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  • pa_luck 1w

    Sufi Ke Sulfe Ki Lau Uth Ke Kehti Hai
    Aatish Ye Bujhke Bhi Jalti Hi Rehti Hai..

    A Bad Man, is the only Man !!


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    (We)ed, Indeed

    How i love to see you, sit like a stone
    the stoner in the house
    stuck like a wall in a muddy morass
    with a ceiling falling from far.

    A sleeping procerus and limp orbicularis oris
    those callus finger beds, holdings the hammer
    that imprisons the inscriptions on your chest
    and a voice echoing in an evacuated heart.

    An impression of night that stays longer
    a time walk that crawls slower, like loner
    towards a hazy horizon of our pyre
    stepping away with every other step.

    A fool that flips the empty pages
    a sage that reads those frigid faces
    speaks nothing if ever asked for
    but blathers about a world, undiscovered.

    A scab filtering the plasma, a buttery lie
    a resin tear drop, enclosing the fearless fly
    nectar drippings from the claw holes of her
    over the crevices of an umber bark.

    A stopped watch nestling around a wrist
    with leather straps that curl about the waist
    a drug charring the lips into ashen grey
    that fails to fight for a medusa bite.

    A hungry haul and a flaccid fall
    over another awaited circumcision
    shedding off in every successive puff
    a shadow that spares you my touch.

  • pa_luck 1w

    Ke tera zikr hai
    Ya itr hai
    Jab jab karta hoon
    Mehekta hoon
    Behekta hoon
    Chehekta hoon..


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    "It should smell like flesh,
    not like blood, not like wine",

    "My body wash, hon".

    The vanilla scented candles
    must melt in the Sauna bath
    and engrave my prints,
    as I dip my fingertips in its warmth.

    You ask me to sniff your pits,
    filled with the musk base notes.

    The fresh laundry still stinks of
    varpouried fruity alcohol.

    You dry my hair with a towel
    and throw it on the
    unpolished wooden hand rest.
    "It will leave it's trace, hon".
    You never bothered about the
    whiff it would add to the air around us.

    We forgot, we were humans with a voice.

    You bring your face right in front of me,
    to wake me up from an earthy trance.

    When i see a skin so close,
    I tend to look at the pores
    and the pheromones oozing through them.

    "I don't see you" !!
    But you fail to understand my foresight.

    You hear it as, " i can't see you, hon" !!
    and search for my myopic lenses.

    I didn't tell you, i burnt them
    on gas flame yesternight.
    They were hindering my sixth sense.
    I don't want to read my five senses separately,
    I want to melt them in one, make a new alloy.

    "I'm sorry", for the scratch,
    I couldn't see the apparent reflection.

    You sometimes wonder,
    what do i stare at, so long for.

    The closeness takes me deeper
    and it's never close enough
    to touch you actually.

    The breaths exhale a sillage
    and I'm bound to float in it.

    I take off your shirt
    and wipe off the rest
    water droplets hanging over my body.

    I ogle at your photograph for long,
    my tears leave a trail of smoke.

  • pa_luck 1w

    "Black", the beauty !!

    The blazing coal, with a somber bursting out some tangerine flames

    The sparks in the mahogony under the undyed sky

    The nightfall masking the spice of a half lit cigar

    A bonfire of whiskey lightening an amber face

    Aa amber mantilla, dropping over the khol steaks

    The caramel ocean plugging the black hole in its infinity

    The darkness that engulfs the honey lipstick, smudged on its edges

    The stubble rushing over the clay, imprinting its rust

    A blush that leaks the audacity of bronze, on a barbed beard

    A marigold bending its busts under the unlit heavens

    A gushing milk, overruling the bloody wine over a backdrop

    The walnut chest holding the burnt brunette

    And i lay over it, a splashed red merging in the orange hues


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    An absurd abstract
    drizzling over the
    shadows of trust !!

  • pa_luck 2w

    Will it appear the same, when I'll open my eyes ?!


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    Subconscious Submissions

    She loved darkness, knowing not what it is
    He simply switched off the lights,

    She thought pain is the only pleasure
    He clutched her hands on her back,

    She believed falling is failing of feelings
    He threw her on bed with all his impetus,

    She trusted her vulnerability for worthlessness
    He dared to dig deep in her dry eyes,

    She had her fetishes for conceding, inadvertently
    He pinned her with his love, inevitably.

    I saw them, not seeing each other, in this ruinous obscurity.

    I saw them, not seeing me, flooding effusively over their reunion.

    I saw them, not seeing, what they can seek further, from a spark, unseen.

    I saw them, not seeing, what they couldn't see, while they didn't see other.

  • pa_luck 2w

    Divide and rule

    Swinging on the colombus boat
    tossing over a see-saw
    noting down some nothingness
    while erasing the existentialism.

    Swirling around a revolving door
    like the countless blades of a fan
    turning numerable into infinity
    while calculating the half life.

    Head hanging down the bed
    legs climbing the wall ahead
    smiling aimlessly over a cloud
    wishing it never rains aloud.

    Smiling uphills on a dark island
    and dropping off by the sunrise
    failing to reap some germinating seeds
    left to decompose for a good manure.

    Pushing away and pulling up
    the to and fro of hustling hands
    unbuttoning the chest to exhale
    while escaping in the neck of woods.

    Dancing on the rope that binds
    "in betweens and beyond thats"
    entangling a leg and holding a fist
    crossing over for closing a cleft.

    Slipping down the veils gently
    flaunting the flaws and validating
    the excuse behind the walkovers
    while turning off the sensuality.


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    Divide and Rule

    All over the place or no where
    the binary codes the extremes
    lost in the vices while words roam around
    the centre of the circumference, caught.

