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  • penlord 11h


    From a kingdom of light was I begotten
    I hail from a city of kings
    A land of might and power
    I belong to a clan of warriors
    A people quickened by the spirit…
    Born of the word and indestructible
    Men fashioned from pure strength

    Before challenges we do not bow
    Before oppositions we do not cower
    To fear we do not give in
    For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal
    So we rise by the wings of the father
    We have directions from ABBA

    We are knights made to light the night
    An army prepared to fight
    Called to judge, conquer and restore balance
    We are of royal blood
    By right we institute authority
    Because all power in heaven and on earth has been given to us.

    We are fathered by THEOS who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places
    That’s who I am and that’s where I hail from
    I don’t know about you?

  • penlord 12h


    In ancient Greek mythology, evil began its reign among men
    Because of just that jar given to Pandora,
    She was too curious, even after all the warnings,
    By the Olympians.

    This is the same story told by the Holy scriptures,
    Men fell into trouble because of Eve’s curiosity,
    She ate that fruit the forbidden,
    Even after being warned by God

    We know she fell and we were broken,
    We wouldn’t have done it right if we were in her place,
    So, stop shifting blames

    Let us only hope we make right decisions,
    When we come to the crossroads of destiny
    Let us pray we are ready when life brings its tests,
    Let us wish us well!

  • penlord 1w

    By unknown writer

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    Dedicated to my mom, for all you’ve done.

    Toast to experiences and people I’ve met in my entire life
    To the ones who have cared for and loved me
    to those who should be here but are not
    because this brings back the memories of everything we’ve been through together…

    Tears for the ones I’ve lost on the way
    Love for those who stood by me through times of pain and tears
    even when I renounced them they waited for my return…
    cause this brings back all the memories of things I’ve been through
    This really brings back all the memories of all the adventures of life
    Toast to the ones who have deemed me worthy to be their friends
    And those who are still acquittance

    Cheers to the masters and teachers from time
    Who have formed my basic believes and ethics
    Even to my mom and dad
    Cheers to friends who became family
    And to that girl that makes me happy and always want to see me smile
    Cheers to my weirdest of besties,
    Even to you IYUNOLA…


  • penlord 1w

    Toys of the gods

    Nature’s mistakes don’t count,
    Fate and destiny, we call it.
    Even for those neonates,
    Who were victims of nature’s “wonderful” experiments
    They are gracefully taken care of by death
    Even before viability not to talk of birth
    And we say they are good not as dread
    Playthings of the gods they are…
    Nature’s new combinations brings forth new abnormalities
    We are all like cards in the hands of fate
    Puppets of mother nature,
    We are nothing but playthings in the hands of the gods…

  • penlord 1w


    Time flies… everything disappears
    Moments are like diamonds, then like snow… slowly melting away
    Melting away in your palms, try to hold on to it
    And… they are gone in a flash.
    So are we, standing on top of the world and agile
    Running out is our time,

    Like some young rose we stand tall in our prime,
    Enjoying every moment with a glow
    Even in the bustle of life you’ll blow
    And in the dawn of a new crow
    You’ll fade like snow,
    We lay forgotten under the feet of all men
    We will now dwell in life’s peaceful oblivion!

  • penlord 2w

    Alone 111

    You were all I had, I loved you with everything
    What could you have asked that I wouldn't give?
    Even to my own breathe...
    You told me you love me only when I say I do
    Not because you actually do but only as a reply to my words.
    You accepted my love as a means of pity
    Or for my money but you could have told me
    And I wouldn't mind giving you everything...
    Now you went with that fair young man
    The man that has nothing but deceit,
    That man that only wants your body not your love
    Iyebiye... Please come back to me
    I am alone, I want your body and soul
    I need you Iyebiye...

  • penlord 2w

    Alone IV

    A feeling other than love...
    A hurting other than the hurt from a loved one.
    Could I have you defined?
    Something other than the way you feel when you're let down?
    A pain you felt when I didn't meet your expectations?
    Because every time you all leave!
    You leave without an explanation.
    Not that I need one but could you leave with a goodbye?
    A bye before slamming the door in my face?
    I know you were just passing by
    And had the intention to explain a lie,
    But even if you can't go another mile,
    Can you not leave without not saying a goodbye?

  • penlord 2w

    Alone 11

    He came to me... He said he loved me...
    Showed me all the care of this world
    He fought for me
    He said I'm the most beautiful
    Fairest among women
    He had my heart, I gave him my all
    I let him into my secrets
    He had me in his hands
    My happiness now depends on him
    I gave him the control
    And he broke me!
    He shattered and battered me
    He scattered and littered me like trash
    And then I was all alone...
    He slammed the door in my face
    Even without a goodbye...

    Now, I am alone...
    I need help!

  • penlord 2w

    Alone 1

    She led me into darkness
    Into the mind's gloom
    Into nothingness of heart and the grave of it...
    Where I am held captive in myself.

    Surprisingly, she was the hope I had
    She was the touch of my that kept me going
    Until she left me...
    She left me to wander.

    In the desert and plain of the dark
    The oblivion of my being...
    In the dense and thick underworld.
    I am alone in here...

    I need help!


  • penlord 5w

    In as much as I've been trying to blend between illusion and reality
    They keep mixing... As much as I've tried to sketch my life
    On the blank sheet of Life...
    To differentiate between reality and fantasies...
    Everything just keeps blending.
    You keep confusing me, Life!