans of beer tight,
    To water, when you decide to wake
    Sitting by your bedside, every night.

    I have loved you through all the pages
    You left blank for me to fill,
    And I wish you to see me there
    Waiting for you to read it still.

  • pa_luck 5w

    A girl next door

    A girl next door, is what I am for you.

    On some sunny mornings, while making your breakfast, you say a casual good morning, which turns my whole day bright.

    Other days, you show up only while closing your gate, may be just waving back a little nod, wishing me a selfless night.

    On some lucky evenings, you feel free to come and sit with your mug of coffee, sharing some trivia and your frustration on the music trends going.
    They mean a lot to me, yes even those trifles.

    Next few days just come and go as you just leave a look upon my waiting window sills.May be that's more than enough for you to say we know each other and that we have been in constant touch.

    I wait for those nights which are ours. Yes if you remember, you have spent few nights in my bedroom with your glass of wiskey and burdened heart pouring out through the cigarette puffs. I know you then, who you are. I love the way you place your half shut eyes on my shoulder knowing it would be safe to roll out a tear or two here. You feel you are at home finally. Nothing is more serene than this scene. To see you as a baby, wishing for a lap to lean on.

    But you leave early morning before I would even know. I wait to see you back in your normal routine, having some sun for your cold covers.

    Some afternoons, when you are not engaged in your work, we talk and talk a lot. You try to explain how life leads to nothing and I fight back for a survival. We keep on discussing things people never stop and even think.

    I respect you immensely for this. I respect you for the way you know what women are. I respect you for almost everything we share and I have to respect even more the space we can't.

    I change my clothes according to your changing phases.
    Oh!! the clothes. How can I hold back on this. On the rarest of occasions, we are with no clothes, when you eventually don't hold back. You slip into my sheets and skin. Some hours when it's just we, nothing comes between us. Not even the thoughts of nothingness. Some intimate darkness where we see everything about each other.

    I loved the way, you loved me then. We were rough and intense, which grew with each successive collision, untill you stopped, stopping by.

    Often weeks pass without a kiss after such a night. But its anyway pleasant to have you near in any frame of mind.

    I'm always taken care of, as I'm your neighbor.
    But at the last, since I'm your next door girl, who is there and will be.
    You know, I find peace in this also.
    I love to be your last stop before you aren't even aware of your sleep.

    I know I'm just a part, but I was a part of your heart earlier. It meant more than the fraction I owned.
    But I want to tell you one thing, I'm more than happy to have you. More than the words we share and speak, this connection of neighborhood from far off miles, keeps me close to you.

    Lastly, I wish I could come to your home someday.