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  • pen_and_paper 1d


    Last time I checked my home.
    Darling I did know nothing but it was good place to stay.
    Why did I leave my home!?
    To kill my peace of mind.
    And stab in my own heart a several times.

    I used to take a piece of me.
    And stick it to the walls and you.
    Cause darling you used to be so sweet then.
    You used to be a great place to stay too.

    Now I write less, erase more.
    I see you standing on my door.
    You guide me to the block, to the stores.
    You hold my hands at my work.

    Why did I leave you!?
    To kill my peace of mind.
    And stab in my own heart a several times.


  • pen_and_paper 3w


    Summer is here,
    yet again.
    It's hot like rust
    over the cold iron box.
    Something is there, hidden.
    I open the box,
    it's thunder and storm.
    I look at you.
    You smile again, like before.
    With each pore of yours
    screaming a different story.
    Why are you so cold.
    Why don't you get these chills.
    Don't you have a spine!?
    This summer comes every year.
    It goes again against you.
    And every time
    I try to talk to you.
    I look at you,
    your smile is still there.
    And I can't jump into that cold.
    That even summer won't hurt me.
    Don't you know,
    I need to be a human.

    And I need to see summer
    crying all over my body.

    Here comes summer again.
    And you smiled like you ever did.


  • pen_and_paper 4w


    I was in my class again,
    Trying to catch things which are made to catch.
    By people like me, I think I am underage.

    My brain is small,
    Or my imagination.
    Or my relief to anxiety ratio.
    I let them decide this shit!
    And they already did.

    I am holding on to a lot of things.
    From time to time,
    From places to places.
    I can't give up on them,
    That's what I can't sacrifice.

    But I learnt some lessons, down and deep.
    I have dug my grave, every week.

    Whenever I can't get what I want,
    I am not defeated.
    But when I can't give someone what they ask,
    I lose a speck of my spirit.
    I don't need what I want.
    That's the way of an empath.


  • pen_and_paper 5w

    Hello. Hello. Hello. How low!?

    @naked_soul Thanks. :)

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    Teen spirit

    I asked my friends to join me, for a journey, to make it more fun everyone brought an item, no one knew what it was. I saw a gun, bags of cocaine and a girl. Felt strong, powerful, surrounded with what I needed to achieve a goal. 11pm,  the gun, empty from it's bullets, can't see whether the cocaine is there or it's on my nose, my vision is blurry, the girl is gone. I wasn't powerful, I am a teen, Wanted to live, instead, I jumped out of a cliff.

    Hey, I am a child of time!
    I smile everytime someone lies.
    I don't believe in love, not anymore!
    All I am waiting for is another dose of lust!

    And my friends are gone.
    They were feeding on cocaine, like me.
    I am away, they're away.

    And my bagpack is empty.
    All I am filled with is regrets.

    I have watched people moving.
    Drifting away is so easy these days!

    I let go of love, I let go of fear!

    And my bagpack is still empty.


  • pen_and_paper 6w

    Do you remember!?

    When we used to watch movies together with chips and popcorns. We used to discuss each moment of the movie and laugh on how the whole world is missing this!

    Do you remember!?

    How we used to listen music. I never forgot the songs you gave me. I never had known someone with such a taste. You dazed me. You daze me always.
    You used to headbang on the songs like you're fading into insanity. You never came out sane.

    And do you remember our kisses!?

    Like you're no one but me. Like we're thirsty for years and it became more than before. I knew I was being dissolved somewhere inside you.

    Do you remember!?

    How your father hated me cause you loved me. He never knew you belonged to me.

    And now as when you're gone.

    Tell me.

    Do you remember!?

    Do you remember "me"!?



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    You never know when you're gonna meet someone.
    And your whole wide world, in a moment, comes undone.

    And all my scars don't seem to matter anymore!


  • pen_and_paper 7w

    You come to me with a bone in your hand.
    You come to me with your hair curled tight.
    You wear me out, you wear me out!
    -- Country feedback. (REM)

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    You're beautiful!

