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  • pearlll24 46w

    Something’s are not meant to be forever
    But the tiny bits of pieces of those memories
    Are worth cherishing for life time
    Maybe the express train of life takes us faraway
    Where let alone meeting,we won’t be able to talk
    But all those “MEMORIES “ made with all
    Would clear off a hectic day of the unruly world
    Looking back things would look more dramatic
    Than any daily soap operas we seee
    Looking back things would seem more childish
    Than any kid we see around daily
    Looking forward there would be a frequent music
    The nostalgic chord ..with everything you see
    The hashtag #onelasttime seriously creates
    Zoo of butterflies and lot of snow in the tummy
    The hashtag #onelasttime is heartfelt than any
    Reliving all moments that were created in 3 year

  • pearlll24 82w

    कुछ लम्हों को अपने अंदर सिमट लेना चाहिए
    क्यूँकि कुछ पल और लम्हे ऐसे भी होते हे
    जो चाह कर भी हम वापिस ला नहीं सकते
    सही कहा हे किसी जनाब ने
    “ ज़िंदगी एक पल की ही हे
    जितना हो सके उसे जी लो
    क्या पता ये पल दुबारा आए या ना आए”
    कल की किसको ख़बर हे
    यहाँ तो इस वक़्त के अनजान हे हम
    पर दर्द ज़रूर होता हे जब वो लोग
    जो हमारे थे और अब नहीं हे
    यह वक़्त भी कितना ज़ालिम और कम्बकत हे
    ना किसी की फ़िकर, ना परवाह

  • pearlll24 83w

    And the picture goes on even if we wish for an interval ..! @readwriteunite @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Life is the best unpredicted suspense thriller movie with no spoilers


  • pearlll24 99w

    Sometimes think beyond ourselves to seek the peace.


  • pearlll24 104w

    If a small piece of rock
    A shooting star can make your wish
    Turn true ,then a strong wall of
    Determination would bring everything down to

  • pearlll24 110w

    “Stars will shine forever
    But it’s you who would
    Determine the presence of
    Darkness around you. “

  • pearlll24 111w

    Be like a star
    Be marvellous like it is
    Which fascinates people even after it’s

  • pearlll24 113w

    You are special .,
    Than you consider
    You are beautiful
    Than you see
    You are fierce
    Than you feel
    You are calm
    Than you know
    You are cheerful
    Than you let it

    Give yourself the power
    To see how wonderful
    Creation you are ....!

  • pearlll24 114w

    Your heart ain’t a cigarette ,
    When broken ,
    Just lighten it ,
    And turn it into ash ..!

  • pearlll24 117w

    I promise you a forever by your side
    In this temporary life.