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  • perplexed_perceptions 1d


    I sense,
    The lurking eyes.

    Beneath my skin,
    I feel their gazes.

    Neither do I ignore,
    Nor do I dwell,
    For their gazes are their,
    My graces are mine,
    And my skin is my domain,
    Forever shall I flaunt,
    My home, my habitat.


  • perplexed_perceptions 3d


    In the three shades of sky
    and a hueful grey,
    I saw, happiness...

    In the laid back weekends
    and hustling weekdays,
    I saw, happiness.

    In the tears of pride,
    with a flashing smile,
    I saw, happiness...

    Between the apple trees,
    cocooning together,
    In those lovers,
    I saw, happiness ...

    In dreams that shatter and ramblings that matter,
    In the urge to try and fail and try,
    I saw, happiness...

    Interview jitters and dapper youngsters,
    In the crisp white shirt and a paisley tie,
    I saw, happiness...

    Freshly bruised with a haversack on loose,
    Eyes on the summit and a firm stance,
    In her breathless struggles,
    I saw, happiness...

    From last minute embraces to messy goodbyes,
    From homecooked meals to extravagant dines,
    In their friendly alliance,
    I saw, happiness...

    In the basket of errors,
    Full of egos,
    In the art of letting go,
    I found, Happiness.


  • perplexed_perceptions 3w


    Temper tantrums of gullible toddlers,
    First tricycle rides with elder handlers.

    Silent touch of first love,
    And loud break ups with quailing noise.

    Babies and their nannies coddling,
    Old grannies, whiskey sipping.

    Anxiousness before dinner dates,
    Kicking it off with playmates.

    Inaugral meet with the first cigarette,
    Coughing it out with endless regret.

    Lonely benches with lonely people
    Girl friends and their gossip mingles.

    Muddy puddles with dirty feet,
    Bouncing children with cheeky fleets.

    Graduation caps in all their glory,
    Bouquet of daisies and a dress so flowy.

    Gaiety and remorse,
    It saw it all,
    A never ending chronicle,
    But the Lamp-post told me all.


  • perplexed_perceptions 6w


    What is temporary and what is permanent
    If we had all the answers,
    Won't we be impertinent
    to all the fate's favors.

    Crisp like the winter air
    was his presence
    becoming on me was his essence.

    Troubled eyes and sharp wit
    How can I forget
    his diligent insight.

    A recital in his own
    he told stories unknown

    A figment of imagination
    a momentary phase
    Enticing and enthralling
    our story propelled.

    If my dreams were to be produced
    He would be the director
    Of my theatrical debut,
    He would be the creator.

    The fictional element
    in my non fictional life
    Ceased to exist
    as the climax was reached

    A mystery himself
    He disappeared slyly
    What Enigma!
    What clandestine exit!

    Now that I rewind the tale
    He was never meant to dwell

    As we all know:
    Not all stories are meant to last
    Most are Anecdotes that always leave a cast.


  • perplexed_perceptions 8w


    I run and run
    retracing those old footprints,
    unleashing all the memories
    up untill I hear the echoes
    all those giggles
    and silent cries.

    the door then parts me
    from my dream
    like pearls dripping off a string.

    brings me back
    to new giggles and new cries
    for my home
    embodies me as whole.


  • perplexed_perceptions 8w

    Pearls of wisdom

    My umbrella; Yellow
    My boots ; Brown
    The irresistible scent; Petrichor
    Wisely hugging the terrain ; Rain!


  • perplexed_perceptions 9w

    Things that take my breath away:

    Warm sips of coffee
    Frangrant paths that aren't mossy.

    Nonchalant endless moors
    Sudden outbreaks of warm swoons

    Mutton stew and flat bread
    Roses that are not red

    Joyful whispers of tiny birds
    Misty windows and the world blurred

    The tigress and her cubs
    Hungry workers enjoying grubs

    Dainty birds with red tails
    You and I in a fairytale

    Glooming eyes and tender smiles
    Prodigious mountains and boundless skies

    Stars to talk
    And a lovely walk

    Burning embers in a broken heart
    And all that mends with a chocolate tart.


  • perplexed_perceptions 10w


    Empty shoes render stories,
    Even the heart ponders...


  • perplexed_perceptions 10w


    Doesn't the sky mesmerise you?
    With its valour
    With its strength
    With its courgage

    Doesn't the sky intrigue you?
    By its determination
    By its individualism
    By its realism

    Doesn't the sky provoke you?
    To bury your thoughts
    To walk a mile ahead of the draught
    To catch the bird flying in taut

    Doesn't the sky calm you?
    Like the winds of winter
    Like the breeze of summer
    Like the paradise of dreams

    Doesn't the sky make you feel?
    The depth of your mind
    The caress of the time
    The presense of your soul.

    And while it grows beyond the sublime horizon
    It meets the valiant Sea
    Just to make us bow,
    to gasp and drink in the essence
    Of paradise on land!


  • perplexed_perceptions 10w

    कश्मकष हुई कुछ ऐसी
    दिन बा दिन बहती लहरे जैसी।
    काश ये दिन ना होते जालीम
    कुछ पल और होते मुमकिन।