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  • pen_and_paper 1d

    Have you ever seen Dracula by your own eyes! His red blood eyes, a vampire with milky white skin. His tooth are beautiful and abnormal. Have you ever wondered infront of the mirror that what's the difference. Is it only the length of the overgrown tooth. Or is it the skin color. Yet something inside is still same. It's beneath the skin hidden in the mid-chest of yours. It's the urge to rebel.

    Everytime you have a bottle of beer to gulp up. Why you hide it under the table! Why didn't you leave it there on the table. Like everyone else. You should've tried it once. You should've tried to be normal.

    Did you cook every meal of yours without a overburnt stain on the vegetables. Why didn't you try to peel it off it's skin. Maybe the taste would still convey the carelessness but still no body could've seen it from above.

    You confine into the shadows and shy from the crowd. Yet you always showed the different colors of your sweat in the public. You must learn to be sublime. You must learn to hide.


    Pic- Opeth album cover.

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    You should've tried it once. You should've tried to be normal.


  • pen_and_paper 1d

    I've never enjoyed anything more than the rising Sun, yet it's been a while I saw it there, slowly coming out of the horizon, after radiating some of it's light before, like whispering to the birds of it's arrival. I used to be there, always welcoming the Sun. I gave up. I gave it to the life. I gave it to the darkness.

    I've never been more happier than my father calling me to roam around the town in the evenings with him. I admit I was a child then and my world was very little. I realised after many years that I'll never be that happy again. I lost it to the tiking of the clock. I tried it to stop though.

    I don't remember anything tasting better than the cake my mother baked for me. I've tried many things better after that. I thought they tasted better than the cake. But I don't remember how they taste. They fade away unlike the cake.

    I've always looked for the times I lost, those behind the sacred place of the colony or beside my mother while we slept together, I remember to be lost in places I can't gather no more. All I can do is stare at the same ceiling and write about it.


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    Fittier, healthier and more productive.
    A pig in a cage on antibiotics.


  • pen_and_paper 2w

    I've written before on sound of silence and silence of the lambs both.
    But I just want to write more on it.
    It ain't fading.

    So, it's a random piece just to satisfy my ego.

    Please ignore.

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    Sound of silence.

    You know why you feel guilty.
    Your rusted doors crumble,
    like your fears,
    hidden beneath the silence,
    a stroke of gale passing by,
    evoke the sound,
    long forgotten,
    but you knew it would return.

    The howling of the winds,
    can make you jump,
    in the world again,
    which you left behind.
    You know everything,
    everything returns.
    Nothing's dead
    inside your head.
    You have learnt to listen,
    the sound,
    the sound of silence.


  • pen_and_paper 2w


    You meet me every night
    before I go to sleep.
    I ask you to disappear,
    and not to approach my dreams,
    But you,
    You blame me,
    of holding you inside my pillow.
    You say,
    memories percolate
    and dreams too
    like osmosis
    through the eyelids.
    I ask you to roam around
    till I wake tomorrow.
    But I hate to hold you
    in the mornings too.

    You look at me
    to amaze the pupils
    I blush like puppies
    playing with their guides,
    And you taunt me
    You say,
    "See it's life,
    People come and go,
    But I,
    I never came to you.
    You can push me again,
    Yet maybe,
    Maybe, I'll never go.


  • pen_and_paper 2w

    Past 10's

    When you're drowning you're still in the water you once dreamt to swim in.
    You were drowned inside your mind everytime you dreamt to be a sailor.


  • pen_and_paper 3w

    Yesterday it was just another summer noon. I remember the last year and years long gone before. You always blushed when I talked about the smile on your face. Always the summer dropping from your cheeks. I wondered how and the years went by.

    I always wanted to make you smile on the rising Sun. It felt warmer. I wanted you to smile on the setting one. I never wanted you to know how beautiful you're. I didn't want you to admire yourself more than this world. I was selfish but you were happy.

    Narcissism is a slowly seeping poison which makes you feel immortal. It keeps you assured. It ages you. It dives in you till you see each part of yours fading with time. I didn't want you to be aware of yourself more than the rains. I loved you.

    And the rains today broke the illusion. I remember the last year again and the years before. I remember the pious dreams you saw in the droplets. I saw you through each one. I loved your skin but with the rains on it, it felt like a glitch of sorrow trippin' inside my head. Sorrow can be satisfying. Sorrows always bring you consciousness. I kept on loving you.

    I wait for the winters. I know we will grow old soon. So I always kept on loving this world more than you for it won't fade with us.

    But you know, I would always mourn.
    That my world won't be beautiful without you.
    I know it will never be the same.

    *Just another cringe post.

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    I didn't want you to be aware of yourself more than the rains. I kept on loving you.


  • pen_and_paper 7w

    So(o)ld days

    Sold years.
    Infinite sadness.
    And stories sold on the streets.
    You and I, both should meet.

    And my all wings didn't grow.
    They're cut with the blade so fine.
    To wipe me clean.
    I never checked what I had kept stolen
    Against the time.

    In the land of thousands,
    And dust of dreams.
    Warm noons,
    and you thought Sun would never die.
    Where did it waste!
    Rest to dust I guess.

    Sink, shine then sink,
    in the water,
    so sublime,
    so clear,
    that it rhymes with
    your pulses, divine;

    Life was fucked on the streets,
    Where you and I
    both should meet.


  • pen_and_paper 8w


    I would write you a poem.
    As long as you wish to crumble.
    And scribble into the rusts.
    Settle down in the dust.
    You gamble your everything,
    As long as you remain greedy,
    like a conscious crazy,
    you subside
    and divide
    your pieces on the floor,
    to each room of yours
    and rub your soils
    on your different faces
    on your own.
    I wish you be crazy.
    I know it since
    I saw you leave everything behind,
    and you closed your eyes,
    to pretend a blind,
    I know you're crazy.
    I would write you a poem.
    As long as you wish to die everyday,
    And lose everything again and again,
    I know that you know,
    what you gain is always a burden.
    There's no fun,
    Other than pretending,
    to fall under a force
    bigger than gravity.
    There's nothing good
    Like acting crazy.


  • pen_and_paper 11w


    I do sink.
    Broken. So easily.
    A diffusion, a denial.
    Survivors, yawn in soul reversion.
    Crimped face, aged boundaries.
    Broken. So easily.

    Noose that you got
    gave me goose bumps
    when you pulled me up.
    I saw you try.
    I sneaked from the orifices,
    of my fragile dreams,
    Broken. So easily.

    I break the mirrors too.
    When I expect to find me again.
    Changed, not yet.
    I think I will.
    I think I try.
    I left it out.
    Everything that you gave me.
    I rejected.
    Your whispers, your murmer.
    I gave up on your voice.
    And the promises you made to keep.
    Broken. So easily.


  • pen_and_paper 12w


    Your kids are confused.
    Your egg is haunted.
    Burning begins,
    quiet curse,
    duplicated in skulls,
    possessed the spine,
    too early,
    Sun was sleeping,
    You burn.

    Lord, I ain't one.
    You lie sitting on the stars.
    Damn. You liar.
    Sit upon my chest,
    or tongue,
    haven't you ever,
    pass on the knife,
    cut the slice of faith,
    for me to eat.
    I want to travel somewhere else.

    Why are you frightened!
    If I go.
    If I stay away.

    I have tasted bitter-sex.
    I don't want the consequences.