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  • parvathasrini 8w

    #Be happy

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    New Year

    The year which is gone is the defeat year.
    The awful things happened in the last year
    Will disappear in the current year.
    Hear and listen only good things through your ear.
    Don't put a reverse gear
    Eventhough you fail
    And sail on a vehicle called life.
    Be queer and sincere.
    You are the one who carve your future
    And learn good things from your teacher.

  • parvathasrini 15w


    The forest is bright
    Because of fireflies.
    Likewise our life is bright
    Because of candles light.

    As the candle melts
    And becomes small .
    The hole in the ozone shield
    Becomes large.

    The candle glows because of wax,
    And we buy it with tax.

  • parvathasrini 15w

    The River

    The river began from mouth
    Of a mountain.
    The river contains
    Flowers, trees and spout
    On its bank.
    The river can't fills the tank
    Called ocean.
    When the ocean fills, the world will get promotion.
    The river continues to be in motion
    Until its mouth close.

  • parvathasrini 15w

    #love nature

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    God created the nature,
    Nature created the human's future.
    If we do any mistake,
    It will punish our son
    And makes a quake
    In our life.
    If we make the wildlife,
    As endangered animals,
    This world will only filled with brainless mammals.