    I am thinking of you again and again.
    And diving in the dreams tonight.
    It's real, it's all real.
    What I see in you with my closed eyes.
    I know, you heard it a many times.

    You're beautiful.

    Why the night being a friend to me.
    This fire inside comes so easy to flee.
    And it doesn't burn me anymore.
    I shine in the light of yours.
    And I know you have heard it before.

    You're beautiful.

    Tell me, don't go, what are you hiding!?
    Your eyes show what you wanna say.
    I got you in here, before the dawn.
    Beneath the skies, beneath the moon.
    And wind chimes when you say my name.

    I love you, you know, but do you know.!?

    You're beautiful.


  • pen_and_paper 8w

    She holds a heart shaped box.
    Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint.

    She holds a ring of gold and star dust all over her hands.
    Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint!

    All over the dancers passing by!
    And then it slows down with her smile.
    Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint!

    I drawn to your magnetic talk for I took all your advice.
    Hey! Wait!

    I thought you of me happy somewhere and I have been locked in your company so far.
    Hey! Wait!

    I climbed the stairs to you so I will fall so bad.
    Hey! Wait!

    I got a new complaint.


    Inspired by heart shaped box by Nirvana!


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    Heart shaped box

    Hey! Wait!
    I got a new complaint!


  • pen_and_paper 9w


    I heard a new song today!
    The notes had a sinking flow.

    And I fear if it stays in my head for long.


  • pen_and_paper 9w

    "Who are you!?"

    "Good question. All depends on who you ask!"

    "Who sent you!? I have dangerous friends out there."

    "If you knew how many times I have heard that before. "

    "What you want!? I can get you money!?"

    "Well, I have heard that a lot too."

    "Why you doing this!?"

    "Because I have to. Because I need control.
    I am trying to make things as they're."

    "Is there anything I can do to keep you from killing me."


    "Then get away with this already."

    "Well, I don't really take orders. But this case is an exception."

    I peeled off the wrapper, slowly and observingly.
    Beads of perspiration danced on my face. Sweat flooded all over my body. I could bring it near my watering mouth. Stared for some time, at those luring lines. Licked it a bit. Took a tiny bite. Let it dissolve in my mouth and please all my buds.
    I crave for more. It's grave sings lullabies in my mouth. Slips and seeps below. I became the Baron of its barren lands. I forgot a piece rap the way I wrap nudity and forget peace.

    Another victim enjoyed unwrapped.

    I don't know what made me the way I am, what left me standing right between the darkness where all I could see is people, but from a distance. I have always felt a glass, thick and strong between me and the rest of the world. I have seen eclipse whenever I stand infront of a mirror.

    Whatever it was, it just left a hollow place inside me.

    The glass breaks often. I need to break in. For the fresh air. For the Sun. I kill people and glasses fade for a while. All the light feels filling the hollowness in me.

    I kill people to breathe. People feel like faking a lot of human emotions. But I feel like faking them all. And I fake them well.

    Hi!! I am Dexter. Dexter Morgan. And I am a very neat monster.



    @psipher Thank you for your genius words. :)))


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    .All I feel is empty. I always have.
    The only time it's different is when my dark passenger wants to play.

    -- Dexter Morgan

  • pen_and_paper 10w

    I wish you ring in my head, when it's over.
    Like a chilled blow in the summer noon,
    You feel only when it's gone.

    I wish it rains in my balcony, when it's over.
    The waters just to touch my room, where I can enter safely, when it's gone.

    I wish trees shed just to be back green,
    smiling parrots again, and fruits ripen,
    When it's gone.

    How will you tell me when it's over.
    I wish I would know better with a thud on my door.
    Like something has gone away,
    Which was here before.

    Tell me, how would you tell me when it's over.
    When you will need to go!?


    @accismus #writersnetwork

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    How would you tell me when it's over

    I wish you ring in my head, when it's over.
    Like a chilled blow in the summer noon,
    You feel only when it's gone.