I know you won't let me down. As I am already standing on the ground.

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  • pen_and_paper 1w


    You're not alone.
    You have your loneliness.
    Why do you sit beside the river in the forest?
    Is it the water flowing or your face in water you love?
    Is it your journey or your destination?
    Is it the utopia of the birds chirping?
    Come back from the woods nimrodel.
    I offer you peace.
    I offer you whores of my head.
    Remember every drop of water goes away holding your silhouette.
    It is your face that stays but nothing else.

    This black water park grows black cotton.
    Your cottage is full of floods.
    It may rain in river as it rains on mountains.
    Water comes on grounds but it still holds the skies of heaven.

    You think you can see everything in river but it's never still.
    It's you who are.
    River isn't for diver of thoughts.
    It will drown people who sit close to the edge thinking.

    Why you sit beside the river thinking.
    Come back nimrodel,
    I offer you the woods.

    I offer you peace.


  • pen_and_paper 2w

    In the next world war.
    In a jack knifed juggernaut.
    I am born again.

    In the neon sign.
    Scrolling up and down.
    I am born again.

    In an interstellar burst
    I am back to save the universe.

    --Airbag (Radiohead)

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    Off the rails.

    You can win the cards on colour.
    But what if mine is joker.
    Table turns not over power but ideas.
    Push my buttons in an another tongue.
    I can learn French in a day.

    I am down in the crossing.
    Signals don't mean anything until they're broken.
    But see, if they are.
    You can die.

    Acid rain comes once in a while
    but does it matter if
    Taj Mahal can be forgotten,
    people can be forgiven.

    People mourn but not for a lifetime.
    So why should I die.!?
    I will run on my legs
    then thoughts.
    I can tear down my shoes
    and throw away my socks.

    Come drink my wine.
    It's red and white.
    I love this cocktail of life.
    Afterall nobody cares for taste
    if it's all about drugs.


  • pen_and_paper 3w


    Trying to write something meaningful.
    Umm. Maybe not!!

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    Black label.

    I found him
    wandering nearby the street.

    The schools and temples are places forbidden for him.

    He walks on road
    holding love in his fists.
    See all you can,
    but it's a general trick.

    School is near to his home.
    But so is the garbage place.

    And he found pleasure,
    in collecting ruins of people,
    which he unfolds to transform,
    in a white shirt with blackened stains.

    He carries the ruins,
    and supplies his worth,
    And cleans the society,
    by rubbing the soap,
    Mixed in the dirts
    of his dreams and hope.


  • pen_and_paper 6w

    Light Green

    Water water everywhere not a drop to drink.
    Rain comes and goes,
    maybe it regulates with the fridge.
    Air is just another poison with those wings.
    Don't worry, Sun is greedy so are the leaves.

    We're animals, celebrating our unborn children.
    And then they come breathing the smoke, we have given.
    Earth is dead, Earth is a grave now.
    Don't trust the moon, it's a liar, it decieves.

    Run away, oh! stationary traveller.
    You have to go far far away.
    Don't think, don't be shy.
    You were always happier inside your mind,
    Dump your drains inside the Earth,
    Mars is ready to die.


  • pen_and_paper 7w

    Plagiarism level: 100%

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    I've found a reason for me.
    To change who I used to be.
    A reason to start over new.
    And the reason is you.

    --Hoobastank (The reason)

  • pen_and_paper 12w

    My bedroom is full of shadows. They roll in my bed every night after I fall asleep. No, they never dared to wake me up. I won't let them too.

    You see, shadows are shy. They hide their existence from light. Who does this to their own creaters.They do.

    They hide inside my bed. Life is not so easy without blood in veins. Without your own brain it gets harder. They love nothing. They hate nothing. They just hide from everything.

    I think I must find the shadows inside my bed. But everytime I try to hold their hands and drag them to light, they disappear.

    My bedroom is full with shadows and I think they hide everything that I am trying to find.


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    My bedroom is full with shadows and I think they hide everything that I am trying to find.

  • pen_and_paper 13w


    Last time I checked my home.
    Darling I did know nothing but it was good place to stay.
    Why did I leave my home!?
    To kill my peace of mind.
    And stab in my own heart a several times.

    I used to take a piece of me.
    And stick it to the walls and you.
    Cause darling you used to be so sweet then.
    You used to be a great place to stay too.

    Now I write less, erase more.
    I see you standing on my door.
    You guide me to the block, to the stores.
    You hold my hands at my work.

    Why did I leave you!?
    To kill my peace of mind.
    And stab in my own heart a several times.


  • pen_and_paper 16w


    Summer is here,
    yet again.
    It's hot like rust
    over the cold iron box.
    Something is there, hidden.
    I open the box,
    it's thunder and storm.
    I look at you.
    You smile again, like before.
    With each pore of yours
    screaming a different story.
    Why are you so cold.
    Why don't you get these chills.
    Don't you have a spine!?
    This summer comes every year.
    It goes again against you.
    And every time
    I try to talk to you.
    I look at you,
    your smile is still there.
    And I can't jump into that cold.
    That even summer won't hurt me.
    Don't you know,
    I need to be a human.

    And I need to see summer
    crying all over my body.

    Here comes summer again.
    And you smiled like you ever did.


  • pen_and_paper 16w


    I was in my class again,
    Trying to catch things which are made to catch.
    By people like me, I think I am underage.

    My brain is small,
    Or my imagination.
    Or my relief to anxiety ratio.
    I let them decide this shit!
    And they already did.

    I am holding on to a lot of things.
    From time to time,
    From places to places.
    I can't give up on them,
    That's what I can't sacrifice.

    But I learnt some lessons, down and deep.
    I have dug my grave, every week.

    Whenever I can't get what I want,
    I am not defeated.
    But when I can't give someone what they ask,
    I lose a speck of my spirit.
    I don't need what I want.
    That's the way of an empath.


  • pen_and_paper 18w

    Hello. Hello. Hello. How low!?

    @naked_soul Thanks. :)

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    Teen spirit

    I asked my friends to join me, for a journey, to make it more fun everyone brought an item, no one knew what it was. I saw a gun, bags of cocaine and a girl. Felt strong, powerful, surrounded with what I needed to achieve a goal. 11pm,  the gun, empty from it's bullets, can't see whether the cocaine is there or it's on my nose, my vision is blurry, the girl is gone. I wasn't powerful, I am a teen, Wanted to live, instead, I jumped out of a cliff.

    Hey, I am a child of time!
    I smile everytime someone lies.
    I don't believe in love, not anymore!
    All I am waiting for is another dose of lust!

    And my friends are gone.
    They were feeding on cocaine, like me.
    I am away, they're away.

    And my bagpack is empty.
    All I am filled with is regrets.

    I have watched people moving.
    Drifting away is so easy these days!

    I let go of love, I let go of fear!

    And my bagpack is still empty.