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  • paridhic 55w

    Yes he makes me smile but..I'm craving for that laughter.

  • paridhic 57w

    It's coming!!!

    So I had a dream last night, I was running...BUT this time I wasn't running from anything or for anything. This time it was different, I was running over a bridge! in the rain, barefeet and laughing all through my way. I gave my least or almost no attention to the big and ugly vehicles and gave my best smile to every other passerby. Most important thing..I was HAPPY. Happy in my yellow summer dress in cold winters.


  • paridhic 60w


    You know when you start wearing them big hoodies or other oversized clothes you feel like you don’t want to wear anything else for the rest of your life..even if you have to wear some chick outfit for a day still at the end of the day you want to feel small and cuddly in that hoodie..So for me she is my hoodie, no matter how many people I come across with, she’s gonna be my favorite and only person to visit!

  • paridhic 84w

    Biggest punishment : LIFE
    Crime : NOT KNOWN

  • paridhic 126w


    And our love was blue.
    Only the moon knows
    What we do.
    He likes his women
    Dark and quite,
    But believe me
    I'm not a nyctophile.
    Still he got his chains
    Wrapped inside my bones
    Squeezing my soul.
    He made me an addict
    Of all the things I don't know
    He says,
    He likes me in all dark
    Not even under the stars
    Because only I
    Know about his demons,
    Those in love with mine
    Demons that lay on fire.
    His fire,
    which I'm never gonna understand
    But I will always
    Long for his flames.


  • paridhic 129w

    I've wasted years
    I've lost my youth
    All I have now is
    The pretty lies
    And the
    Ugly truth


  • paridhic 137w

    I don't know how we are but I still remember how we were.

  • paridhic 138w

    What if all non living things could talk
    and had feelings too, there would be a little less lonely people on this planet!

  • paridhic 139w

    I've got feathers in my hair
    I get down to beat poetry

  • paridhic 140w

    Every night she wished for the wings
    But she was unaware,
    She was an angel too!