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  • payalsayswise 16w

    There are some friendships which have crossed the "hanging out" phase. They're into an altogether new shell of their friendship.

  • payalsayswise 17w

    Dear Self

    Stop taking validation from others
    You're fierce
    No matter what others say.
    You are so powerful
    You are the only one who can validate yourself
    You are stronger and fulfilled
    You complete "Yourself"

  • payalsayswise 21w

    If my love and concern knew no bounds, my hatred will not know any bounds as well.

  • payalsayswise 29w

    Those who want to stay. They will.

  • payalsayswise 31w

    Silent Invisible Murder

    Its an act undertaken by cowards. Cowards are those who put people in the situation where there is no option left except ending their own lives.
    The posts revolving all around the social media that one should not commit suicide. Who wants to end their life? Nobody. Its the situation that makes them helpless. It's the pain that makes it intolerable. Its the fear that makes living worth not living.
    Suicide is not a choice. Its a silent murder. The culprit is the one who didn't heard of the deceased, who didn't understood the pain behind the silence or anger, who didn't acted human. We, take so many things and people for granted everyday. Do you have any idea, what your ignorance can cause. Fight, burst out and sort out everything.


  • payalsayswise 35w

    And then there are days,
    When you have everything. But still there's something missing.

  • payalsayswise 41w

    Its all priorities. Just priorities. Quarantine or no Quarantine. Doesn't makes any difference.

  • payalsayswise 42w

    COVID - 19
    - Payal Bajaj

    Its nature's way of slowing us down,
    Its nature's way of indicating us, that we have over consumed it.
    Its nature's way of telling that we humans need to take a pause.
    Its nature's way of narrating the stories of stillness and calm and sanity.
    Its nature's way of healing itself.
    Its nature's way of telling us to spend time with family.
    Its nature's way of telling us that whosoever remains at the end, are the people you're quarantining with.
    Its nature's way of telling that at the end what remains is one's passion.
    Its nature's way of telling the importance of self care and self love
    Its nature's way of telling us to stay grounded.
    Its nature's way of telling us the importance of staying close with the loved ones.
    Its nature's way of telling us to find the real and reel people in our lives.

  • payalsayswise 42w


    Very often said - "failures are the biggest experiences"
    I agree too. Remember when you failed for the first time, you cried, you yelled and you grew out of it. And now when you look back - its just a memory, maybe a memory you laugh loud at. But back then that failure troubled you so much, remember! Its Life. You fall, you get up and bounce back.

    What I personally feel, its better to take no support while you're going through it, it makes you weaker. We must learn to fight every situation on our own, until when somebody is going to be there to hold you back. You fall, you yell, you isolate yourself, you get out of it 'yourself'. Now you're a stronger person than what you were yesterday. Being stronger, does not mean - you don't cry, you don't vent out of your emotions. It's okay, completely okay to cry, to get angry but whats not okay is sitting, lamenting and blaming yourself over and over again. Mistakes do happen, each of us commit mistakes but that doesn't mean that you won't forgive yourself. Be kind and bold enough to forgive yourself and train yourself to making decisions wisely from then.
    Its not a big deal to fail or to make mistakes, living in past won't heal any of the wound, moreover it will make it harder to heal.

    So now when you make a Mistake, make it. Don't be scared. A little risk is never too much. But learn from it, grow out of it.

  • payalsayswise 42w

    Main esi he hu

    Khamoshi bahut pasand hai mujhe
    Par taaliyon ki gadgaadaht bhi chahiye
    Suraj ki pehli kiran bhi dekhni hai
    Par subah ki meethi neend bhi choothti nhi
    Khwahish hai ki Puri dunia mein naam ho
    Par pahado par kahi gum bhi ho jana bhi chahti hu
    Jaha koi jaanta na ho
    Sapno ko paana bhi chahti hu
    Par khud ko khona bhi nhi chahti hu

    - Payal