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  • paintyourlife 1d

    Here I'm back with the same challenge I posted a few weeks ago.I removed it because I was shattered by the news of Irrfan khan's demise. I was also not feeling mentally good.But now putting myself together I'm back with the challenge ���� ����

    You have to roast yourself.
    Consider yourself as another person and honestly roast yourself.
    Looking for some comedy in the posts ����.

    Language - English or Hindi
    Post it by - #roastedmyself_xyz

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    Task - 4

    Roast Yourself Challenge

    Time Limit - 2 days


  • paintyourlife 1w

    For those who are living in the DARK
    For those who need a SPARK
    For the ones whose patience is eaten by a shark
    For those who are not able to go to the park

    I want to say that,
    "please open the doors����of your mind and let the light of positivity enter" ��

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    Please open the doors of your mind and let the light of POSITIVITY enter.

  • paintyourlife 4w

    Please forgive people
    Try to not keep grudges for anyone
    You have been given a wonderful gift called LIFE
    Spread positivity ����

    May his soul rest in peace ������

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    He will always have a special place in our hearts

  • paintyourlife 5w

    Challenge by - @paintyourlife
    Hashtag used - #mybreakup_xyz

    My fellow participants had done full justice to this challenge. Their amazing writing skills have impressed me.
    I've just written it in a funny way. Excuse me if its not that good. I don't know if it makes sense.
    You can freely make fun of it.


    BOYFRIEND-1 ->Jealousy
    I had a breakup with jealousy
    Now I don't have any false fantasy

    BOYFRIEND-2 ->Expectation
    I had a breakup with him too
    Now I remember him as an ex
    Sometimes comes back in my mind,
    when blows the wind,
    as every other ex

    BOYFRIEND-3 -> Lazy
    He is a LAD, whose first love is BED
    I wanna leave him and run away to my love ��

    Commitment is my love
    Whose nickname is hard work
    Looking forward to be in a relstionship with him forever.��

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    My Breakups

  • paintyourlife 5w

    10:55 p.m.
    I will be posting regular challenges for you mirakeens, to make this lockdown interesting.
    Make sure to participate.


    Have you ever broke up with something?
    It can be a habit, feelings, emotions, routine, etc.

    We fight certain battles in our mind and finally after a time end up with a conclusion.
    It can be for career, self doubt, discovering sexuality, procastination etc.

    Write a post and in a poetic way describe your 'MENTAL BATTLE' and did you broke up with something or your are on the way to do it.

    ��Also tag other users for the challenge.

    language - English or Hindi

    Time Limit - 2 days

    Post it by #mybreakup_xyz

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    Task - 3

    The Breakup challenge

    Time Limit - 2 days

  • paintyourlife 5w

    Challenge by - @paintyourlife
    hashtag used - #superpower_xyz

    Superpower - INSIGHT

    I always wished I had a power so that I understood things deeply. Read to know what happened after that��

    One day The Almighty God came to me and said,
    hey! I'm pleased with you my girl
    and want to grant you a pearl

    Me : But what will I do with it
    instead give me wit

    God : Tell me clearly
    don't go round and round

    Me : Give me a power so that I know what is
    happening around.

    God : Abrakadabra....
    So now you have the power to understand
    every situation. You will not suffer
    the aftermath anymore. You'll be able to
    think from other one's perspective.

    But my girl for this power to work you will
    need a special tool- 'OBSERVATION'

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    My Superpower

  • paintyourlife 5w

    7:00 p.m.

    Dear Mirakeens there will be a creative task in every 2 days for you in lockdown to boost your creativity.
    Please participate��


    Imagine if God asks you that," hey my child I'm very happy with you and want to grant you a superpower"

    But there is a condition you have to opt a power EXCEPT these-
    1) Reading minds 2) Flying
    3) Getting invisible 4) Immortality

    Now which power you'll ask for?
    Write a beautiful piece.

    Time Limit- 2 days

    Post it by #superpower_xyz

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    Its Imagination


  • paintyourlife 5w


    In every 2 days there will be a challenge for you mirakeens in this lockdown.
    Lets bring out our creativity.
    if you participate,we can together make this time fun.


    In our lives there is always that one teacher for whom we have infinite respect.

    Dedicate a beautiful piece of writing for that teacher in not more than 10 lines.
    Also mention the subject they taught.

    Time limit- 1day

    Post it by #teacher_xyz

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    Remember that one teacher whose class you never missed

    Not about your teacher crush please.


  • paintyourlife 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Struggle

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    Struggle can open your mind and make your soul beautiful

  • paintyourlife 6w

    Sort Your Life
    (potato recipe)

    If you have become a lazy potato...
    Then peel out the layer of comfort.

    Chop your thoughts.

    Put them in the burning oil
    and let them go through hardships

    P.S. Don't forget to add spices of creativity.

    Your tasty dish is ready