  • pa_luck 3w

    Mo(U)rning !!

    I wake up on same sloppy arms
    walking over the clamoring snoozes
    I drop down an eyelash
    I wake up again and grab the fallen wish
    that died in its chronic course
    of being an inveterate stand-by.

    I step over a crumbled shot
    that held a stampede of snot and tears
    over my overused and tired dialect
    I stamp over it again
    and crush the dead space left in its lungs.

    I adjust my dropping meat
    hanging from a heavy chest wall
    that licked all the sweat over night
    as the most loyal draft,
    who bends more and before i lean.

    I blame the night that left
    a stained bedsheet for laundry
    with the splattered whiskey bites
    and breaths reeked of blood tinged liquor.

    I open my mouth and a yawn escapes
    I murmur, I love you
    I whisper, I love you
    I stammer, I love you
    all the three times,
    waiting for the unheard acceptance
    I rinse my mouth at last.

  • pa_luck 3w

    I sound like a litter and sing like clutter !!

    (Missing the way you say @___7___)


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    We Talk a Song

    I don't know, how to write conversations.

    I'm too shy of my lip balms,
    I don't part my lips.
    I fear them slipping on my tongue
    and wax coat my throat.
    They choke my singing.

    While my tinnitus sounds like your humming,
    i pause them both, "Were you listening" ?!

    Also why do we add " " around our words, just to show, we spoke them in each other's arms ?!

    By the way, "Did you hear me" ?!

    You were too busy rubbing off my lip balm,
    you forgot they bleed.
    Then you were worried about
    washing my blood away.
    You ended brusing my tongue.

    "Now, say it again",
    with a please and pleasure in your eyes.
    My injured jargon denied a word,
    "You must have heard them before" !!

    You sing a song, but i read it.
    I wait for you to talk it out, my despondency.
    I'm not enough, will never be.
    I won't be you, can't be too.

    I scrub my face, put back the lip balm.

    I'm neither words nor meanings,
    I'm insufficient to climb upto,
    "Will the depths be equivalent and substantial" ?!

    Well, you never answer back, "Am i audible" ?!

    I told you, I use blue ink.
    Still see, i don't know, how to write conversations.

  • pa_luck 3w

    Men's Ego (Dignified)

    A crisp fabric colluding with the criminal chest,
    Sleeves covering to cushion the hammering wrists,
    A collar button precariously shields the taints of a thirsty throat,
    A belt so bodacious, upholding the bickering of the balls.

    The eyes widened for accentuating the destructive fall,
    Flaunting the testes' tyranny yet the vestigial teats yearn the bosoms,
    Fists, always short of blood, perforating deeper in its peculiar performance,
    Wandering feet callously crushing the careful crafts.

    Vexing in vain for the flooding sweats, amidst their naive condolences,
    Jugglery on wheels when blessed with a foot or two,
    a rat race on the itinerary and always eager to join the fleet,
    Breaking news for creating chaos, a formidable bread fed to the ethos,
    Building ridges of bricks for the eerily emptied homes !!

    Men's Super-ego (Exemplified)

    The fabric soon crumbles under the burdened heart,
    Sleeves brushing aside the tanned tiredness of tribulations,
    The collar button pinning the desired bruises,
    under a shade of sentimental sentience,
    Belt holding the reins of an uninitiated passion.

    Eyes rummaging for a desolate call amidst the echoes,
    Vestigial chest buried in his birth, devoid of all the vehemence,
    Now frivolous fumes, the fist, clenching the hands in its vicinity,
    The feet adapted to the roleplay, amicably wearing the soul's sole.

    Vexing upon the labours in dividing waters for vision,
    Working on wounds for balancing the equations,
    Skewing the steadfast silences for creating a peace,
    Breaking the tumultuous twigs, waving the hands at the end of the bridges,
    Building bonfire for baking homes !!

    Edit/Credits/Collaborators @proper_noun


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    Famine of Femininity

    Seeds, those crawl out of the womb
    bloom only when submit
    to their innate root cause of existence
    delivering from a one and
    discovering the one within

  • pa_luck 4w


    A spider slips over my chest
    weaving a web like a dress
    enough to cover, eager to expose
    the breaths that deny to disclose.

    A voice crawls through the clefts
    creating thunders under turbulence
    echoing the darkness in a tunnel
    the shifting sides that stay nominal.

    A hand draws the hallucinatory touch
    walking the finger gait, like a drunken nomad
    knocking the wrong doors constantly
    the tracings that speak silence fervently.

    A hope drips down the cleavage
    like the panting sweat under a shadow
    asking to rest the pacing heart
    the psyche that chooses à la carte.

    A love which is named blind
    this time wishes to read the spectrum
    of all the details released on bail
    the pages that encrypt into Braille.


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    closed eyes, closer you
    faint borders, fainter faces
    blind folds, blinder bridges
    the gentle strokes that paint such ridges

  • pa_luck 4w


    One of my feet sunk into
    quagmire of jealous jeopardy
    and the other skipped ahead
    to stand on the transitory throne.

    The muddled dots that got splashed
    decorated the distance between
    my white shirt and basic brown skin
    displaying the differences within and without.

    As swiftly i tried to match my march
    the first leg became the second
    but they denied to walk together
    throughout a journey, though were partners in crime.

    The antonyms of analogy widened
    the gaps between my envious eyes
    and altruistic colourless tears
    that never tasted the same on either side of tongue.

    Although the feet forgot their counts
    the clay coated foot could never
    feel fairer, even for the seconds
    while leading the other from the pair.

    A great divide between left and right
    up and down, light and dark
    threw me in shadows of scepticism
    which shaded everything shady.


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    i speak to my split soul
    as the other half is you
    the brighter believed day over
    my cornered covered night