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  • pacific_depth 1d

    How I know
    Love is true

    I find myself
    liking myself
    When i'm with you.

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    Conflict !

    Why do she still stalk him like she want him back,
    Nowadays her heart speaks & brain stored in a dusty rack.
    Why love has been merciless with her so far,
    Emotions are free & Consciousness locked in a candy jar.
    All ok ! Until she gets the ray of his glow,
    Her mind resist but she goes with the flow.
    Running towards the illusion of love,
    She's always find herself in a bluff.
    Maturity says Oh darling ! Have some rest,
    Innocence states what if some crumbles of love are still left.

    But a clap can only be done by both the hands,
    Every bond have the mutual bands.
    When the time wave hitted them
    They washed away,
    Bcoz he was the one who written their name on the sand.

    - ankita menon

  • pacific_depth 1w

    She is a warrior & a war in herself.
    She knows how to fight with the domain,
    But defeated by her chaos.

    Never loose her grip because of the society,
    But her expectations let her down everytime.

    Grudges are not allowed in her mind,
    But Regrets are always on Rewind.

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    You can run from everything in this world,
    But you'll loose the race when it comes to your inner melody.


  • pacific_depth 1w

    It's just a fiction !

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    Aaj Kal !

    Ho sake toh sun lena,
    Agar Achi lge toh syahi se bun lena.

    Toh mai shuruaat krna chahungi !

    Woh Darr tha, shyd woh kal tha!
    Yaad uski aaj bhi aati hai
    Tanhai hume aaj bhi satati hai
    Aya tha toh woh kuch iss tarah
    Ki meri andheri duniya me usne ek latten jala diya,
    Bhayanak Sapne se jaise mujhe jaga diya.
    Pr bolte haina,
    Jo aya hai usse ek din jaana hi hai
    Kathor toh hai lekin satya bhi toh yahi hai.
    Kuch din ki nindiya de kr raato ka chain chura gya,
    Do din ki khushi de, adhure pyaar ki chitti thama gya.
    Kehne ko toh puri duniya se hum yoon pathar ke bhaati baat kiya krte hai,
    Lekin uske alfaazo pr hum sheesho pr chla krte the.
    Kahin usse bura na lg jaye,
    Kahin hum usse dukh na pahocha de.
    Lekin shyd humaare muqadar me woh tha hi nhi,
    Kyuki humaari yeh koshise usse bachpana lgne lgi thi,
    Aadat toh nhi thi yeh lekin usse yeh humaari firtrat lgne lgi thi.

    Taqleef bhi hoti hai kbhi kbhi ki hum hai nhi saath ab,
    Lekin Yakeen hai uss maula pr hume na jaane mila de humne kisse aur kb.

    Lafzo me zikr toh aaj bhi hai,
    Dil me thodi si fariyaadh bhi hai
    Ki milenge shyd waapis kbhi kisi zamane me hum,
    Jis daur me nhi bikher payega hume koi bhi gum.

  • pacific_depth 1w

    Are you black or Are you white?
    Making a question is that right?

    Do you wear burkha aur do you wear suit?
    Is that your eons taught you to do?

    Judging people by their appearance?
    Is that a work of brilliance?

    What if they neither male nor female?
    We just drown them deep into pale?

    Everything is not in our hands?
    Nor the colour not the cast bands?

    If we cut you and me,
    The same blood we would bleed.

    So why these lines are drawn to do us apart?
    We are the temporary ones,
    One day we all have to depart.

    - ankita menon

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    Equally Unequal !

    Everything Matters

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    Fears & Vaccine (weakened microbes ) do the same job,

    The more you are vaccinated
    The more you stand still towards the physical problems.

    The more you are exposed to your fears,
    The stronger you become mentally.

  • pacific_depth 2w

    If He was Alive I would dedicate Him This One !

    Hey, Mr. Vinnie , The Pooh !!
    I've written this
    Only for you��.

    Some of the things are never meant to be,
    But some things have to rue.

    With my burgers ��, You are my fries ��,
    With a cute Chin you have got
    those intoxicating eyes ��.

    A tipsy Scottish Brew ��,
    In the gorgeous spring
    You are my pleasing view ��.

    You are aphrodisiac just like chocolate��,
    Scintillating just like Scarlett.
    Having a mystical voice��
    You shoo all my noise��.

    Shining in every sky☁️
    Your luring face keeps me going ��,
    As the lovely moon marvelously glowing��.

    You are my Yen ❣️,
    Now and then.
    My love�� will be unbridled
    Always for two!!!
    You are the one
    Hey Mr Vinnie I love you☺️����.

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    Whenever you say : Hey Vinnie The Pooh !!
    He says in return : Hey Honey !! I Love You

  • pacific_depth 2w

    Vindicate !

    Ab nhi kaha jaata baat kro mujhse
    Ab nhi kaha jaata ki nhi door rha jaata tumse.
    Pta usse bhi hai ki bura hai lga hai mujhe
    Lekin jagah aur samay dono diya hai maine usse

    Uski baatien samajh me mere bhi aati hai
    Lekin meri hi baatein chubh si jaati hai usse

    Mahobbat woh nhi jisme tumhe khud sab mil jaata hai
    Kuch seekhna toh kuch sikhaana padta hai
    Khud ko bhi parivartan ke prati ek kadam uthana pdta hai .

  • pacific_depth 2w

    Just Listen !