I like to pretend like I know what I'm doing. tw: angsty teen

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  • paperbirds 11w


    Feel me.
    Know I am alive.
    Trace the lines in my hands, the veins in my arms.
    Count my freckles, and know that I have been alive and in the sun.
    Watch me breathe, my chest moving up and down with each breath.
    Watch me tap my foot to the beat of this song, and know that I am human.
    Feel the dryness of my lips and the wetness of my eyes, and know I have cried.
    Know that I have loved.
    Know that I have lost.
    Know that I have hurt.
    Know that I have smiled.

    And know that I will do it all again.

  • paperbirds 11w


    In her hair, the autumn leaves rest.
    I feel content watching her lie beside me, in the shade of the tree.
    She says, "You know where I am."
    And I say, "Yes, but I like to imagine you're here with me."
    And I blink.
    And she's gone.

  • paperbirds 16w


    She goes with all haste to heaven,
    Leaving me alone to drown in the ink.
    "It could of been worse," I say. "It could of been her blood."

  • paperbirds 16w


    Darling, do you love me?
    Please say that you do.
    I want you to want me,
    Like I want you.

    It's such a shame.
    I'm playing the game,
    And I keep losing.
    It's this path I keep choosing.

    I wish I didn't love you.

  • paperbirds 18w


    When I open up,
    you shut me out.
    When I'm closed off,
    you tear me apart.

    If the world was on mute,
    you'd still shout.
    If I made you a meal,
    you'd eat my heart.


  • paperbirds 18w

    within the confines

    It's midnight and I need to charge my phone
    Because If it dies I'll be so alone
    With the thoughts, in my head, that never leave
    Lying in my cold bed, under the sheets

  • paperbirds 20w


    That is so


  • paperbirds 20w

    Look in the mirror and


  • paperbirds 20w

    even the ghosts avoid me.

    I see faces in the window
    And in the vents in my hall
    I hear footsteps at midnight
    And voices from inside the wall

    I think it's all a hallucination
    I always did have the wildest imagination
    Maybe it's just wishful thinking that ghosts would care enough to haunt me anyway

  • paperbirds 20w


    why would you
    do that
    to yourself?