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  • pearlynn_writes 3w

    Unfailing Love

    Poem Inspired on 24 June 2019. On train in between appts. Completed 4 Feb 2021 0844hrs

    Crossing. that stream.
    The stones were sharp and tough.
    Against my feet I felt them
    Her words surprisingly harsh.
    The pain in the cut intensify with water
    Yearning for You.
    Within me I busk in Your Splendor
    I see traces of blood being washed away.
    It’s interesting how it fades to nothing
    Blood that flows from my veins
    And in Your side was but water when pierced.
    I didn’t know what it means
    Why your sweat turned to blood tears
    Although now I know I don’t think i will ever fully comprehend.
    Your unconditional love for me
    That knows no end.
    You died of a broken heart
    For me, for us. For all mankind.
    I pray I will live a life justified of Your sacrifice.
    But even if I fail which I have and still do.
    I will boost in You knowing your love for me never will.


  • pearlynn_writes 15w

    Penned April 2020 for a friend in mourning.

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    Safe with Me

    You always put up a strong front.
    Even when you feel rotten inside.
    The tent is caving in from a hurricane.
    There seems no place in sight to hide.
    You fight to hold back tears
    Even when deep down you want to succumb to the strong tides.

    Oh My Daughter.It’s okay to fall. I've cushioned every wall.

    Lean against my Love.
    Let go of your imagined fears.
    I am bigger than the most vast ocean.
    There is no storm I can't silence.

    Every page in your journals, I have read.
    Everything you feel, I have felt.
    Your cares are safe with me,
    I have handled them all.


  • pearlynn_writes 15w

    Inspired during Covid lockdown run

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    Bitterness Uproot

    The drawers can no longer contain those clothes.
    The plant’s roots is straining its pot.
    The sea overflows its so called banks.
    And the girl guide tries to secure her flying tent with ropes.

    The debtors blasted us out of our home. My pot cracked and it’s no longer the same.
    The tent was stolen and my sandcastle was ruined through my hands.

    Overthrown. Overgrown. But because of those. You rescued me. Poured me out from my agony. I’m given a new name. No it ain’t a joke. Take away my insecurities.

    That lovely canopy of blue sky.. You are the best painter & Your mercy entails.

    Even if I’ve failed, You will still love me won’t You? Don’t ever let me go, Lord how I need You.

    Clear my weeds. Use me to plant new seeds. Remind me always that my source is You and I am forever Yours to keep.


  • pearlynn_writes 24w

    Tribute to Rob’s Poly

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    You listened when I had no words.
    Oh, the fun we had when there was no third.
    You always welcome me when I’m home.
    And your fur, all tangled up in comb.
    Through you, I learnt a different kinda love.
    The kind, almost close to up above.
    Thank you for those amazing years.
    I’d never forget you Poly.

    Tribute to Rob’s Poly. <3

  • pearlynn_writes 49w


    I was there during those times tears stained your face.
    The sleepless nights you tossed and turned, helplessness embedded by pain
    My Love, I’ve been pursuing you from the start.
    From the sidelines, I’ve been protecting your heart.
    I’ve been singing and whispering in your ear.
    And now my darling you hear.
    I’ve loved you with an everlasting Love.
    Deeper than the ocean, higher than mountains.
    I will never disappoint you that’s for certain.
    So will you take my hand,
    Enter a true romance.
    Let’s dance.


  • pearlynn_writes 63w


    The ache to compose something about His love.
    I pause to feel His loving presence.
    A warm comfort that envelops me like a glove.
    Most times I got so busy I don’t realise.
    The world can be against me but there’s One who will never criticise.
    When I couldn’t conform to the world’s standards, feeling judged.
    He sends Word through Kingdom friends to come my way.
    The storm lifted and I bury the hatchet.
    However it sometimes doesn’t take long for my heart to sway.
    For the world can be a very dark place.
    “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” He says.


  • pearlynn_writes 96w

    Inspired by Korean client’s child

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    Drool of Glee

    The freshness of a child
    The gleefulness of a drool
    When did it got lost in the wild
    Not knowing who’s who
    He trusts and smiles
    And spread on my arm -his drool.

  • pearlynn_writes 110w


    I miss the feeling. Of being in love.
    Sun rays caressing the green. Photosynthesis.
    Rain drops drenching my leaves.
    His love I’ve tried to resist.
    He gave me space, understanding.

    Desperation screams louder in silence.
    Something was withering from within.
    Reaching the end of myself. I surrender.

    Like tangerine on fire.
    There was this soothing warmth.
    Alive like a wire. Awakening sleeping desires.
    My tears flowed like a river.
    They’ve been gathering inside.
    The true reason for the sniff front.
    I’d been trying to hide.

    Wave upon wave. His love fills my heart.
    I will finish this race with you. He says.
    Let’s head back to the start.


  • pearlynn_writes 112w


    I may look beautiful
    Kept and secure
    The truth is
    I’m made of mud
    Brown, scarred and all
    His hands moulded me
    Every hard bend and curve
    Every soft hidden spot
    Created in love
    Over time, my paint fainted.
    Chipped with life ungloved
    I almost broke to pieces when dropped
    Amazingly saved by doves
    Still He treasures me like I’m new
    Fresh as the morning dew
    Stop justifying Your self worth He says
    Even if you’re broken
    I’ll never throw you away.

  • pearlynn_writes 113w

    Hold on

    Hold on a little longer Lord,
    won’t You hold on.
    I didn’t get the initial kick start.
    For you know I’m slower than most,
    I’m afraid of sharks.
    And I need spraying down with your hose.